Ailie Jenkins #16 Row Boat Date in Central Park, NY

This has been something I’ve dreamed of doing ever since I moved to New York 2 years ago. There have been so many times that I’ve strolled through Central Park and enviously watched on as amorous couples and groups of friends and families rowed around the lake in Central Park on a sunny day.

I had thought long and hard about when this date would happen and about candidates who could take the role of the chivalrous suitor in my row boat date fantasy. He needed to be relatively skilled at rowing, a strong swimmer just in case we managed to capsize, and someone I would actually want to go on a date with.

Enter: my new boyfriend Matt. Having passed all the criteria with flying colours he was obviously the perfect choice, and I can’t imagine having gone with anyone else. Being quite familiar with my bucket list Matt was delighted to be able to help tick off this item on his recent trip to NYC.

Matt dutifully taking charge of the boat

The day we set aside for my row boat date fantasy to come to life was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining, it was hot, and Central Park was buzzing with activity as New Yorkers and tourists alike enjoyed one of the last days of summer in the city.

We headed off in our little boat to explore the lake; somehow managing to dodge all the other boats on the water (clearly Matt was in charge of steering otherwise it would have been a different story).

My attempt at rowing which lasted approximately 3 minutes.

A quick call to my parents who live in an apartment overlooking that very lake resulted in some frustration as they stared out the window trying to spot us, and as I tried to describe what we were wearing and our exact location to no avail.

The time flew by and soon enough we had to row back in and give the boat back. All up it was a very successful date. We didn’t crash, sink, fall in, or lose an oar in the entire hour. And to top it off, once we were back on dry land we headed straight into The Boat House for mimosas (or beer in Matt’s case) and steak and eggs for brunch. It was a perfect day, even better than what I’d imagined!

Brunch at the Boat House overlooking the lake

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