Nessy Nash


"Each Journey is a Work of Art"

Nik name- Nessy

D.O.B-  March 26th, 1984 

Nationality- Australian

I am fascinated in what life has to offer. It’s like every time you think that you have reached your full potential in life another door opens with new adventurous tales and travels. By becoming a campaigner for 100 things.com I want to help guide and inspire people to expand their world by experiencing this fascinating life that continues to enhance my way of thinking about people, places and everything in between.

What's on your list?

1. Video Interview 1000 people
3. Bungy Jump
4. Publish a Book
5. ArtGallery
6. Sky dive in costume
7. Fundraise $5000 for charity
8. Jog dance 
10. Hitch hike 
11. Beer with great uncle Herbert in Hamburg
12. Aussie flags in 15 countries
13. Have dreadlocks
14. Homeless for a week
15. Invite homeless person to sleep at house - Completed
16. Sing a song in front of a crowd
17.  Youth detention centre
18. Get a tattoo
19.  Motorbike adventure
20. Pole Dance Lesson
21. Build houses in Asia
23. On stage with Gyroscope (band)
25. Indigenous community
26. High school kids over seas
27. Free hugs campaign 
28. Clown and Balloons
29. Revamp a car
30. Balloons and children hospital
31. Skating adventure 
32. Ten day mediation in India
33. Learn to play the harp- Learn to play the banjo.
34. Perform own rap.
35. Plant a tree.
36. Trans Mongolian train
37. Youth Documentary 
38. Sustainable farm
39.  25 bars, one night in England
40. Uni cycle 
41. Burning Man festival
42. Help a stranger- COMPLETED
Gave a guy my car who lost his job and wife :)
43. Same name
44. Shoot a gun
45. Tomato fest in Spain!
46. Old school plane.
47. Meet a famous musician.
48. Photo with a giraffe
49. Learn ballet
50. Gymnastics
51. Parasailing
52. Learn how to surf
53. Bungy ball 
54. Go Karting
55. African safari 
56. Germany
57. Snow board
58. Meet Ron Clark
59. Swim with sharks
60. Motorbike licence.
61. Oktoberfest
62. Baby calf
63. Dance on stage
64. High five 100 people 
65. Play golf into the Indian Ocean.
66. Learn a language 
67. Be Elvis at an Elvis Convention
68. Learn to ride a horse
69. Vertical Wind Tunnel- Appalachian Amusement Centre (USA)
70. Walk across a country
71. Bury a time capsule.
72. Meet distant relatives in Germany Hamburg.
73. America's craziest- Learn there story.
74. Naked still life model
75. Learn how to ski.
76. Conduct a social experiment 
77.  Learn to play the drums.
78. Dead Sea

79. Message in a bottle
80. Learn to dance  rock 'n' roll
81. Highest roller coaster
82. Hot air balloon 
83. Learn to bartend
84. Kakadu
85. Whale watching
86. Protest
87. Make a short film
88.Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
89. Visit all places on the Monopoly board.
90.Glastonbury Festival
91.Las Fallas festival Spain
92. Route 66
93. Meet and thank Sebastian Terry
94. Adventure with brother and sisters
95. Surprise Mum
96. Have two beautiful children
97. Camp Quality
98.Friends request 
99. Friends request 
100. Fall in love :) 

Hey my beautiful friends, get inspired join me in experiencing what life has to offer and write a bucket list for yourself. 

Trust me you wont be disappointed !!

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