Nessy Nash # 22- Trapeze

Part 1- "Roll up, roll up come and see the ferocious lions, the crazy clowns, cheeky monkeys, beautiful ladies and mountains of cotton candy!!" As a little one I loved the circus. There is a sense of illusion in the air at a circus and having a father a magician their has always been a love for intrinsic talent and skill. So, my favourite part of the evenings performance is of course the TRAPEZE. There is something about the intense anticipation and shear thrill of this talent that makes my skin crawl with excitement. Welcome to only part 1 of this item on the bucket list. I added trapeze to my list for this reason, to   challenge myself physically and mentally as well as confront my faith of A. my own hands and B. the person who catches me on the other side. Ps. I might just add that I watched Pink perform on the trapeze and after that it was clear.
My Couch Surfer Theresa in Vien Dal mar, Chile had some courageous, daredevil adventurous circus student mates. "Yes, hey my boyfriend knows how to do the trapeze" and with that I was on my way to complete bucket list number 22. 

Now, I call this part 1 because this time round I only performed some skills and not the actual thrill of jumping off the board. However, I found this in itself an amazing challenge on my body. Everyday for many years I practiced yoga, but the strength required in your shoulders and hands is very intense. Of course I must say I completed "the spider" very well as you can see in the photo. 

Part 2- Stay tuned for part 2 when I complete the real trapeze most likely in New Zealand :)

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