Nessy Nash #24- Machu Picchu

Here I am with my new French couple in Peru EXHAUSTED after a four fast paced trek up to the main city before Machu Picchu. Yes yes, I know what you are all thinking "four hours!! that's it? are you serious?" But here is where you find out that I HATE walking/ trecking. I did it in China... well actually China was the only country other than Peru that I trekked BUT the point is....what is the point?  Why would I want to look at my feet for four hours to four days? ANYWAY!!! So, after a long realization that there really was no way I was going to skip the four hour walking....as there is no other way to get to Machu Picchu.
All I can say is thank goodness I caved into the misery of trekking because experiencing Machu Piccu was beautifully enchanting and absolutely breathtaking. For those who don't know what Machu Picchu is its an Inca (tribal people)  
sacred place in the Andean mountains of Peru. There were many rituals taken place in the city and supposedly the Incas were the first to invent or so the irrigation system. Some of you are going...."what the heck how is that fascinating?" well, take my word for it the little canals of water going through the city is crafty and some what intriguingthis .
So, personally this particular bucket list was a little challenging and I did crack a few nantys through out the trek I will admit.....it was worth every blood, sweat and tear :)

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