Lauren Abbey

Lauren Abbey

Wrinkles are merely indications of where smiles have been’
-Mark twain-

Nik name- Lollypop/Lolly/Lol/Loz/Lozza/Lozdog/Lozchein

D.O.B-  March 27th, 1981 

Nationality- British

Reason for Becoming a Campaigner-

I have always followed my heart and my dreams and had so much encouragement from friends and family to achieve my life ambitions.
But reuniting with a childhood friend Sebastian Terry we reconnected a great friendship and he confirmed that how little or big ones aspirations are nothing is impossible!

What's on your list?

1. To get my Australian Residency

2. Buy a house in Australia
3. Work in an international school
4. Do more volunteer work
5. Learn Portuguese
6. Travel in Brazil
7. Live in Europe
8. Go to the London Olympics
9. Run a 10km race
10. Drive from Melbourne to Sydney
11. Have my 30th in a remote pace
12. Contact to my family and friends more
13. Go in a Hot air balloon
14. See the hatching of the turtles
15. See the Northern Lights
16. Travel through Africa
17. Get married
18.Have children
19. Learn to pole dance
20. Be more confident with my body

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