Luty Oz

Luty Oz

"You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely. - Ogden Nash"

Nickname- Luty

D.O.B-  4th March, 1981

Nationality- Australian/Cypriot Turkish

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? Life is way way way tooo short to sit around dreaming of what we would like to do...go out and capture your dreams people..ive heard nothing is impossible!:)

What's on your list?

1 Sky dive

2. Visit Orangutan sanctuary in Borneo

3. Swim under a waterfall in the outback

4.Scuba Dive

5.Snorkel over a coral Reef

6.Learn German

7.Learn to ride a motorbike

8.go on a roadtrip round Australia with my best friend in 2022

9.find a job I absolutely love and get it!

10.attend jury duty

11.ride in a hot air balloon

12.cattle mustering in the outback on horseback

13.be silent for a week..(gonna be a real challenge!)

14.try a beer from every country

15.be part of a circus show for one night

16.kayak the mangroves in langkawi again

17.get a tattoo

18.make a lil doco for my kids about my view of life

19.go to a drive in movie

20.hold a spider(under professional supervision) without freaking out and live 
to show the pics!

21.Own a 1964 Morris mini cooper s

22. Help out someone

23.be available for my kids all the time

24.pay off my mortgage

25.Cross the Nullarbor

26.open to suggestions of other great things to do in this lifetime:)

27.Surprise someone

28.learn to surf

29.teach someone something

30.own a hammock

31.own a swag

32.travel travel travel..anywhere from the next suburb to the other side of the 

33.take the kids on an international holliday

34. make a photo journal of my life for the kids

35.shave my head for a charity

36. Visit the Taj Mahal

37. Buy a Stranger a Lottery Ticket

38. Help someone less fortunate

39. Meet Colin Lane and Frank Woodley

40. Start my own business

41. Swim with dolphins in the ocean

42. Learn Piano
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