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January 14th, 2011…

Camp Quality & 100Things Create an Event!

Raising money for Camp Quality has to be on be one of the most satisfying items from the list to take on. 

Not only is all the money donated going towards a great cause in helping kids affected by Cancer but to see you guys donate on our fundraising page is just amazing. It's truly selfless and together we're getting there.

Originally trying to raise $10,000, we managed to surpass this early on in the journey and so it only made sense to raise the bar to $100,000 seeing as I had so many more items to tick off.

So far we're up to a healthy $16,257.80.

Now with the momentum that 100things has received, I have a feeling that there will be some great opportunities around the corner to raise some big cash and having had some talks with Camp Quality of late, I am stoked to be able to announce that we are now organizing a unique 100Things/Camp Quality event this coming October!

Now we are yet to sit down and talk specifics but the event will be the first of what will be a series of fundraising events for this awesome organization and to be able to be part of it is just awesome!

There are a load of options out there when it comes to the event itself but I'd love to hear what you guys thought would work best. If you have idea's let me know at seb@100things.com.au

So far we've mentioned a throwing a ball of some sort, an auction or even a speaking event. The possibilities are endless.

On top of this, with only a few months until I have to hand the manuscript of the 100Things book, Random House and myself have confirmed that a percentage of sales will be donated to Camp Quality. Lets hope I hope we sell a billion copies. 

Over ambitious? Why not! ;)

Things are looking good for 2011!

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January 13th, 2011…

Urgent Delivery- Number 54: Scooter Across Australia

With only 17 days until Andy Thomas and myself attempt to ride two SYM SYMBA 100cc scooters across Australia from Perth to Melbourne, we still haven't even looked at a map! 

Having said this though, we're not too worried at this stage as I keep telling Andy all we need is google maps. It was only in July last year that Matty Southcombe and myself used print outs from google to navigate our way across France on foot!

None the less, from what I've been told it's not too tricky; you just take a left out of Perth and head for about 3,500 in one direction crossing a fair bit of sand and passing a few cities, right? 

Anyway we were thinking of a few ways of adding a twist to this fairly straight ride and so we thought we'd see if anyone in Perth had something that they'd like us to deliver to anyone in Melbourne. In a sense, seeing as our bikes kind of look like posty bikes anyway, think of us as your personalized courier service.

So, if you have something that you need to get from Perth to Melbourne, we'd love to hear from you. Whether it's a letter, a present, or an inflatable sheep, let us know and we'll try and help you out! It'll save you postage!

Also our scooter-mission fundraising page is now open for donations. All donations will go to Camp Quality, and so if you're feeling generous and would like to throw some money towards helping kids and families affected by Cancer, just click on the logo above!

Number 22- Have a Boxing Match

OK, it's official; by the end of this week, I will have someone to challenge me in the ring as I for the first time in my life have a fight!

After meeting a few contenders this week and speaking to a few more on the phone, it looks like we might be close to a decision tomorrow or the next day.

Simon Mitchell, head coach of White Collar Boxing, has arranged a Friday Fight Night to take place on March 25th and so with about two and half months left before we take to the ring, there is a lot to do.

Watch this space to see who I'll be taking on.

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January 12th, 2011...

Queensland Floods...

Being back in Australia for the best part of 3 months now had been amazing, but with the typically amazing climate that is offered here comes the risk of extreme weather conditions.

On a serious not today, I'd like to make mention that Queensland is currently going through a very tough time with flooding and with this has come the loss of property, livelihoods and even lives. 

With damage and hardship escalating by the hour still, I thought I'd make mention that if anyone is would like to donate to the cause of helping to re-build the mess left by a natural disaster that is still yet to subside, please do so at the following link:

Any support will go a long way!

On a positive note, I'd like to introduce you to our newest campaigner today; Dan Logovik!

A bloke with a healthy and interesting list of 100 things, he tells me that the idea of being able to raise money for Camp Quality whilst knocking over his own list was enough to get him to join up.

Wishing Dan all the best as he attempts some amazing items all listed now on his profile page.

100things... What's on your list?

January 11th, 2011…

Campaigners Killing It!

As you know we have about 70 people so far who haver signed up to be campaigners on the site. Sharing their own lists and updating their personalized profile pages as they knock over each item, these guys are truly inspirational.


Now of all the campaigners that we have, there is one who has taken to her list with reckless abandon, and her name is Megsy. Last week I got the chance to meet Megsy in person when she came up to Manly to say hello and let me say that her motivation is immense!

Anyway, yet again after a few days away she has sent me some updates of her latest conquests and I think it would be rude if I didn't share some of these with you.

Not only has ticked off Number 38 Glass Blowing and also Number 32 Sing Karaoke but she has also ticked off Number 87, Working in a Soup Kitchen on Christmas Day, which is something that I think is incredible!

Glass Blowing

Working in a Soup Kitchen on Christmas Day

Now as much as Megsy might hate me for this, there is a video floating about of her actually performing Kareoke and kindly she has decided to share it with us. To position this correctly, Megsy like most of us has always been worried about performing but knew that by singing in public she would be facing this fear head on. I think it's only when we're brave enough to step outside of our comfort zone that we actually grow as a person and whether it's flinging yourself out of plane, running a marathon or even singing karaoke, the important thing is not how good you are it, it's the fact that you've had a crack!

Megsy well done!
New Campaigner

With Megsy leading from example, we are stoked to introduce new campaigners to the page. Now being the fifth campaigner to join up since this time last week, allow me to introduce to Lidley, a proud Aussie who has shared with us her list of 20 items. For joining up, she also receives a 100Things Visor which I now have about 50 of thanks to Tony Cupo from Promo Victoria.

Lidley wants to do some awesome things, including Number 10- Sing in a Musical, Number 16, Go to a Movie Premiere Dressed as a Character, and Number 20- Shave Head for a Cure.

To look at her page click HERE and if of course you're keen to join up as a campaigner, please take a look at the easy 1-step process by clicking on the 'How to Become a Campaigner' page.

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January 10th, 2011…

Mixed Emotions

So after a weekend of sifting through emails, I'm both excited and worried.

As you might recall, last week I announced that in order to complete Number 22- Have a Fight, I needed to first find someone willing to jump in the ring and actually fight me. Now the response was great which is awesome (someone even said that he would donate $1000 to Camp Quality of I beat him!), but I can't help slightly awkward that there are so many people eager to punch me in the face! Was it something I said?

To qualify to fight, you must have zero experience of boxing (like me) and also must weigh between 85kg-95kg. The door is still open and so if you are keen, please let me know at seb@100things.com.au 

Anyway, i'll take it is a good thing at this stage and for those of you who were lovely enough to consider hitting me, I'll email you soon later today with more info.

Change of Item

Now the 100Things list is essentially an extension of me. Things that excite me, challenge me, intrigue me or even scare me sit side by side offering me a lifestyle that makes me feel alive as I continue to discover more about myself and everything else around me.

With the list being a close reflection of me as a person, it too develops along the way and this occasionally results in an item being changed.  

Now Number 51 on the list was originally to cycle the exact route of Le Tour de France. This challenge, clearly a physically demanding item, was always one that I loved because it meant that I would see a country from a different perspective whilst challenging my body and mind, but through an interesting chain of events of late, I have decided to replace this item with something that far better suits suits me.

So What is the New Number 51?

It goes without saying that I would not cast aside the idea of cycling around France for just any old replacement. The replacement must be something that is just as awesome as well as being something that I feel reflects the way that 100Things has grown. In this sense you could say that it needs to be a little unique, even a little quirky.

With this in mind, let me announce that the new challenge not only still involves cycling but also still poses a huge physical challenge. The idea of traveling from one point to another is again maintained however the country of exploration has changed. I can also say that as opposed to a solo journey I will now be joined by one other man but this however isn't the main difference.

With great pleasure I am very proud to introduce you to the new Number 51 which will see myself and good friend Dave Cornthwaite cycle from Vancouver (Canada) to Las Vegas (America) on a Tandem Bicycle!

Yes, that's right, a glorious 2-seater tandem-bike! 

Now neither Dave or myself has ever ridden one of these things but that we feel is as good a reason as any for attempting this outrageous challenge.

It all started when a company called Professional Investment Services booked Dave and myself to talk at their annual conference in Las Vegas this coming April. Of course we said yes to this, but we thought that going to America just to talk seemed too easy so we started to scheme a way of incorporating a journey.

Now Dave is a good mate of mine as you may know and he's also a man that has inspired a lot of people around the world through his epic challenge that he calls Expedition 1000.

Expedition 1000 is Dave's way of telling us that anything is possible. In short he is attempting to complete 25 separate 1000 mile journeys using different forms of non-motorized transport. So far he skateboarded across Australia and paddled the length of the Murray River in a kayak. With this in mind, our journey from Vancouver to Las Vegas being 1350 miles down the West Coast of America and through arid desert will be the next item on Dave's list that he'll complete!

We plan on peddling in Vegas on the day of our talk!

Along the way we will be raising money for Camp Quality and the AV Foundation.

To check out more of Dave's journey, check out his website HERE!

With planning going well up to now, we'll keep you posted with upcoming news.

Number 54- Scooter Across Australia

Last week I also announced that myself and good friend Andy Thomas will be attempting to ride two rather small 100cc scooters across Australia.

The SYM Symba scooters are a new scooter meant generally for zipping around city blocks, but we thought why not test them out a little and try and ride them 3,200km from Perth to Melbourne.

Again we will be raising money for Camp Quality on this challenge and have even created a new donation page specifically for it!

If you're feeling generous, please consider donating. 100% of donations got to Camp Quality helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer.

Colonic Irrigation

Now you may recall that a few months ago during our speaking tour along the East Coast of Australia, I surprised Dave Cornthwaite with a surprise colonic irrigation that the local health spa in Hervery Bay had offered.

The video is one that makes me laugh every time I see it and yesterday I simply couldn't stop laughing when I discovered that it had actually been used on a Colonic Health website!

To watch the video, just click on the image above.

OK that's enough for a rainy Monday morning in Sydney but keep posted this week for some new campaigners who are ready to share their lists.
100Things… What's on your list?

January 7th, 2011…

Boxing Opponent Needed!

OK, so as you may or may not, Number 22 on the list is to have a fight! The reason being that I've never had a fight before and so as of about 2 weeks ago I've started training for a boxing match that I hope to have in late March. 

With the idea of learning a new skill, getting fitter and feeling the adrenalin of stepping into a ring, the only change I can feel at this stage is that I am constantly sore from all the training and am by far the least fittest in the gym! This, I've been told, is a good thing apparently?

Anyway with White Collar Boxing being nice enough to take me on as a student, and Simon Mitchell (head coach and owner) already planning to make this into an epic charity fight night, I am left with one problem- I still have no body to fight!

I Need You!

So, much in the mould of a 'WANTED' poster, I need YOU to help me find someone who is keen to jump in the ring. The chosen person will have the option of being trained by Simon at White Collar Boxing (Brookvale, Sydney) for free and will of course be part of a great night some time in March.

The only proviso is that after training the person will have to weight in-between 85-95kg and must have no previous experience (we need to be on an even par here so that fight is fair). 

So if this description fits you or you think that you might know someone who could be interested, please just let me know by sending me an email at seb@100things.com.au.

Also if you need to check out more about White Collar Boxing, check Simon's website here. Surely the friendliest trainers in Australia!?

Number 54- Ride a Scooter Across Australia
As announced earlier this week, on January 30th, myself and good friend Andy Thomas will be leaving Perth on 2 Sym Symba Scooters (100cc) in an attempt to reach Melbourne. By doing so, not only will be making passing motorists laugh at us, but we also plan on raising money for Camp Quality.

Team outfits!

As such, allow me to blatantly try and tempt you to donate by placing our specific donation page link HERE!

Of course Camp Quality is our charity of choice (Number 4 on the list is to raise $100,000 for them in fact) and so any donation is not only helping us tick an item off, but more importantly helping Camp Quality brings laughter to kids and families affected by cancer.

Is it too much to stick another link HERE just in case you missed the first one?

As you can see there is a lot on the plate at the moment and with a few more surprises to announce next week, keep posted! 

This journey is as much about you as it is about me, so again if you'd like to sharte anything such as tips, contacts or even want to give feedback, just email on seb@100things.com.au.

I'd love ot hear from you!

Oh and in case you're wondering, book writing is going well. I've fallen in love with the process involved with writing my first book and as of today I've just cracked the 50,000 word mark! 
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January 6th, 2011…

Come Join Me This Year!

Just over 18 months ago, I left Australia by myself to start my 100Things journey. I was having a ball of course but incredibly, within a short amount of time, strangers and friends alike began to join me as I ticked off item; this I never expected.

The first of these people was Nic Kaye; a bloke who I didn't know at the time but based on nothing but a desire to do something different, he flew out from Australia to join me as I cycled through Cuba (Number 42). One of the most eye-opening journey's of our lives.

Jack and Rugsy were next as they joined me on the streets of New York. Together we ticked of Number 16- Street Perform. Dressed in kids size superhero outfits, the 3 of us were as brave as we were out of tune!

In Geneva, after only knowing Matty Southcombe for a month or so, he agreed to join me as I walked across France and by doing so we ticked off Number 36- Walk Across a Country. 16 days of non-stop walking was a great way to get to know each other and just like Nic, Jack and Rugsy; Matty and I are now great mates.

So what am I trying to say here? 

I guess something that i've learnt along the way is that this journey has become less about 'me' and more about 'us'. The things I've been able to experience with people have been amazing and being able to share these defining moments that ultimately put us out of comfort zones help us grow (that's my theory anyway).

And so with this in mind I want to open up the journey again. If there is anything on my list that you would be interested in joining me on, please just let me know.

I reply to all emails and so feel free to send me your thoughts- seb@100things.com.au

Pethaps you'd enjoy this next item which I am about to book over in the USA:
Number 10- Chase a Tornado
Just the thought alone of attempting this item makes me nervous. 

Stuck in a high-tech car that boasts all the latest storm-watching equipment, you scurry behind horrendous weather patterns in the hope of seeing a tornado touch-down. If lucky enough to see this, I've been told that you'll be hard pressed to top the experience; it's as incredible as it is dangerous.

In fact Dean who recently got in touch to say hello sent me a picture of his little trip to Tornado Alley last year where he took this amazing picture!

Dean posing with a fast-approaching twister!

For a few weeks now I've been researching the various ways to chase tornado's and outside of joining an actual storm-chasing group, the option are slim. I did consider hiring a car and simply following a storm-chasing group but this I recently decided was slightly stupid; even for me. A simple 1-week will see you travel some 4,000 miles across Tornado Alley and at the very least you are guaranteed to some extreme weather conditions. I can't wait!

So at this stage I am partially booked to join a group in April. Anyone keen to join?

New Campaigner…

Just like to say a big hello to Lucy Proud and her sister who took the time to come and say hello to me today while they spent the day in Manly. Having never met before in person, Lucy is a 100Things Campaigner and having introduced me to her sister, it looks like we have our newest campaigner.

For the effort she of course gets a new 100things Visor meaning that there are only 2 more visors to give away to the next 2 people who join up.

To become a 100Things campaigner, click here and join the growing list of people who are out there ticking off their own to-do lists!

100Things… What's on your list?

January 5th, 2011...

2 New Campaigners & 1 Desert Island

Today we gained 2 new campaigners; Rhinna and Browny!

Rhianna (left) & Browny (right)

Not only have these guys shared their lists and created their own personal profile page but being 2 of the first 5 people to join up as Campaigners this year they also get a 100Things visor (apologies for sounding like a game-show host)!

This means that there's only 3 more visors to give away so if you've been thinking of starting you're own list, do it now and if you're one of the next 3 to join up I'll send you one. Why not hey?

So in keeping with the theme of revealing 1 upcoming item from the 100Things list each day this week, allow me to introduce February's highlight; Number 67- Live on a Deserted Island for 1 Week.

Number 67- Live on a Deserted Island for 1 Week

What would happen if you were stranded by yourself on a desert island with nothing but a hammock, a fishing rod, some sheets of plastic and a knife? Well to be honest I have no idea but from February 25th to March 6th i'll find out.

Having spoken with Maz today, a 100Things follower who has selflessly demanded that she organizes this whole trip for me, it looks as though I'll be flying out to New Caledonia on February 24th before then being taken out to a remote island some 28 km off the coast where I'll be left for 7 days to fend for myself.

Other than complete isolation, sea snakes and the chance of a cyclone, things will be fairly normal on the island where I'll aim to live off the land for the entire duration. I'm currently trying to organize a survival course as we speak in fact. 

This items truly excites me and for those who have sent emails asking where abouts the island is; I'm still not sure, sorry!

With just over 7 weeks remaing before I leave for this adventure, I better get back to the computer for some more typing, but thanks to Maz of course for all her work so far!

Remember to check out Rhianna and Browny's campaigner's page by clicking on their profile pics above.

If you're thinking about joining up to be a campaigner, just click here.

100Things… What's on your list?

January 4th, 2011...

Happy New Year!

This is my favorite time of year; a time where we're all able to wipe the slate clean and start the new year with a fresh energy. Armed with a handful of new years resolutions it's the perfect time to get cracking on your list, no matter what your goals are. Just quietly, if you're like me you may also have a few extra kilo's on board as well.

With 4 days gone already, this year is already shaping up to be a busy one and looking up at the white-board which I jot down all the upcoming items on, I can't stop laughing at how strange this year could actually be.

Every day this week i'll be revealing 1 of the planned items from the list which will take place over the next few weeks & months and with this I'd love to see you lists as well. In fact, seeing as I have been given a box full of 100Things clothing by Promo Victoria, the first 5 people to sign-up as Campaigners on the site this new year will receive a free 100Things Visor.

Many thanks again to Andy (The Doc), our male model, who is not only a flat mate but a campaigner himself.

Winners will be announced as I receive the emails.

So for the first blog update of the year, allow me to announce January's first list item:

Number 54- Endurance Scooter.

This is one not to miss!

So the story goes that I've owned a 50cc scooter for the best part of 4 years now. It's perfect for zipping around the beaches here in Sydney and when occasionally I do take it on the highway I always get a few funny looks as people wonder why a 95kg bloke is riding a tiny scooter on a main road at 70kph.

As people laughed through their windows, I began to wonder how far I'd actually get if i decided one day to just ride in one direction until the scooter either broke down or reached the other side of the country. This intrigued me so much that later this month myself and Andy Thomas will attempt to ride two 100cc SYM Scooters from Perth to Melbourne! A total distance of 3,279 km!

The brand new 100cc Sym Symba's are being supplied to us by Hollie and the gang at the Melbourne Sym HQ and we thank them in advance. This is what these bad boys look like.

And before you ask, YES, we are going to have the baskets attached!


Also yesterday I was lucky enough to catch up with one our most committed campaigners; Megsy. Megsy is girl on a mission and having recently flown to Germany purely so she could tick off item Number 65- Drive on the Autobahn, she today takes on another item when she heads to Cronulla beach to learn how to surf!

We wish her luck. Check out Megsy's page here.

Having been lucky enough to meet up with quite a few campaigners of late, it's hard to explain how great it is to feel the enthusiasm of these go getters! Awesome.

To check out the Campaigners page and find out how to create your very own Campaigners profile page, click here. It could be a great way to get your new years resolutions under way!

100Things… What's on your list?

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