Tracey B

Tracey B

"You only get one shot of life"

Nickname- Browny

D.O.B-  3rd October, 1976

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?   "It is time!  I have always secretly harboured a desire to do what Seb is doing - to leave the "normal and expected" life I lead to reach for the stars and achieve all of the amazing things I want to experience in my lifetime.  After spending a lot of time struggling with how this would fit with my perception of myself, and the life I have created doing all of the "expected" things for a fullfilling life... Seb's journey has convinced me that I am my only hurdle.  I only need to choose to experience what I want to experience in life and it can happen.  It is time to make sure that they all DO happen!"

What's on your list?

1. Run a half marathon

2. Live in Ireland
3. Skydiving
4. Volunteer overseas in a third world country (orphanage or school)
5. Do a cruise through Alaska
6. Run my own business from home
7. Perform in a musical
8. Sing with a band (done - but want to do it again)
9. Hot air ballooning
10. Visit Pompeii
11. Learn parkour
12. Present at a conference
13. Be celebrant at a celebrity wedding
14. Get something published
15. Sing out loud on a train
16. Learn to play guitar
17. Write a song
18. Research my family tree
19. Camp on a remote beach
20. Sailing ship cruise down the Croatian coast
21. Learn to scuba dive
22. Walk the Kokoda Track
23. ANZAC Day in the Somme at Villers-Bretonneux
24. Climb a mountain
25. Get a tattoo (designed... now to be brave enough - patience, trust, believe, grateful in Chinese)
26. Join the board of an organisation I am passionate about
27. Stay at El Questro Homestead, Kimberly, Western Australia
28. Drive around Australia
29. Walk the Bibbulmun Track, Western Australia
30. Go to Carnival in Rio
31. Get to advanced salsa class
32. Learn to play golf and play a round with my dad
33. Abseil frontwards
34. Learn to juggle (3 items minimum)
35. Go zorbing
36. Learn to surf
37. Take a cooking class
38. Take a pole dancing class
39. See the Stairway to the Moon, Broome, Western Australia
40. Swim/snorkel/scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef
41. Stay at Reefworld, Great Barrier Reef (Reefsleep)
42. Spend a week at a yoga/health retreat or ashram
43. Learn to ride a horse
44. Go on a jet boat
45. Go camping – in a tent!
46. Compete in a full triathlon
47. Go to an AFL grand final
48. Write a “memory book” for my parents and sister
49. Be part of a flash mob
50. Pull a pint of Guinness in Ireland
51. Spend a month couch surfing in another country/s - with a bunch of different people I haven’t met
52. Host a couch surfer/visitor I have never met
53. Own a pet
54. Be a Big Sister/mentor for a young person
55. Go ice skating in Central Park and at the Rockefeller Centre, New York
56. Walk the whole Freedom Trail, Boston
57. Climb Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo, Ireland
58. Do a flip on a trapeze
59. Sit in a natural hot spring
60. Swim with whale sharks
61. African safari
62. Sleep on the streets for a night or two
63. Go to a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Colorado
64. Visit Machu Picchu, Peru
65. Compete in a random race (e.g. wife-carrying, cheese rolling, bog snorkelling)
66. Go on the bone marrow register
67. See the Northern Lights, Alaska
68. Own a baby grand piano
69. Eat lunch at the Irish Famine Memorial in NYC
70. Build a snowman taller than me
71. Cycle through another country
72. Help build a house
73. Go to a demolition party
74. Get my Cert IV Training & Assessment qualification
75. Learn to play the harmonica
76. Help to care for someone who is dying
77. Learn a language (Auslan?)
78. Write an epilogue to the graduation speech I gave at my high school in 2004 (how things have changed!)
79. Go to a Gospel church to hear a gospel choir sing
80. Burning Man festival
81. Tunnels at Fremantle Prison, Perth
82. Speed dating
83. Ask my boss for a raise
84. Shower under a waterfall
85. Drumming group
86. Go to a cool festival in a country I haven't been to before (i.e. La Tomatina festival, Valencia, Spain or Full Moon Festival, Thailand)
87. Go to a TED conference and see a TED prize talk
88. Kite surfing
89. Do something kind for a stranger
90. Go on a road trip
91. Make homemade pasta from scratch
92. Learn to make the perfect creme brulee
93. Go to Hawaii
94. Stay at a villa over the water in the Maldives
95. Learn to play poker
96. Learn calligraphy
97. Meet Dave Eggars
98. Meet Seb Terry
99. Up and leave my life for an adventure
100.  TBA... 

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