Leslie Wickens

Leslie Wickens

"Live Laugh and Love - with no regrets!!!"

Nickname- Ledley

D.O.B-  30th March, 1989

Nationality- Australian (and proud :D)

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?  I want to build up my achievements and be proud of myself and have others be proud of me. Also I want to live a fulfilling life so when it's over I can look back I can say I've done everything I've wanted and more.

What's on your list?

1-Visit every capital city in Australia
2-Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
3-Visit Uluru and go Hot-air Ballooning
4-15 minutes of Fame
6-Skydive at highest possible
7-Learn to ski
8-Learn another language
9-Design and get tattoo
10-Act/Dance/Sing in a Musical
12-Visit New Zealand
13-$100 bet
14-Karaoke competition 
15-Go on every ride at every theme park at the Gold Coast
16-Go to a movie premiere dressed as a character
17-Do seasonal work, such as at the snow or in the summer on an island resort
18-Host a booze bus
19-Fill money box with $2 coins
20-Shave for a cure (after growing hair long)

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