December News 2010....

December 22nd, 2010....

Survival Course needed for item Number 67!

It's official, at the end January 2011, I will be dropped off by a boat on a remote desert island and left to fend for myself for 1 week! I am pumped! By doing so I will be ticking off Number 67- Stay on a Desert Island Alone for 1 Week!


Located in New Caledonia, the island I will be staying on was suggested to me by Maz, one of the 100Things Campaigner. A New Caledonian herself, Maz has literally gone out of her way to help organize what promises to be on the most amazing experiences I could possibly imagine!

I am in planning right now and have decided that as I lack many man skills, I will need to complete a survival course. I can't even tie a knot! Details of this will follow.

Similarly, I am now wondering what to take. In the style of Tom Hanks in Castaway I want to only have bare minimum supplies and thus far my list is this:

- Knife
- Fishing Rod
- Medical Kit
- Hammock
- Toothbrush

The plan is to provide for myself over the weak using only what the Island offers and so from catching and cooking fish to salvaging water somehow, the test is to live like a nomad in complete isolation from anyone.

I will need to build my own shelter and also perhaps a raft as a way of navigating around the Island.

Now just in case you're wondering why I've included a hammock let me say that it's not there simply so that I can relax in style, it's actually as a way of avoiding wandering sea snakes as I sleep. Oh, did I not mention that there's a variety of sea snakes on the off shore islands of New Calendonia?

Let's hope they're friendly.

If you can suggest what you think I should bring on the island, please leave me a message at seb@100things.com.au. I will consider all options!

Just as a side not, this week will be the last week of updates for the year as I think you've all got things to do such as Christmas. For me, well I'll be tapping away at my computer putting together more chapter for the 100Things book will actually be available for Christmas next year! What a strange thought!

But before then, we have two more days of updates starting tomorrow :)

100Things… What's on your list?

December 21st, 2010...

100Things get fitted out!

Half way through our speaking tour last month, Tony Cupo sent me an email. Now Tony runs a clothing embroidery business called Promo Victoria and although I'd never met him, I could tell this bloke wore his heart on his sleeve and was passionate about life.

Tony had heard of 100Things and wanted to help, I was stoked! He told me that he wanted to help us make some '100Things' clothing, including t-shirts, visors and singlets all with logos of Camp Quality on of course. By sheer coincidence I had been looking to get some shirts done as people have been sending emails requesting shirts and so I jumped at the chance.


Today we received the goods and let me say that they are awesome! Tony, mate you've done a great job and I want to say a big thanks.
With this in mind, as of today there are '100Things' shirts and visors for sale!

We have all sizes and you can have any colour you want, as long as its black!


20% of each item will be donated to Camp Quality to help us hit our $100,000 target (Number 4 on the list)!

Having never had a '100Things' singlet either, I am particularly stoked with how this one came out. The visor doesn't look bad either.


Thanks to our amazing male model, also know as Andy (my flat mate). Funny thing is I don't think he can ride a bike or surf!

If you are interested in getting yourself one, please email me on seb@100things.com.au.

Shirts- $25

Singlets- $20

Visors- $15

100Things campaigners will also get a $5 discount on all items.

Again a huge thanks to Tony and Promo Victoria. If you're interested in getting any embroidery done or need office, sports wear or anything else made, check out his website:

Also if you're interested in becoming a campaigner, please click here!

100Things… What's on your list?

December 17th, 2010…

Happy Place

After a speaking tour, various media commitments, a personal trip to Perth to last weekend, and even a move of house, finally I have a normal routine for the next few months… well almost anyway.

The priority at the moment is of course to write a book about the journey so far and by doing so tick off Number 100. Although I've completed only 44 items so far, the journey beyond the items has been one that constitutes it's own story and this is the what fills my head, day in and day out right now. The manuscript is to be handed in to Random House in March next year and so it's all about knuckling down in one place and getting something that I haven't had in a long time; routine!

Number 22- Have a Boxing Match

Not being one to sit on my hands I've also decided that the next 3 months will be a perfect time to attempt one of the physically harder items from the list- Number 22- Have a Boxing Match. 

I've never had a fight in my life and so in keeping with getting out my comfort zone I think it's time to experience the adrenalin rush; the challenge both mental and physical, and also the sensation of being punched in the face. 

Me and my bloody comfort zone!

Thankfully for me, located 5 minutes from new place in Manly, Sydney is Simon and his fantastic boxing gymnasium; White Collar Boxing.


His awesome gym space is filled with the best trainers and equipment going around and so it's about time to get my hands dirty in a controlled and professional environment. Simon has put his hand up to train me personally and so I've just jumped at the opportunity. 

Thanks Simo!

Having sat down with the big man (and hit a few bags as we spoke), he tells me that I will need at least 3 months of training before I'm assessed to see if I'm competent enough to get in the ring and only at that stage will we look for a fight.

Who Will I be Fighting?

Well to be honest, I don't know yet. It needs to be someone with a similar ability to myself (right now that is zero!) and so if anyone is keen to start training, please let me know and I'd love to fight you! haha 


N.B No massive units need apply!

Camp Quality Fight Night…

Of course in keeping with trying to tick item Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, we will be trying to organize an official fight night when I am allowed to jump in the ring. At this stage we have a blank canvas to work with so if you have any ideas, please let us know. I'm thinking dinner options, music before and after, group bookings and a celebrity fight-card!


So today is Day 1 of what promises to be a long but enjoyable road to boxing skills, fitness and another tick from the list. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else.

To see more of Simon's gym, check out www.whitecollarboxing.com.au

100Things... What's on your list?

December 15th, 2010…

My Legs are Killing Me!

Today I made new friend; his name was Jerry. Jerry is 16 and half hands tall and is a horse.


As far as horses go Jerry is fairly big and at the same time quite slow. Retiring from the game a while ago Jerry is now used to help the younger horses who for the first time are being trained on an actual race track. 

After a brief run-down from horse trainer Les, I wrestled my way on top of Jerry before spending the next hour getting to know each other. Turns out that much like my dancing, my horse riding skills lack any rhythm and so as a first lesson I spent most of my time trying to 'rise to the trot', a way of using your legs to move in sync with the horse. 


Not falling off Jerry was my main goal of the day and having successfully done this, I feel I am well on the way to racing. Les however feels differently and has suggested more lessons (many of them!), so that is the next step on the way to ticking off item Number 37- Be a Horse Jockey & Race a Horse.

To be continued…

100Things… What's on your list?

December 14th, 2010…

Number 37- Be a  Horse Jockey

Let me start by saying that I can't ride a horse. The only time in fact I've ever tried to use one as a mode of transport was in Cuba when together with a good friend of mine called Nick, we decided to join a horse-riding group heading off into the mountains in search of waterfalls. That little adventure resulted in me losing control of my steed and being taken for a cross country gallop before the horse decided to stop when convenient for him.

Out of breath with adrenalin rushing through my veins I decided on the spot that I needed to race a horse one day. Today, this journey begins today as I complete a crash course in horse riding.

Thanks to good friend Sharna, a girl who I met in Vegas just 1 day before marrying a stranger no less, I am being taken out to a secret location to meet & greet the horse that I believe will take me to victory in an arranged race to be held later this month. We will racing another 5 horses & jockeys!

And yes, for those of you wondering, I will be racing whilst wearing official jockey silks! Sadly, weighing in at a healthy 95kg, the small outfit will do nothing for my figure and those following closely behind my horse will be riddled with images that will scar them for some time to come.

Wish me luck for today as I do my best not to squash a horse!

100Things… What's on your list?

December 9th, 2010…

Official Launch Day of the 'Filo de Seb'

So after 4 days of solid writing we're up to Chapter 5 in the book but that's boring news in comparison to this; yesterday was the official launch of the Filo de Seb at Bryas Cafe in Moe, Melbourne.

For those of you who aren't sure what i'm talking about, here's the run-down:

Last week Stampsy & O'Ryan from the Star Fm breakfast show asked if any of their listeners wanted to name something after me. This is of course Number 80 from the list. The response was great and amongst offers of cars, toys, and animals, John from Bryas rang up and offer to name one of his famous sandwiches after me!


As I was in Melbourne (completing Number 72 from the list) he then invited me down to his cafe so that I could actually create the sandwich as well. The result was fantastic and yesterday morning on Star Fm, the guys were at Bryas to see what people thought of the aptly named Filo de Seb at the official unveiling of this taste sensation.


Orien & Stampsy with the amazing John 

Here's the radio segment as it played out live on air:

John was a fantastic guy and if naming a sandwich was't enough, he also offered to donate 10% from all sales of the delicious Filo de Seb to Camp Quality. What a bloke!


The Window Sign says it all!

Number 4 on the list is to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality and by helping kids and families affected by Cancer, all donations are going to a great cause!

We'll be checking in with Bryas cafe soon to see how the day ended up but if you'd like to donate but can't get down to Bryas Cafe in Moe, feel free to click on the smiling Camp Quality logo below.


Banzai on Yahoo 7

Some lovely news today as Yahoo 7's Banzai web site, which documents Adventurous Aussies, asked if they could do a write up on 100Things. 


I'm still yet to find a term to describe what it is exactly that I do but I certainly don't mind the term they in their article- Find out what by checking out the article HERE!

100Things… What's on your list?

December 9th, 2010…

2 more Crusaders

It's catching on and we're loving every minute of it; today we welcome 2 more individuals who have not only created their own lists but also shared them with us.

Spending hours and hours typing away on the computer at the moment as I create a book, it always puts a smile on my face when I see my inbox fill with new campaigners.

Introducing to you Emer and Bogan (great nicknames!). Each of these guys have also just started their own websites so make sure you check them out by clicking on their pictures.

To find them, look under the campaigners tab at the top of the page.

It's just amazing to see so many people taking the time to create their own lists and even in the 6 months the increase has been incredible.

If you fancy jumping on board, look at yesterday's blog below for details or just click HERE.

Number 37- Be a Horse Jockey/ Race a Horse

As for 100Things, it's a question of balancing a solid writing schedule with other items at the moment and as such we are doing plenty of planning. Having said this, next week I'm going to meet a race horse who's owner has offered me to race. All I have to do is learn how to ride!

Easy, right?

100Things... What's on your list?

December 7th 2010…

3 Brand New Campaigners and 1 More Sebastian Terry

The Campaigners Page is where all the action is going on right now. Comprised of people who have created their own profile page where they can share their own lists, it's something that is growing and growing.

Today I received 3 new great profiles and each one has some incredible challenges.

Allow me to introduce to you, Grace, Tara and Big Ben (in that order).


Between them, there's hundreds of items on their lists including helping someone build a house, entering a professional poker series and being a detective.

To check out more of their list, just click on their pics above and you'll be taken to their profile pages.

Become a Campaigner

Now if you think you could do with writing up a list, or perhaps you already have one, why not share it?

As silly as it may seem, I truly think that by first writing something down on paper, and then sharing your goals with others, goals and challenges become far easier to achieve.

If you're curious, check out how to become a campaigner HERE.

Number 80- Have Something Named After Me

After the privilege of having a sandwich named after me last week, today I'm just as proud to announce that a lovely lady named Jo from Melbourne has taken it upon herself to name her brand new Labrador; Sebastian Terry!


I could't be prouder having seen photos of this awesome pup, and he even has a birth certificate with his new name on!

Jo, you're awesome for thinking of me, and hopefully soon I can come down and meet you both!

Book Update

The challenge of writing of book also started today and I can safely say that I already love the process of this.

I'll be honest when I say that since being back in Australia, I've been flustered with the amount of attention that 100Things has received. It's all been unplanned and in-between emails, media appearances and a speaking tour, I've haven't had time to sit down and reflect on my last 16 months overseas!

Today however, I found my happy place. I discovered that writing is the perfect way to reflect on a journey and for the first time in a while, my head is settled.

Having completed chapter 1 today, let's hope the rest of the process brings as much joy! I can't wait!

100Things… What's on your list?

December 6th, 2010…

Let the Writing Begin

The last 5 weeks back in Australia have been nothing short of amazing. 

Together with good friend Dave Cornthwaite, we've managed to complete our debut joint-speaking tour which saw us talk to over 2000 people and raise over $2,000 for our charities, we also managed to tick 2 items from the list, all whilst plotting and scheming for a huge 2011.

Sadly, Dave left for sunny England yesterday where he will be furthering his incredible challenge in Expedition 1000. He now starts his training to travel 1000+ miles on a Freecross. 


To check out more of his adventures, treat yourselves to Dave's website http://davecornthwaite.com.

Good luck buddy.

What Now?

For myself, well as the dust settles it's time for some reflection as today I face one of my biggest and most exciting challenges so far; I'm going to write a book.

Having recently teamed up with Random House who have offered to help tick off Number 100 from the list, the process of writing starts today (after this update!). 

As with all the challenges from the list, writing a book is something I've never done before and in this lies my challenge; to write something that truly reflects the journey that is 100Things. 

I never set out to write a book about this adventure (in fact I originally wrote a series kids books) and so the prospect of creating a book based on the what has been a personal journey that has evolved into something so much more is something that I place a lot of importance on. It's not about me, it's about something so much bigger and I'd love your input.

One thing that became apparent through our recent motivational speaking tour is that when at the end of the talk we took time to answer questions from the audience, there were a million different queries concerning various parts of the journey from specific items from the list to my own feelings, emotions and goals.

If there is anything that you'd like to see in the book, any questions that you'd like answered or even would like to suggest something; please let me know.

Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality

Last month in Forster, Dave and I spoke to the guys from Fitness 2428. Now the talk was a lot of fun and the organizers Kerryann and Ferg were absolute legends.

Now these guys were not only nice people, but over the past few months they also managed to organize a fitness program for the entire community of Forster. In short, Kerryann and Ferg challenged Forster to lose 1 Ton in weight!

Immediately popular within town, the charity based challenge encouraged teams of 4 to battle it out against each other to lose weight in a healthy way.

The idea was a hit with entry numbers in the hundreds and soon after sponsors jumped on board. 

It was decided that $1 got donated to Camp Quality for every kilo that the town lost and results after lots of hard work showed an amazing result.


The community lost 1220 kilos and as such $1220 were donated to Camp Quality!

An amazing result for everyone involved and well done to Kerryann and Ferg for starting something that promises to be even bigger next year.

With ticket sales to our speaking gig also being donated to charity, yesterday Fitness 2428 donated a total of $2000 to Camp Quality. This means that in total, 100Things has raised $15,713.80!

The goal is of course $100,000 so if you have some good ideas on how to raise money or would just like to donate, email info@100things.com.au

I'd love to hear from you!

Oh and if you're wondering how 72 hours of sleep deprivation effects your appearance, you might like to this quick video. A photo taken every hour of the challenge, watch as Dave and I slowly morph into zombies!

Tomorrow we reveal another 'item' that someone has generously decided to name 'Sebastian Terry' as a way of adding to Number 80 from the list.

100Things... What's on your list?

December 2nd, 2010...

The Big Sleep and another tick (#80)!

With around 20 hours of sleep yesterday and a dozy flight back to Sydney this afternoon, I think I'm only one more day away from full recovery. The 72 hour-awake challenge was tough.

An early interview with the girls from The Circle (Channel 10) this morning proved that my coordination, memory and speech is still slightly off, but they are certainly better than yesterday.

With a few hours to concentrate on the footage that we managed to take over the past 3 days, we've compiled a timeline of videos (in link form) that act as emphatic evidence that 72 hours will do nothing for your social skills.

These have all been added to Number 72- Stay Awake for 72 Hours page. To check it out, click HERE.

Number 80- Have Something Named After Me

There have been plenty of other stories to come from the 3 days of no sleep and none better than something that happened yesterday morning.

Star FM were nice enough to invite us into their studios to spend 3 hours presenting their morning show with hosts Stampsy and Ryan. This was amazing fun of course but just after the show, the guys took us to Moe, a suburb in Gippsland, to help me tick off another item from the list.

As part of a recent radio competition, Star FM asked if there were any listeners willing to name something after me. 

There were some amazing entries (including 1 man wanting to name his heria after me) and one of these was from John, the owner of Brayas, a sandwich shop in Moe.

John rang up the show and immediately offered to name one of his sandwiches after me. Not only this but he also invited me to go to the shop and actually create the sandwich.

Under close supervision by staff members, diners, Stampsy & Ryan and Dave Cornthwaite we managed to create something that I am very happy to have my name next to! 

Brya's newest lunch-time option is officially here and it's name? 

Fillo de Seb

What is the Fillo de Seb?

The question should be; what isn't the Fillo de Seb? but just so you know what your taste buds are in for:

Chicken, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Avocado, Brie Cheese wrapped in fresh Fillo Pastry and garnished in creamy white-wine sauce, accompanied with chips and salad.

Now the official launch will take place soon but the best thing about it is that John has generously offered to donate 10% of every Fillo de Seb sold to Camp Quality! 

By doing so we will not only be helping me tick off Item 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, but also we'll be helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer. 

In other words, if you're a) in Melbourne, b) hungry or c) loking to support a great cause, take yourself to Bryas cafe (91 Albert Street, Moe, Melbourneand treat yourself to a delicious Fillo De Seb!

Photos to come soon!

We do have 1 more fantastic story to add regarding something else being name Sebastian Terry, but this can wait until Monday. Trust me when I say this is one not to miss.

Have a fantastic weekend.

100Things... What's on your list?

December 1st 2010... part 2

We did it! Number 72- Stay Awake for 72 Hours- COMPLETE!

I'm not going to lie to you; we are wrecks! My memory over the last few days is scattered at best, my coordination has decided to go on holiday for a while and my face feels as though it's been sat on by an elephant. None of this matters though because at 8am this morning, Dave an I completed what has to be one the most challenging items that either of us have encountered- we managed to not sleep for 72 hours.


It was sometime inbetween Dave drooling on himself mid-conversation and me blacking out for a split second as I walked out of a cafe at 4am this morning that we agreed that this was an adventure not to forget.

I am currently putting together a full video diary of the event as well as gathering the best pictures which document the demise of 2 otherwise normal blokes over a 3-day period. I can't stop laughing as I type this.

At this stage I want to thank everyone who helped us along the way including Kathleen and Jack who took it upon themselves to act as support crew through the final 24 hour period yesterday! These guys were strangers up to yesterday but after meeting them whilst playing wheel-chair basketball on Day 2, they decided to help out. This comprised mainly of poking us whenever our eye lids started to close and being so kind as to show us the sites of Melbourne between midnight and 5am this morning.

Thanks also to all the lovely girls at Fast Impressions Speed Dating who put up with us during our 6 minute dates. The night was amazing and what a great little event these guys put on! The highlight of course was being dared to dunk our heads in an ice-bucket mid-date!

Apologies if we seemed distant at any stage; it's wasn't you, it was us!

The Wheel Chair Basketball as well as the stand-up comedy challenge was just as amazing and then to be invited by Star FM to be part of the 3-hour morning crew yesterday was icing on the cake! We even managed to tick off another item from my list altogether which I will reveal in a few days!

I will be creating a full-report on the last few days tomorrow but for now I cannot keep my eyes open and need to dive elegantly into bed! Sorry! The funny thing is that we have been given  a lovely 2-bedroom apartment in the middle of town and for 3 days we haven't been able to use the beds which by the way  are massive! I will make amends right now.

Camp Quality will also benefit from our sleep deprivation through some very generous donations from various supporters who donated $1 for every hour we stayed awake. Again, keep posted for an update on this.

Good night for now

Seb :)

100Things... What's on your list?

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