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September 27th, 2011…

The Call of Nature…

Question: What happens when you after 4 days on a desert island, you suddenly realize that you have not been to the toilet?

Answer: Watch this video and find out!

What a relief!

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September 26th, 2011…

My Island in the Sun…

Not only am I off to Africa on Wednesday morning, but i'm done editing all of the desert island videos! Here's the latest one which see's a delirious man armed with ukulele, attempt to write a song! 

Apologies in advance for the sound. I swore it sounded better at the time! 

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September 23rd, 2011…

Giant 100Things Toy Sale tomorrow in Brisbane!
It's funny how things sometimes pan out, but in keeping with the mantra of going with the flow, it turns out that I'm throwing a giant toy sale over the next 2 days up in Brisbane! Who'd of thought?!

A long story, short, I was approached by the lovely people down theThe Toy Club at the beginning of the year. They wanted to know if I'd be up for holding a charity event for Camp Quality. My answer was a quick-fire Yes! and less than 6 months on, we've managed to organize an awesome little event.

The event will be held at 15 Hinkler Court, Brendale, Brisbane, and top brand toys are up to 80% off. This is a great opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping and for me it's a great way to get some toys to take to the 'Welcome Home' orphanage in Africa next week as I look to tick off Number 43 from the list. I can't wait!

Anyway, if you are around and would like to say hello and get in some great bargains (I feel like I'm doing an info-mercial!) before Chrissy, come on down.

We aim to raise $20,000 for Camp Quality!

Thanks to the Toy Club for all their help and generosity!

Number 67- Live on a Desert Island for 1 Week!

Well in case you haven't checked up on the site for a while, this week I've started to share all 9 ids, day by day. As such  today I'd like to share the fourth installment which see's me attempt to spear-fish for the first time! I've never felt so guilty!


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September 22nd, 2011…

Day 4 on the Desert Island- Video Available!

It's no secret that I'm partial to the odd bit of fancy dress (my retro batman outfit is possibly my favorite possession) and so it should come as no surprise that whilst on the island, it took just 4 days before I decided to turn my attention to the art of costume making.

Enjoy the vid!

The Magician!

One of the most incredible trends of my journey is the way in which I seem to constantly meet intriguing people. Today, yet again, this trend continued.

Now one of the harder items from the list is Number 18- Hit a Hole in 1. I'd like to give you the odds of achieving such a goal but after some research it's hard to get an accurate figure. All I know is that it's somewhere in between 1 in 50,000 and 1 in 1,000,000!

Having already hit 4,800 balls with no luck so far, I figure that as opposed to hitting another 45,200 balls in the hope of snagging an 'ace', I'd get a golf lesson instead. Enter Chris, from Balgowlah Golf Course. Now Chris is the course pro at Balgowlah and after a succession of events that led to the Golf Course approaching me and soon after offering to hold a fundraising event for Camp Quality (watch this space!), Chris offered to take me for a lesson this morning. The only heads up I was given prior to the lesson was that I'd be surprised by his unique coaching techniques. This, I can now tell you, was no understatement.

Within 5 minutes of the lesson starting, Chris was talking to me not about golf, but instead life. With no golf club in sight, Chris spoke insight-fully about the 'constructs of society' and the concept of wasting mental energy on things unimportant to the process of achievement.  Twenty minutes later we'd moved onto the topic of 'Control' and the negative influence it can have over desired outcomes, and by the I'd forgotten that we were there to improve my golf, we were stuck into an awesome conversation about the idea of simply 'letting go'. This, we agreed, is integral to moving forward for any goal.

Needless to say, Kris and I spoke the same language and by the time he finally put a club in my hand, we'd become good mates.

Kris as it turns out uses golf as the vehicle to address life. He sees his role as one that repositions an individuals perspective on both of these levels; golf and life. It sounds so crazy but the similarities between these two things are uncanny.

Kris, the magician...

I'll admit right now that I am a bad golfer. I have never had a lesson and it's not uncommon to see one of my balls plop into a remotely located lake or even swerve through the air as if being affected by an approaching F5 tornado. In light of this, Kris' first piece of advice surprised me; he told me to close my eyes and try and hit a ball towards a shoe, some 5 metres in front of me. The key I was told was to forget everything i'd ever known about the ideal golf swing and simple let it all happen. Fearing I'd miss the ball entirely, I looked up after swinging, and saw the ball hit the target. The shoe was then placed further away with each new shot and with every blind swing I either hit the shoe or narrowly missed it. Before long Kris told me to aim for a tree some 50 metres away. Would you believe I hit it, with my eyes still shut!?

Now I admit that among possibly 20 shots with my eyes shut, I did a about 3 'clangers' but somehow, armed with Kris' refreshingly simple view on golf (and of course life), I noticed that it was without any form of control (or sight) that my results were the best. Kris calls this the new Golf Paradigm.

I could write pages upon pages about Kris, but I've learnt that this has already been done! A man by the name of William Whitecloud wrote a book called 'Magicians Way' which offers the 7 secrets to magic (or life). Each secret is gained through encounters he had with unique and various people and Chapter 1 is titled "The Magic Golf Lesson".

You don't win a prize for guessing that this chapter is based on a golf lesson that William was given by Kris. In this lesson, he managed to hit a succession of golf balls through the fork of a tree that was positioned over 100 yards away. His eyes were shut for every shot.

I'm still digesting what was an amazing morning with Kris up at Balgowlah Golf Course but for now I'll leave a link to Kris' website.

If you're a keen golfer or just someone who would like to discuss life, I'd highly recommend contacting him!

Did I mention that at some stage during the lesson I asked Kris if he'd ever hit a hole in one? After nodding, he turned and smiled;

"Yep, between 17 and 20, I think"

100Things… What's on your list?


September 21st, 2011…

Day 3 on the Island- Video ready!

Not sure how to handle a curious sea snake, I thought filming it would be a good start. Apparently their teeth are so small that they can't penetrate the human skin but when you're alone on a desert island, you tend to forget about logic!

100Things… What's on your list?

September 20th, 2011…

Second Desert Island Video- Here it is!

Have you ever been stranded on a desert island and suddenly realized that you have no idea how to start a fire? Well that makes one us!

100Things… What's on your list?

September 9th, 2011

9 Days to go!

It's no secret that as a result of writing a book, editing a book, choosing photos for a book, and then editing some more, my year so far has been one confined to my laptop for the most. This I have absolutely loved but today I've woken up with a feeling of excitement that I haven't felt for a while, I'm about to head overseas to tick off some items from my list!

I'm excited!

So what's the plan?

On September 28th (9 days from today!) I'll be flying to Uganda, Africa, where I'll be taken straight to the small township of Jinja. Here I will immediately start to volunteer in the 'Welcome Home' orphanage for a period unknown at the moment. This is of course Number 43 on the list (work at an orphanage) but I should also state that like so many of the other of the items on the list, this is so much more than just a simple tick; instead it is something that I want to be able to learn from and ultimately build upon in whatever way, shape or form that may be.

That's the exciting part I guess, this is just the first step.

Check out the great things that the "Welcome Home" orphanage does at their website.

What Else?

At some stage over the next few months in Africa, I'll also be shooting over to Kenya where I'll be ticking off one of the more extreme items from the list, Number 79- Live with a Tribe for 1 Week!

Now i'll be filling you in on this more over the next few weeks but what I can say now is that through a very helpful individual who contacted me a few months ago, it looks as though we've been invited by a clan of Masai Warriors somewhere north of the Kenyan capital of Nairobi to live amongst their people for 7 days. Quite literally in the middle of nowhere!

It goes without saying that I my stomach is already turning in excitement. This is something I've wanted to do for a long long time!

Watch this space for more details :)

Number 67- Live on a Desert Island for 1 Week

Now back in February you may remember that I completed Number 67 from the list by staying on a desert island some 55 kilometers off the coast of New Caledonia all by my lonesome for one whole week (It was here that I wrote some of my book in fact!).

Coconuts, sharks, incredible sunsets and nudity all played a part and so with some free time finally to edit some of the video footage, I am now stoked to be able to share my time on 'Ilo Gi' with you via 7 or so short videos

This is the first one of the bunch and I hope you enjoy!

I'll be releasing one video every day of this week so be sure to keep checking back!

I'll also be posting the videos on the all new 100 Things Facebook Group, so if you haven't already, just click here to join the group. Make sure to click the LIKE button!

That's all for today, I'm off to try and get a Ugandan Visa!

100Things… What's on your list?


September 14th, 2011…

Tina the Campaigner!
So this morning I received an interesting email from a lady called Tina. Tina and i have never met but we have something in common; we both have lists of things we've always wanted to do.

Tina, as it happened, heard about the 100 Things journey via a TV interview that I gave a while ago on Channel 10's The Circle and immediately decided to sign up as a 100 Things Campaigner. Now for those who aren't sure what a Campaigner is, basically if you have a list and decide to send it to me, I automatically create you your very own profile page which you can share with your friends and update as you tick items off.

Anyway to cut a long story short, after creating Tina her very own page, she has now started to address goals that before hand she had forgotten about. The email she sent me this morning was titled Ready to Dominate and Smash Kokoda, and it's emails like these that put a smile on my face.

"Hey Sebastian,

How are you legend?!?

Thought you might be interested in reading the below….number #37 – is alive and well!

PUMPED – best feeling in the world!!

I also have numbers #6, #7, #19 and #11 in the pipeline and being worked on!

Am currently in Johannesburg on my way back to the USA in 2 days and love the connection that this (trip) is bringing me!

You have no idea of the amount of work mates across the globe that have read my list (on Facebook) and now connect with me on a whole new way and are totally inspired to now work on “their list”

Thanks once again for your amazing leadership and initiative!!

Keep dominating and stay awesome!


Now for any mates of mine who are reading this and laughing; i should say that NO, I did not reference this email because Tina seems to think that I have leadership or initiative (stop laughing!). Instead, the reason I think this email is so special is because of the drive and enthusiasm that Tina has summonsed from throwing herself at her list! It's inspiring on many levels and to be able to see such a positive change in someone is something that keeps this journey growing at the rate that it is.

Quiet simple; I'm stoked!

Become a Campaigner

It would be rude of me now not to extend to you the same offer that triggered Tina's recent email and so if you think that you have a list (or even just one thing) that you'd like to share with us, please send it over to me and I'll personally make sure that you have your own profile page by the end of the week!

Join up HERE

Check out our ever growing list of Campaigners HERE

I look forward to hearing from you!

100 Things… What's on your list? 

Dave Cornthwaite Update

Expedition 1000

Now i probably don;t have to remind who Dave Cornthwaite is; he's a close mate of mine as well as a great little adventurer. His latest project called Expedition 1000, is Dave's way of pushing the boundaries of endurance adventure. Basically he aims to complete 25 separate 1000 mile journeys, each one using a separate form of non-motoriased transport!

So far he's skateboarded across Australia, kayaked the length of the Murray River (Australia) and ridden a tandem bicycle from Vancouver to Las Vegas. This last journey was my personal favorite as I was the other bloke on the bike!

So why am I telling you this? Well today is a monumental day for young My Cornthwaite as he has literally just completed his fourth 1000 mile journey! This time he's stand-up paddle boarded (SUP) the length of the Mississippi River, some 2,500 miles of it!

Now this is a journey that has not only set a brand new Guinness World Record (longest SUP journey ever!) but also a journey that I would not do justice by trying to cover it in one blog post. As such I highly recommend that you guys check out Daves website where he's posted every day for the past three months (the amount of time it took the poor man).

As an adventurer, Dave well done; you're a legend and I wish you the best of luck for the remaining 21 journeys. As a mate, it's great to you smiling and achieving your goals.

Congratulations Dave Cornthwaite!

100 Things... What's on your list?

September 8th… 2011

Camp Quality Visit

With trip-planning, book editing and website creating consuming hours and hours a day, it's rare that I get a moment away from my lap top at the moment. That's why today was such a breath of fresh air. As such i decided to make the most of it with a quick visit to the hospital.

Now as you may know, Number 4 on the list is to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality. This is something that's been accumulating for 2 years now. Sourced from generous online donations as well as a cut of all of my speaking fees, we're currently sitting a touch under the $21,000 mark!

Camp Quality, for those who don't know, are a great organization whose main goal is to bring happiness to kids suffering from cancer. They run a whole variety of programs in schools, hospitals and as part of holiday camps. With a belief that 'laughter is the best medicine', item Number 4 on the list is one that I feel very strongly about.

This brings us back to today where I thought it would nice to see first hand how Camp Quality operates. After a quick phone call to their head office yesterday to see what I could do, I was invited to join "Giggle" and the Camp Quality performers down at Sydney's Children's Hospital this morning.

Now Giggle I should probably explain is a robotically operated Muppet that rides his bike around the oncology section of hospital. With his mouth operated by a remote microphone that's spoken into by one of the Camp Quality performers who follows closely behind as he rides, Giggle is able to approach kids, have  conversations and ultimately make them laugh. He truly is a great little toy.

In addition to Giggle and the friendly Camp Quality performers who interact with the kids as well as hand out balloons, book marks and tattoos (temporary ones I should say!), the environment within the wards was incredible. Sydney Children''s Hospital employ 'Play Therapists' and 'Music Therapists' who work to not only entertain the kids but also educate them about their situation in a fun and friendly way (I'd be lying if I said that I didn't need the education as well). In honesty I could't think of a better way to help.

For me, today was the first time that I've witnessed the work that Camp Quality does. With this experience came another first; speaking to young kids and families affected by cancer. This I always thought would be quite confronting, but today I noticed that it wasn't. Why? Well in my opinion it's because of the people mentioned above, including Giggle. Hear me out; you see whilst walking around today, I noticed that the Camp Quality knew most of the kids names.


With every passing hospital bed came another friendly greeting from Giggle. Everyone knew him. Not only did Giggle know all of the kids but also their families who typically sat around their beds. One of the kids who was particularly happy to see Giggle was a young girl who'd been in hospital for 6 months. Her Dad was at her side as she joked and played with Giggle. He smiled too; it was warming to see. After saying good bye and moving on down the wards, one of the performers smiled at me as she described that when the young girl had been diagnosed with cancer just 6 months prior and admitted to hospital, neither her nor her family could muster a smile, however after treatment and fun therapy, the smiles were big and wide. As such, so was mine.

Camp Quality are fantastic. So too are all the kids and families that they help. Today has strengthened my own passion to raise money for these guys and it's with this thought that I urge you to donate. Of course it's your choice, but if all it needs for you to do so is for me to tell you that I've seen first-hand the smiles that they've created, then here it is. It's incredible.

Click HERE to help out!


100 Things… What's on your list?

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