Vanessa Khimoun-Jourdan

 Vanessa Khimoun-Jourdan

"The most practical, beautiful, workable philosophy in the world won’t work – if you won’t’ Zig Ziglar"
Nickname- V or Tam or "2 Obus"
D.O.B- 22nd February, 1982

Nationality- French

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?   

I discovered Sebastian Terry’s work while doing some charity work and I found it so amazing that ever since I've been following him. After almost 2 years following Seb I ended up chatting with him on Skype told him about my list and he said sent it across so there it is…

What's on your list?

    1.    Learn an instrument 2.    Perform on stage 3.    Take part in a space Hopper race 4.    Do some Roller Derby 5.    Rescue an animal 6.    Colour my hair in red 7.    Kiss a stranger 8.    Try to make a difference for someone 9.    Design and create my own fashion range 10.    Visit all Morocco 11.    Learn Arabic 12.    Live in another country (other than France or UK) 13.    Raise chickens 14.    Ride an Elephant 15.    Ride a Camel 16.    Cuddle a tiger 17.    See Petra in Jordan 18.    Get a Tattoo 19.    Be my own boss 20.    Become great in photography 21.    Control my Mediterranean feisty temper (good luck!) 22.    Learn how to drive 23.    Sky dive 24.    Scuba dive 25.    Swim with dolphins 26.    Visit an Ice bar 27.    See an Aurora Borealis 28.    Go to a moon party 29.    Give an inspirational speech 30.    Shave my cat 31.    Learn how to make perfume 32.    Remain happy 33.    Find a new job 34.    Speak French to a non-French person for a week 35.    Meet Jack Canfield 36.    Give my resignation to my current job 37.    Speak to Sebastien Terry 38.    Grow my own strawberries 39.    Get a piercing 40.    Make a wedding cake 41.    Learn how to use photoshop 42.    Try skinny dipping 43.    Ride a shopping trolley 44.    Grow my own tomato plants 45.    Try fish pedicure 46.    Get professional make up done 47.    Read Little Women every year for 5 years 48.    Try Burlesque dancing 49.    Work with Michael Sheen (the actor) 50.    Work with Ben Barnes (the actor) and offer him to grab a coffee 51.    Work with Stephen Fry 52.    Take my Dad to a rock concert 53.    Do a surprise birthday party for my sister 54.    Found a girlfriend for my brother 55.    Rescue a bonsai tree 56.    Flirt my way out of a problem 57.    Make someone laugh so much that they end up peeing on themselves 58.    Dress up for Halloween 59.    Learn to say I love you in 10 different languages 60.    Learn how to dance a Bollywood dance 61.    Try quad biking 62.    Camp in the desert 63.    Learn Japanese 64.    Watch an eclipse 65.    Watch shooting stars 66.    Learn how to make my own Moroccan rug 67.    Take a leap of faith 68.    Make a public love declaration 69.    Laugh till I cry 70.    Take some Caribbean cooking classes 71.    Change the world 72.    Face my fear of snakes 73.    Change my career 74.    Try acupuncture 75.    Try hypnotherapy 76.    Photocopy my own face 77.    Visit Paris under the rain 78.    Water biking 79.    Run a race by the beach 80.    Witness a Moroccan Fantasia 81.    Fell in love at first sight 82.    Be a mum 83.    Organise a Moustache party 84.    Have a chilli plant 85.    Make a man blush 86.    Learn DIY 87.    Eat pasta in Italy 88.    Be fully responsible of a new charitable project 89.    Learn to develop photos 90.    Do something forbidden 91.    Hum the same tune for an hour non stop 92.    Take my mum clubbing in dressing up outfits 93.    Say something touching to someone I don’t known 94.    Share a secret with a stranger 95.    Help someone completing his/her bucket list 96.    Make someone believe I’ve seen him/her being up to no good 97.    Take part in a pillow fight 98.    Play ‘Gok Wan’ with a friend 99.    Empty a bottle of water on somebody’s head 100.    Learn how to make cupcakes

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