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June 27th, 2011…

What is it I talk about?

After giving talks in Queensland, NSW and Victoria last week, I was invited to write an article by a magazine to summarize in about 600 words what it is I talk about at my presentations. This as you might imagine is a tricky request but I gave it a go and managed to put something together in the short time given.

It's always good I think to check in with yourself occasionally to assess what you're doing with your life and writing this article turned out to be just what the doctor ordered.

Having just sent the article off via email, I thought I may as well share it with you now, just in case you were wondering what it is that I do talk about!

"What do you want to do before you die?

Five years ago I had a close friend of mine pass away. His name was Chris. We were 25 years old at the time and sadly due to the sudden and tragic nature of the event I couldn’t make it back to the funeral in time. Instead I was left overseas pondering, as many of us do when grieving, the meaning of life. For me there were a million thoughts racing through my head but one stuck out more than the others; it was a simple question; "Would I be happy if I died tomorrow?". My answer was no. This realization stopped me in my tracks and immediately I began to think how I would change this. I did this by picking up a pen jotting down all the things that I’d ever wanted to do in my life that I hadn’t yet achieved. By the time I’d finished writing I had a list of 100 things in front of me and a minute later I’d promised myself that I’d drop everything in my life to complete my list. This is now what I do with my life.

Two years on from starting my journey, I’m 50 items through my list and from becoming a Guinness World Record holder for crushing the most amount of eggs with my toes in 30 seconds (Number 19), to visiting an inmate on America’s death row (Number 11), my life has changed dramatically. Sure on the surface I’ve done a myriad of bizarre things that bring a smile to the faces of those who hear of me, but this is just the beginning of a trip that has been as unexpected as it has been enlightening.

In the first instance I am happy; for the first time in my life I can confidently say that there is nothing in the world that I’d rather be doing. This I only realized when held at gun-point in a bullet-proof clothing factory in Colombia. Of course this was an organized stunt that ticked off Number 73 from my list (to be shot) but with this realization came a big shift in my trip. You see along my travels I’ve noticed that everyone has at least one thing that they’ve always wanted to achieve, but sadly not all of us have the perspective to actualise it. The beauty is that everyone’s list is different. This is what I’m trying to do now, help others address this.

As people we create self-imposed boundaries that limit what we do in life. Whether it’s money, commitments, time or fear, we all convince ourselves that things are too hard to achieve. This though is untrue, they are just excuses. Look at me for example; all I have is a positive attitude; I have no money, no sponsors and no favours owed, instead I just believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. As a result I’m able to overcome these hurdles and achieve items from my list. I just have to believe.

Some people suggest that I’m lucky where as others claim that I’m brave but neither of these things are true; the only thing that separates me from many at the moment is a mind-set. When my friend Chris passed away years ago, I took a step back from my reality and thought about what was important in my life. This moment changed my life and allowed me something that I see as crucial to all of us; perspective. With this you can do anything.

This is what I talk about when I address a room of people at a conference and this is the main theme of my book which Random House have recently asked me to write about my journey. Who’d of thought!?
Sure I’ll share a story of the time I walked across France (Number 36) or the time I delivered the baby of a complete stranger in Canada (Number 23) but this is just the surface of a story that really has a far deeper meaning.

One thing I’ve seen is that we can all achieve whatever it is that we want in life, we just need to identify what that is. I’m not going to claim that this article alone will do that for you, but I will finish by asking you one simple question that really did change my life; if you were going to die tomorrow, would you be happy?

We all have the opportunity to answer yes.

What’s on your list?"


June 21st, 2011…

1 Weeks Silence and $1,700 in Camp Quality Donations!

Not until recently when I was on board yet another plane flying to the Gold Coast to give yet another talk did I realize just how much is going on right now with this journey. It's so busy in fact that I'm not quite sure how it falls into place and seeing I have the time management skills of monkey I'm worried to death that there are important things that I've forgotten about.

None the less I do make an effort to keep on top of everything including raising money for Camp Quality. This is why yesterday's meeting with a Sydney based finance company was so enjoyable. Basically the company in question had asked me to give a talk to their staff and clients in July about 100things (this is something that I love doing!) and when it came to discussing payment I bought up the fact that sitting at Number 4 on my list is to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality. With a few stories being shared across the boardroom table based on the shared belief that life was a wonderful opportunity to achieve dreams and goals, the lovely owner of the company then offered to donate $1,000 directly to the Camp Quality! It's moments like these that put everything into perspective for me and as a result I sit here now shaking my head in amazement at the generosity that people have shown in light of this journey of 100things. Without them, this would not be possible.

As such, the grand total raised for Camp Quality as we speak is $19,000!

As I travel around the place, people on hearing of my journey will often place a small note or some loose change in my hand and ask that I add it this total It's an amazingly generous offering and one I'm constantly thankful for. Often not being able to donate the money on the spot into the on-line donation page, I've got into the habit of late simply throwing all of these kind donations into a bucket in my room. Last week after receiving yet another gold coin donation I noticed that the bucket was full to the brim and so when I decided to count it all up, I was pleasantly surprised to find I had $800 in donations! This has now been donated on-line and I just want to thank everyone who contributed. Your money will be helping kids and families affected by Cancer, so thank you.

On a side note, I'd also like to make mention of one of our most active Campaigners named Megsy. Now Megsy has a fantastically bizarre list of her own which she has posted on her Campaigner Page and a few days she wrote to me telling me that she had just completed one of the most bizarre yet fulfilling items yet; Number 15- Stay Silent for 1 Week!

Megsy and Australian funny-man, Will Anderson... in silence

Some of you may remember me achieving the same challenge in New York last year, and so on a personal level I know the challenges that Megsy would have faced. If you're interested in seeing a first-hand account of Megsy's week of silence, click HERE to read her diary! Rumour has it she even got a flight to Italy just to see what would be like in silence!

Megsy; well done!

100things… What's on your list?

Monday 20th July, 2011…

Here We Come Melbourne!

After a great talk yesterday at the annual PPM National Conference at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast, today it's back to Sydney for some item-planning before flying out to Melbourne on Wednesday for some more talks and also to catch up with Mark, the man I'll be helping to complete a half marathon with on July 17th. 

Of late there's been a real increase in momentum and with this I'm hoping to increase the money raised for Camp Quality. As you may know, Number 4 on the list is to raise $100,000 for the charity helping kids and families affected by Cancer and with a total so far of just over $18,000 we have a lot of work ahead.

Now so far we have had 10 people decide to join me and Mark for the upcoming half marathon, all of who will be pushing his wheelchair at certain stages, and we're still inviting people to join us. If you're keen, please let me know and I'll send you all the details. This support is just amazing! Of course not everyone will be able to make it in time for July 17th but that doesn't mean that you can't help still. As a team, Mark, me and the all of the other runners will be raising money for Camp Quality and so if you'd still like to support what will be an epic story, please do so by clicking here and digging deep!

Your generosity is massively appreciated and just to make you feel better I went for a run this morning and I struggled! The pace will not be electric!

So it's back to some planning for now but if anyone's in Melbourne and you're interested in coming to watch one of the 4 talks that are happening on Wednesday and Thursday, please let me know!

100things… What's on your list?

June 17th, 2011…

It's days like these that make me want to live till I'm 100 years old.
Yesterday on the Campaigners Page I introduced you to Tarns, a lovely lady who'd identified one of her life goals as wanting to get a hot-lap in a FORD V8 Supercar. Confined to a wheel chair and also being recently diagnosed with a serious heart condition (she only shared that with me on the phone today!), Tarns faces many challenges on a daily basis but all of these she stays on top of.

Wanting to help and reassuring Tarns that we'd make her goal become a reality, I decided to include her story on my Facebook page yesterday as a way of testing the water, so to speak. Of course less than 5 hours after posting the story, a lady by the name of Kel sent us a message. Kel as it turns out works for the Dick Johnson Racing (a Ford V8 team) and immediately offered her help! To cut a long story short, Tarns will now be picked up from her house in August and taken for a hot-lap at the Ipswich race track by Dick Johnson's son. Not only this but Tarns will get to meet the entire team who are currently competing in the Australian V8 Supercar Championship!

It goes without saying that Kel; you're a legend, and both Tarns and I appreciate your generosity in making her dream a reality. It just goes to show that once you put your thoughts down on paper and throw yourself at an identified goal, anything is possible!

Canterbury Boys High School

This story of Tarns and Kel was one of the first stories that i spoke of this morning in front of a colourful bunch of 16 and 17 year olds at Canterbury Boys High School. You see, over the past year I've started to give talks and presentations to various groups through the world telling not only of my own 100 things but also of the way that the journey is affecting others.

I'll admit that the sensation that I get when I tick an item from list is one of sheer ecstasy but to see a room of full of teenagers engage in what I'm saying and realise that they have the world at their feet is something that sits on the same level for me. It's incredible to witness.

Never did I think when I left Australia to start my journey just over 2 years ago I'd be talking to a room full of people about the story that unfolded, but the fact that it's now happening has allowed me to realize a purpose; I truly believe there is a positive message to be relayed from what I do.

I wouldn't change this for the world and I can only hope that the talks do act as a catalyst for a positive change.

At the end of the talk, a boy from the back of the room raised his hand and asked me what I was planning to tick off next from my list, just as I was about to answer, my calendar reminder which was plugged into the projector that I was giving the presentation on sounded, announcing to the class that as 11.30am on Saturday morning I have a salsa class to attend.

"That's your answer, I'm learning salsa and will taking part in a competition soon!"

That's what's next on my list, what about you?

100things… What's on your list?

June 16th, 2011…

The Campaigners are Coming!
It seems that everyone has a list, whether it's just one thing or 100 things, and watching our campaigner page grow each day is just awesome.

Now one of our newest campaigners to join up is a lovely lady called Tarns. Tarns sent me her list yesterday and is the perfect example of how someone's list can be as simple as just 3 things.

Having ticked off the first item from her list when she swam with dolphins in March last year, Tarns is now turning her attention to the remaining 2 items; riding a jet ski and going for a hot-lap in Ford V8 Supercar at Bathhurst. Now although these items may seem fairly straight forward for your average person, they actually hold a huge challenge to Tarns due to the fact she's been confined to a wheel chair since birth. The problem clearly is not finding a jet-ski for example, it's finding someone willing to take her out.

Suffering from Spinabifida, Tarns is unable to walk but this has not stopped her from chasing her goals. At the end of the day, she knows that anything is possible.

Over a brief conversation on the phone this afternoon, I promised Tarns that we'd somehow get these items ticked off from her list and as a first step I thought I'd write about her story. If you're reading this now and you think that you might be able to help with either of Tarns' remaining two items, please email me on seb@100things.com.au. We'd appreciate any help with this one!

Of course if I had either a jet-ski or a Ford V8 Supercar I'd take her for a spin today, but sadly I don't.

To check out Tarn' campaigner page, click on HERE.

To share your own list and become a campaigner yourself, please click HERE!

100things… What's on your list?

June 14th, 2011…

Good luck Dave!

A good friend of mine who you may well have heard of before is about to start an epic adventure that I'd like to share with you. Dave Cornthwaite is less than a week away from beginning to stand-up paddle boarding the length of the Mississippui River, a huge 2,400 miles!

Having recently cycled a tandem bike with Dave from Vancouver to Las Vegas, I can say unequivocally that Dave, being the stand-up kinda guy that he is, is the only person I would expect to take on such an amazing challenge. The funny thing is that this journey is actually just 1 adventure from an impressive of 25 endurance journeys that Dave has labelled 'Expedition 1000". So far he's completed 3.

Me and Dave in a chessy promo shot!

I just want to wish Dave the best of luck and for those if you're keen to follow his journey, please check out his website and even join him on Facebook. Also don't be shy to follow him on Twitter.

His first paddle is on June 20th and he's hoping that his last will happen about 3 months later.  If successful it will break the Guinness World Record for the longest journey by SUP.

Dave Cornthwaite is also attempting to raise £1,000,000 for the AV Foundation, so get behind this cheeky chappy and show him some love.

What a legend!

To give you and idea of what exactly this journey may entail, watch this next video where Dave and I actually became the first people ever to stand-up paddle across Lake Geneva, Europe's largest freshwater lake!

100things… What's on your list?

June 10th, 2011…

Year 3, Day 1...

With so much having gone on in the last 6 months, it's purely coincidental that today, just 1 day after the 2nd birthday of the journey, I've finally managed to start planning for the next 6 months. What a feeling!

After handing in the first edit of the 100things book (release December, 2011) yesterday, as well as completing a quick interview with Sunrise first thing in the morning, I took myself down to Terry Hills Par 3 Golf Course to try and tick off Number 18- Hole in One.

Now as almost everyone has told me, this will no doubt be one of the harder items to tick but let me tell you that with every 500 balls that I hit, I know I'm moving slowly in the right direction.

Thanks again to Terrey Hills Par 3 and Peter Parker for the help!

I should also thank everyone for their well wishes yesterday; it means a lot that so many people took the time out to send such kind words. With that in mind I also received lots of request for people to join our Campaigners Page; the first of which came from a girl called Chay.


Chay has an awesome list (check it out HERE) and by joining up she now gets to share her personal page with friends and family.

Good luck Chay and welcome!

For now it's back to planning.

100things… What's on your list?

June 9th, 2011…

100things Hits 2 Years today!
When I flew out of Sydney 2 years ago on the 9th June, 2009, little did I know the route this journey would take me on. Based on just a feeling, this entire endeavor was just my little way to finding some form of fulfillment in life. I had a simple list of 100things and that acted as my bible, so to speak.

Taking a moment now to reflect on what has been an adventure that has changed my life, I cant believe how much been accomplished. Sure on the surface I smile at the fact that I've completed 50 items so far, but beneath all of this has developed something far more satisfying; a positive message that other people have picked up on.

I never thought for example when I started this journey that I'd find myself talking to rooms full of school kids, business people, or communities about my journey. In the same fashion I never thought that I'd be receiving emails from people not only congratulating me but thanking me for showing them that anything is possible. Never in a million years did I think I'd be asked by Random House to write a book about my journey and never did I think that I'd deliver the baby of a complete stranger (Number 23) or become a Guinness World Holder (Number 19) for crushing eggs with my big toes!

Because of all of this, I now have a bigger goal; to embrace this positive momentum and turn it into something that can make a difference. Ambitious I know, but again i just have a feeling that it's possible.

Last night I decided to quickly put together a photo montage of the last 365 days and it's certainly been a good year!


One thing that'd become noticeable is that everyone has a list, no matter how big or small; it could be anything from wanting to run a marathon to re-connecting with a family member. That's the beauty of a list; it's personal. With this in mind I started a page a while ago where by people could share their lists on-line and by doing so would become 'Campaigners' on the 100things site. To date we have more people joining every day and I've even been lucky enough to help a few people with their items.

The latest campaigner I've been in contact with is Mark. Now Mark not only has a list but also has a massive challenge in completing it due to a neurological disorder that he's had for a while. As a result, he is confined to a wheelchair with very limited movement. Now after meeting Mark and helping him tick the first item from his list by shaving his head (!), he then told me that it was a dream of his to complete a half marathon. 

To cut a long story short; we've now both enrolled into the July 17th Melbourne Half Marathon where I'll be pushing the whole way. The reason I mention this is because we've started a team for the race and are looking for people to join. If you're interested in helping to get Mark across the finish line; please email me on seb@100things.com.au.  If you'd like to help but don't think you'll be able to in person, you could always donate to Camp Quality HERE, who we're running for. All money raised will be going towards kids and families affected by Cancer.

Number 4 on the list is of course to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality.
If you're interested in becoming a Campaigner by the way, make sure you check out the 'Campaigners Page' and if that tickles your fancy; sign up HERE; it's easy- all you need is 1 goal!

What's Next?

So being our second birthday today there is of course only one way to celebrate and that's by attempting to tick off an item from the list. Last year I planted a tree on top of mountain in Switzerland (Number 91) but this year I'm trying for something much harder; I'm off to Terrey Hills Golf Course in Sydney to try and tick off Number 18- Hit a Hole in 1! Now I know this is going to tricky one (I've already hit 3,000 shots) but hopefully today with another 1000 shots lined up, I'll land one in the cup!

If for some reason I don't get a hole in 1 today (just between you and me I think I will though!) I'm off this afternoon to start training for Number 32- Enter a Salsa Competition, by having a salsa lesson. The humour in this of course is that I can't dance to save my life. I can't wait!

Of course if you'd like to keep up to speed with the journey, add 100things on Facebook or even Twitter!

100thing...What's on your list?

June 7th, 2011…

Well with just 2 days left until I celebrate 2 years since the start of the 100things journey, things are shaping up nicely.

After a fun little interview with the girls from The Circle last week, it seems there's even more media interest growing this week meaning that either it's a quiet news week Sydney or maybe this trip is putting some smiles on some faces out there?

With another shot at Number 18- Hole in One (Golf) teed up for Thursday morning, followed by the first of a number of dance lessons to ready me for Number 32- Enter a Salsa Competition, I'll be trying to make the most of a big day.

I'll keep you posted with developments of course but for all the nice messages and emails that I've received so far; thank you. It means a lot.

100things… What's on your list?

June 6th, 2011…

Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality

Number 4 on the list as you may know is to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality. Originally when I started this journey the target was just $10,000 but this I reached quite quickly.

It started with friends and family donating online, and within a few months it had turned into complete strangers just interested in the trip wanting to donate. This was mind blowing. Over time I noticed that whenever I did a media story the donations went up and whilst in Canada I even found that people were holding small fundraising events on my behalf. Before long, thanks to the generosity of others, we'd managed to get to $10,000 with just one question to ask ourselves; shall we raise the target?

As you know the answer was YES, why not? and this is why we're now trying to reach $100,00!

Currently we're sitting a touch under $18,000.

With this good news, I'd like to make mention of the last person to donate. His name is Dan Logovik and he's actually a valued 'campaigner' of 100things. 

Check out Dan's list by clicking on his photo above!

Last weekend, in an attempt to organize a fundraiser, Dan put together a 'weird science' themed event at the University of Queensland. An awesome day of which Dan organized by himself, he invited families from the area to have some fun with an array of bizarre and whacky rides of which all proceeds collected went to Camp Quality.

Hovercraft and Segway Racing

Fire Tornado!
The final result of this day was Dan and everyone involved managed to raise $800 for Camp Quality and as such our total has again risen.

Dan you're a legend and thanks to everyone who attended.

Of course if you're reading now and you're feeling the love, you can donate absolutely whatever you feel like at this link HERE.

Pay donation is appreciated!

100things… What's on your list?

June 5th, 2011…

Half Marathon...

This week is a big one for 100things; we celebrate our 2nd anniversary, I hand in my first edit of the 100things book and we also get the ball rolling on one with one of our most courageous campaigners.

Over the course of the last 2 years the 100things journey has allowed me experience life as I'd never done so before. In this time I've seen and done things that once upon a time I would never dare and from these experiences I've grown as a person and learnt things about life that now influence the way I live.

One thing that has become more apparent to me than anything else is that no matter how big or small, we all have dreams, and through this journey i've been lucky enough to meet people who have shared these goals with me.

Of course I still get a kick out of ticking off my own items from my list (I have 50 items left!) but just as satisfying as this is being able to witness, if not help, other people ticking their items off.

With this in mind, I'd like to introduce you to Mark Rostoks. Now Mark is one of the 100things Campaigners. What does this mean? Well basically Mark has decided to share his own list of goals on his very own profile page and as such has joined a community of people who have all done the same. (check out his page here!)

Post head shave

Mark's list, like everyone elses, is incredible and involves a whole myriad of things from wanting to be a catwalk model to wanting to sleep on the street for a week. The thing that sets Mark apart from most though is that he has an undiagnosed neurological disorder that has left him unable to move in a wheelchair. This however has not stopped him one bit! This guy is inspirational.

Now I've been lucky enough to meet Mark on one occasion so far, down in Melbourne and I was thrilled to be able to help him with his first bucket-list item; Shave his head. This got the ball rolling for Mark and he hasn't stopped since.

After i shaved his head, we spoke more about his list and he told me that another item from the list was to complete a half marathon. Of course this threw me a little as he'd already explained that he lacked movement in his arms and legs and so I asked whether he'd need someone to push him to complete this challenge. The answer was of course yes. In what was then the next obvious question I asked Mark if he'd like me to help him with the challenge and again the answer was; yes!

With this in mind, today Mark and I have signed up for the Melbourne half marathon which takes place on July 17th. We are both excited. The best thing is that not only will be taking part, but so too will a few others who have decided they want to help push Mark as well! 

Of course this has given me an idea and it's one I'd like to share with you- if there is anyone who would like to join us on July 17th to help Mark complete the Melbourne Half Marathon; please let me know by contacting me at seb@100things.com.au.

All detail of the race can be seen at www.runmelbourne.com.au of course.

We'll be running for Camp Quality as well and so all donations will go towards Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality! if you can't help on the day in person, feel free to help by donating online HERE

It's things like this that make this trip so worth while and if we can encourage other people to join us, well the more the merrier!

Like Mark, I've never taken part in a half marathon before and so this is half the challenge. Come join us!

To join our awesome list of campaigners, sign-up HERE!
100things… What's on your list?

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