Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas

"Cheese is free on a mouse-trap"

Nickname-  Tank, Disco, Dancin' Dave, Thommo, DGT, Fat

D.O.B-  16th February, 1976

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?   As the years go by I look back and realise that I could’ve learnt/experienced/achieved/given more. There’s lessons to learn, experiences to gain and I’m the boss of this lifes journey.

What's on your list?

  1. Start networking for a new challenging job 
  2. Be in deputy PM role of large project within the next 6 months
  3. Construct new home on block of land in Queensland
  4. Arrange finances so my income is more enjoyed rather than a necessity just to get by
  5. Travel through Vietnam and snowboarding in NZ
  6. Buy a guitar and learn
  7. Acquire a good camera and video camera, make fishing video for the family…..
  8. Put myself in an uncomfortable position every week (extend yourself)
  9. Significant other
  10. Fishing up North……outback, camping, edible fish!
  11. Tattoo removal, at least two goes!
  12. Put goals on Sebastians website
  13. Go on a blind date
  14. Organise a trip to Margaret River with a good crew
  15. Commit to more meaningfull relationships, friends and family
  16. Plan to go abroad each year
  17. Complete another triathlon
  18. Give up coffee!
  19. Go gliding off a cliff
  20. Spend an entire weekend doing things I would never usually do 
  21. Start some team sports again

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