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May 31st, 2011…
After a fun little interview with the girls from Channel 10's The Circle, yesterday, I received heaps of great emails from people offering support and also wanting to join in with the adventure by becoming campaigners.

By becoming a campaigner you effectively create your own profile page and can share your list with anyone you like. Slowly but surely we're building up a community of like-minded people all out there chasing their goals!

The first campaigner to sign up yesterday was Dave, or Tank as he likes to be called. Now Tank has a great list of 20 items including Number 13- Going on a Blind Date and Number 21- Starting up a Team Sport.

By sharing list is now able to promote his cause and can raise funds for Camp Quality by getting his friends to support him.

If you you're interested in becoming a campaigner, please click HERE for more info.

Self Belief & Doubters

You may remember a story I wrote about in late March regarding doubters  (people who think negatively)?

On this occasion I met a guy in a bike shop who was pumping my tyres up before I went for a cycle. As he handed me my bike back, he asked me if I was training for anything in particular to which I replied;

"Yep, me and mate are attempting to cycle 1.400 miles in 14 days from Vancouver to Las Vegas on a Tandem Bike!"

His response was this;

"Dude, you're going to have to use a little realism here; that ain't going to happen"

Sensing slight annoyance at something that you would have thought might have at least raised a smile, I was slightly surprised at his response and so immediately told him then and there that I'd prove him wrong and give him a ring when we cycled down the main drag of Vegas later that month.

Admittedly I didn't, but the reason is because having told my cycling partner, Dave, about this conversation, he insisted he come with me. This meeting happened yesterday, and yes it was awesome! haha

There was no smugness of course (maybe just a little bit) from our end, we just wanted him to know that it was possible, and sure enough having told the story of what was one of the most unique experiences of our lives, the bike shop man shook our hands and had a laugh. In fact he was such a good bloke that he agreed to having a photo with him!

Anything is possible… no matter how silly it may be!

100things… What's on your list?

May 29th, 2011…

The Circle

At the end of what has been an incredible 3 month period for 100things, I finally get to sit down and catch my breath. Having ticked off some incredible items of late such as Number 51- Cycling a Tandem Bike from Vancouver to Las Vegas (1400 miles in 14 days!) and also Number 10- Chase a Tornado, It's time to start planning the next items from the list and focus once again on raising $100,000 for Camp Quality.

Number 51- Tandem Bike Adventure

Number 10- Chase a Tornado

This journey so far has raised almost $20,000 for the charity that helps kids and families affected by Cancer and with Number 4 on the list being to raise $100,000, we've got some big plans ahead. I'd like to thank everyone so far who has made a donation including Steve (Professional Investment Services) who bought our tandem bike 'Tinkabella' at our Las Vegas auction!

If you're interested in donating towards Camp Quality and helping reach our $100,00 target, please click on the logo above. Every amount is greatly appreciated!


From what started as a journey about my own goals and dreams, it's quickly becoming apparent that this adventure is not about just me any longer, instead it's about everyone. We all have dreams and aspirations but sometimes we don't give ourselves the time to address them.

A while ago I started what I call a 'Campaigners Page' where by people who wanted to share their lists with me could so by creating their own profile page on the website. Over a short period this page has grown and grown and it's been incredible to see people begin to chase and achieve their own goals.

Kylie was one of our first campaigners to join I was lucky enough to be able to help her with her first item; Number 22- Be a Human Billboard for the Day! To see Kylie embrace something that previously she had been too scared to attempt was a very special moment and this is something that I wouldn't swap for anything in the world. 

If you think that you'd like to become a campaigner by sharing your own list, click HERE and follow the easy 1-step process! To check out the campaigners who've already joined up, check out the Campaigners Page HERE.

What's Next on the List?

Having been asked to write a book about my journey by the lovely guys at Random House last December, i'm now in the final stages of editing before it's released in December. It's been an amazing process and with a finish line in sight it's now that I'm able to get excited about the next 10 items.

At a glance, a 3 month trip starting in August will see me travel to Africa, India and Cambodia where I hope to tick off 5 items including Number 79- Live with a Tribe for 1 week, Number 57- Crossing a Desert, Number 47- Going to Timbuktu, Number 31- Build Something and Number 43- Volunteer at an Orphanage and Number 7- Act in a Bollywood Movie. Of course none of this has been planned yet and so if you think you might have a fantastic tip or contact that might help; I'm all ears!

Before leaving Australia though, there are a few items that I'll be ticking off including Number - Learn Salsa (I'm just about to enter a competition!) and Number 22- Have a Boxing Match (currently in training having never thrown a punch in my life!). If you think you'd make a good teacher for either of these items or would in fact like to fight me in the ring, again please let me know! 

With this in mind, one of the hardest item from the list will be Number 84- Face 1 Over from Shane Warne. This will be hard not just for the fact that I might not be able to hit anything he throws my way but for the fact that he's a hard man to get in touch with (as yet he's most probably unaware I even exist!). If ANYONE has any information that might get see him read this plea, please let me know!

It's only with the help the community that all of this possible and so if you feel the need, get in touch at seb@100things.com.au

Speaking Circuit

Since returning home I've been enjoying the new concept of delivering motivational talks for companies, youth groups, school and various other groups in around Australia. It's something that was never a plan of mine but having now having just finished my last 3-week speaking tour which included some US talks, I'm receiving a lot of interest about future talks. The idea that my quirky antics encourage other people to think about their own list and how to address their goals is something that makes 100things worth it all.

If you think that you might like to book a speaking gig for your company or community group, please just ask for some details via email seb@100things.com.au. I'd love to meet you.

Good Luck Michelle

At a talk that I gave last week in Melbourne, a lady at the end of the night approached me, wanting to make a confession. After shaking hands and introducing herself as Michelle, she went on to explain that she felt that she was too old to achieve anything in her life. Without giving away her age, all I'll say is that this lovely lady was in her early 40's. Now I, like you I'm sure, was shocked that Michelle felt that she was to old to reach her goals, and immediately we began to speak about self-imposed boundaries and the ridiculous concept of limitations. After rattling on for the best part of 20 minutes (I hope I didn't bore you Michelle!?), I then asked what was on her list and the first thing she told me was that she wanted to learn how to play the piano. Within 2 minutes of her sharing this, together we googled Piano lessons in the local area and had made a plan that she would take just one lesson.

To cut a long story short, Michelle, having taken the first step is having her first lesson tonight at 5pm.

Michelle, well done and good luck!

Keep posted for more news this week as things start to get busy again.

If you'd like to keep up to date with the 100things journey, feel free to add us on Facebook or even on Twitter!

100things… What's on your list?

May 26th, 2011…

Campaigners Stepping Up!
As our speaking tour draws to an end, it's time to now turn my attention to planning the next moves. With book editing being a focus for the next few weeks before then planning for a 3 month stint overseas from August onwards, there's lots to look forward to.

Aside to this, over the last few months it's been a pleasure to see our 100things campaigners surging ahead with their own lists. The list of people joining up is increasing all the time and with some big events both for Camp Quality and 100things coming up soon, I look forward to seeing more of you join soon!

Dan Logovic is one such campaigner who has stepped up recently and has actually organized an awesome charity event for this Saturday at the University of Queensland.

With item Number 27 on his list being to raise $1000 for Camp Quality, Dan and UQ have organized some great activities for people to come and enjoy all in name of charity. The theme is 'Weird Science' and so if you want to see a 'Fire Tornado', sleep on a bed of nails or want to try walking on water, make sure you get down there between 12pm and 4pm! 

For $5 a head or $12 per family, it's certainly worth going down to check it out. Of course all charity money raised will go to Camp Quality who 100things and all it's campaigners are raising $100,000 for. If you fancy donating a little, please click on the logo below!

Dan's email address if you should have any questions is danlogovik@hotmail.com

If you're interested in checking out our other campaigners, click HERE and of course if you're interested in becoming one of our campaigners, follow the easy 1-step process HERE!

Well done Dan!

100things… What's on your list?

May 19th, 2011…

3-Weeks of speaking, learning and swinging (so to speak)

Having touched down in Australia at the beginning of the month, I had just 1 day to relax before the again taking off for what is now rolling out as one of the most enjoyable speaking tours ever!

Joined by good friend Dave Cornthwaite (a man I recently spent two weeks with as we cycled a tandem bike across America!) the tour has been rewarding on many levels.

Dave and I have only been in each others company on 4 previous occasions, but it was on the first of these when I broke a Guinness World Record for egg-crushing in London that we knew we should get together to present a combined talk at some stage in the future. Drawing from both of our adventures, the talk is essentially motivational/inspirational in nature, but of late it's taken on more of a comical edge. It turns out we love trying to make people laugh, usually by way of putting each other down!
This has made a series of entertaining shows throughout Oz lately and I want just say thanks to Professional Investment Services for supporting us in doing something that we both love.

Often you might think that at motivational talks the most inspiration is taken from those standing at the front of the room with a microphone in hand but this is far from the truth. One of the best parts of what we do is that we get to meet incredible people every day and are able to hear some amazing stories of determination and resilience. Two nights ago for example I met Andrew. On a holiday in Bali in 2002, Andrew was sitting in a cafe when a bomb went off right next to him. He lost his leg in an event is now infamously known as the 'Bali Bombings'. The prothetic that now replaces it hides discreetly under his trousers but as he rolled up his right trouser leg to show me after attending a recent talk, he shares with me that he has since rebounded into life with passion and determination that surpasses how he felt before he lost his leg. This incident changed his life for the better. On another occasion I met a man who 6 years had been diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. Receiving intensive treatment in a ward full of other cancer patients, he noticed that people within the same ward could be placed into two categories; those who had given up and those who wanted to fight. This man of course placed in the latter category and smiles now when he tells me that since the moment he was told he was going to die, he's never fought harder. Such determination did he have that after every chemotherapy session that he received, he promised himself that he'd go for a run. 

For both of these men, they put down their ability to appreciate life to a mental attitude.

It's a point that I speak about a lot, but we should take notice of these types of people as they really do hold a light that shines brightly enough for us all to notice that life is there to be lived; we just need to realize it.

As for our joint speaking tour; Dave and I have just two more talks left, one on Monday in Melbourne and another in Dubbo (NSW) on Thursday. If you fancy coming to have a look, please let me know seb@100things.com.au

Number 41- Buy a Stranger Lunch- Update

You may remember that late last year I took a trip into the city for the purpose of finding someone to buy lunch for. As it turned out, I met two people to eat with me; Chris and Emily. This lovely couple were in fact homeless back and our lunch date turned into a very enlightening conversation where I learnt about a world that I had no idea about (Read the story here!). 

Having kept in touch with Chris and Emily ever since, I recently rang them to see how they were getting on and was stoked to hear that since our meeting they've been ticking off items from their list too. This has come in the forms of both of them getting jobs up in the Northern Territory which means that they're one step closer to their bigger goal and reuniting with their kids.

Simply brilliant and I'll keep you posted with their progress.

Number 18- Hole in 1

With a few days to relax up here on the Gold Coast, I decided that I'd once again face-up to Number 18 on my list; Hit a Hole in 1.Why not? A tricky order that's already seen me hit 2000 golf balls in vein from two separate Par 3 holes (one in France and one in Forster, NSW), many people believe that this will be the hardest item in my list to achieve. 

Armed with another 1000 balls and a mean-looking 5 iron, an early 6.00am start this morning at the beautiful Palm Meadows Golf Club (Gold Coast) has led to a day that has left me with a familiar blister on my right hand. I won't tell you exactly what happened as the video below will do that for me, but lets just say that after hitting the pin and flicking the flag, things were looking good. 

I'm very proud to say that the 100things journey is one that steers clear of financial sponsors, instead I believe that achieving goals is dependent on a positive mindset as well as application. This belief is the only thing that gets me by and thankfully it allows me to meet some fantastic people whom without, my trip would be a lot harder to achieve (and a lot less fun!). 

With the above in mind, today I would like to thank Tony Pinco-MBE from Professional Investment Services for his selflessness. After hearing that I wanted to find a place to hit some golf balls, Tony took upon himself to contact PGA Australia and organise the entire golfing event today including a media interview with The Bulletin newspaper. If that wasn't enough, Tony then insisted that I use his clubs and even gave me his golf shoes to wear for the attempt (I drew the line at the shoes though haha).

The day, although unsuccessful in the sense that I didn't get a hole in 1, was one that leaves me with a smile on my face and a feeling that confirms how I feel about my list; quite simple there is not anything else in the world I'd rather be doing.

I can't wait to once again get on stage with Dave in Melbourne and in a similar light I can't wait to tee up another 1000 balls!

Tony, you're a great bloke, and to the God of Golf; I'll be back!
100things… What's on your list?

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