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June 9th, 2010...

Our 1st Birthday!

Has it already been a year? Is it time to get emotional?

I cannot believe that it's been an entire 365 days since this crazy journey started!

It's been so quick in fact that I've barely managed to look back at it. For me personally, i've managed to put into action what was originally just a feeling inside. I can safely say that the moment I decided to write down my list, my life changed and it's never been more satisfying.

As for the list, well we've managed to tick off 35 things over 365 days and experience a collection of things that have challenged us, tested us, inspired us and ultimately fulfilled us.

I have lived outside of my comfort zone and as such, have felt more alive for doing so.

On top of this, we have raised $6,177 so far for Camp Quality, the charity helping kids and families affected by Cancer. This of course means that we are edging nearer to our goal which is: Number 4- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality.

It's hard to fathom exactly what has happened in the last year, but what started as a personal adventure has somehow become a journey that has seemed to capture the imagination of people everywhere. This, I never expected.

I have met friends that I will know for life and discovered things that have influenced my view and actions in this world.
Media outlets from London to Sydney and Hong Kong to Switzerland have been following the 100Things journey and the best thing of all is that people seem to be taking a positive message from the adventure.

We receive emails and messages from strangers and friends a like wishing us luck, helping us where possible and even thanking us for encouraging them to begin to follow their own dreams. I am almost as proud as I am humbled by this and in honesty, this is now what drives me.

Without too much more emotion, I do want thank everyone for helping this journey become so enjoyable. From those who donated to charity, those who sent me with kind messages, those who housed me, those who helped me tick things from the list and generally everyone for putting up for me.

This has become something that I would not change for anything in the world and I will not stop until the list is complete. That is for sure.

Completed items so far include:


Today we will be ticking one more item from the list as we attempt Number 91- Plant a Tree.

Pictures to follow tomorrow but for now I just want to share the love! Wow, life is amazing!

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June 3rd, 2010...

Number 58- Naked Skydive- COMPLETE!


There is no way that with less than 4 hours having passed since I jumped out of plane without my clothes on, that I could explain exactly how I feel.

The best way right now is to put up a few pics, and get ready to edit the video which literally will leave nothing to the imagination! Of course the written story will follow as well.

The only thing that I could say with certainty is that I have never felt a rush quite like that!

A huge thank you of course goes to Jerome, my instructor, who was kind enough to agree to having a naked hairy man strapped to his stomach whilst sky-diving. Amazing!

Today also marks the last day of the Live Every Litre Campaign who I have been filming with now for the last 4 weeks. To see the other 4 items that we attempted on the tour, just scroll down and take a look at some great videos.

Tomorrow I will talk more about the experience of the past month but for now I quickly want to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone at the Live Every camp who I now call close friend. Without people as supportive as these guys, my list would be a lot lot harder to fulfill.

It goes without saying that we are stoked that one more item has been ticked off the list, and with Number 91- Plant a Tree getting ticked off next week as we celebrate 1 year since this 100Things journey began, things are ticking along nicely.

Camp Quality...

Remember 100Things aims to raise $10,000 for the Camp Quality charity (in fact it's on our list Number 4- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality), so if you feel like helping us tick off this very special item, please feel free to look at the donation page by clicking on the logo below.

Camp Quality aim to bring happiness to kids and famillies affected by Cancer. They believe that laughter is the best medicine and I couldn't agree more with them! Currently we are sitting just below $6,000 and any donations are much appreciated.


Are you a little tempted at starting your own list? Why not become a Campaigner?

If you're interested in becoming a Campaigner or want to know more, check out How to Become a Campaigner. It's an easy 1-step process to chasing down your dreams and the best thing about becoming a Campaigner is that without knowing it, you will encourage someone else in a positive way!

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For now we are off to celebrate the last day of filming so I must go, but thanks for taking the time to say hello and stay posted for the next update tomorrow.

100Things... What's on your list?

June 2nd, 2010...

Naked Skydive tomorrow!

Just realised that as it's my first time skydiving, I have to have an instructor strapped to me... I hope he's clothed!

Pics, vid and story to follow.

If you're in Australia, try and get in front of the TV this Friday June 4th @ 10.20am. The girls from The Circle will be interviewing me and showing the very first pics of the naked free-fall!

Wish me luck!

June 1st, 2010...

Live Every Litre, almost at an end...

The past month has been simply incredible. After being noticed online, we were very kindly asked to be part of a documentary about personal journeys. The Live Every Litre campaign would follow a select group of travellers as they set about completing meaningful tasks. The end result being a full-length documentary which will be released in June.

Of course we jumped at the opportunity and so for the last 5 weeks weeks we have been whisked around Europe as a film crew documents our every step.

So far 100Things has ticked off 4 items and with this week being the last of filming, we have 1 more thing to do- and that is tick off Number 58- Naked Skydive!

So tomorrow we're off to France for what promises to be a very cold/embarrasing affair which will certainly get me out of my comfort zone- perfect!

I will give a proper thank you to everyone after we are finished but just quickly I'd like to say what an amazing experience this has all been. The entire crew are not only great people but people that will do anything to help and for this I owe them a big thank you (I offer an early apology for the editor, Paul, who will have to touch-up the naked free fall!).

A year on... almost

It was June 9th, 2009 that this journey began as I left Sydney with a bag of clothes, a lap top and a head full of dreams. It goes without saying that the past 12 months has been life-changing.

Next Wednesday June 9th, we will commemorate 1 year of fulfillment & so in the only way worthy, we will acknowledge this by ticking off an item from the list- Number 91- Plant a Tree.

We have a great location and it looks like a few people are keen to join us already, so if there is anyone near to Geneve, Switzerland, who would also like to jump on board, please let us know. Otherwise keep posted for what promises to be a great day.


One of the people who has supported the 100Things journey from the moment she heard about us is Bootsy.

Bootsy on the left

Now we have never met Bootsy in person, but regardless she has gone out of her way to help us where she can. We are again most thankful.

A while ago Bootsy told us that she wanted to tick an item off her own list, but would not tell us what exactly what it was. Instead she simply got cracking on a plan and then contacted us recently with the results... we were blown away.

A HUGE Michael Jackson fan, Bootsy, like millions around the world, was greatly affected by the King of Pops untimely death. Many mourned, but some people went a step further. Bootsy was one of these people.

In what was, and still is, a very tricky legal dispute regarding MJ's legacy, Bootsy has started a website committed to having his Neverland Ranch re-opened for children around the globe.

In Bootsy's words;

"We want a new generation to experience the magic and happiness that Neverland once brought to so many. Signing this petition is a great way for Michael Jackson fans to support an idea that could change many children’s lives, as well as uphold Michael’s legacy"

The website has now not only attracted amazing media globally, but has attracted an unprecedented amount of signatures on the online petition. Check out the site for yourself http:neverland4tc.com.

Our hats go off Bootsy for chasing a goal and accomplishing it in style. Bootsy will soon be off to LA to follow up her mission. We'll keep you updated.

Well done Bootsy!

100Things... What's on your list?

May 31st, 2010...

Number 98- Crash the Red Carpet

One of the most recent completions from the list was crashing the Red Carpet on opening day at the famous Cannes Film Festival.

You may have seen the short-version video already, but just this weekend I have managed to complete a little write-up of the event exposing the behind-the-scenes happenings of this bizarre and extraordinary event.

To read more, take a cheeky look at THE STORY.

If you haven't seen the video, take a look below...

100Things... What's on your list?

May 8th, 2010...

This week we have 1 new video prepared for you each day!

Number 85- Go on an Adventure (Part 4- The Finale)

So if you've been following the last 3 days of videos, you'd know that today we give you the final part of the min-documentary following our epic little adventure in Lake Geneva. If you've just joined us today, take a look over the last 3 days of updates to catch up on some great footage edited by the team at Dream Chase.

Be sure to watch the ending for what has been called a 'gag-reel'. Unfortunately however, it seems that I was the only one to featured here though!

Anyway, enjoy...

A massive thanks to Dave Cornthwaite who really is an amazing bloke for putting up with me along the way. Completing Number 85- Go on an Adventure, was simply incredible and something i'll never forget. I also have a feeling it won't be the last time me and the red-headed adventurer will cross paths.

Make sure you check out Dave's site www.thegreatbigpaddle.com where he is now about to embark on a great stand-up paddle journey with Sarah Outen (a heroic girl who rowed solo across the Indian Ocean from Australia to Mauritius!) from Bath to London (150 miles). If you're in England at the beginning of June, they are looking for people to join them along the way... hint, hint.

Now on another note, it's never good to admit you're jealous about someone doing something that you've always wanted to do, but in this case it's very hard!

Gean Hodsdon, from England, has just gone white water rafting! What's makes this special is that she's an 89 yr old granny!

Click on article for full story

In all seriousness though, what a legend! It appears she has always had a list of things to do in life and is now attempting to do them all. It goes to show it's never too late.

We wish her the best of luck for the future.

I just hope that i'm like that when i'm an old granny (well, you know what I mean!).

100Things... What's on your list?

May 27th, 2010...

This week we have 1 new video prepared for you each day!

Number 85- Go on an Adventure (Part 3)

Today we release the 3rd part of our 4-part documentary that covers our successful attempt of; Number 85- Go on an Adventure.

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to sleep under a jetty, you might just like this video...

Tomorrow we will give you the last part of this mini-doco as we cross the line in Geneva.

100Things... What's on your list?

May 26th, 2010...

This week we have 1 new video prepared for you each day!

Number 85- Go on an Adventure (Part 2)

Yesterday you may have started to watch our 4-Part documentary of Number 85- Go on an Adventure. If not, take a moment to look at yesterdays update for Part 1 of this amazing journey as Dave Cornthwaite and myself paddled across Lake Geneva on Stand-up Paddle Boards.

So in keeping with what would logically make sense, today we have for you what we call 'Part 2' of documentary, which includes a run-in with local police, a wet-fall and some nude paddling!

What a day...

I promise that is the end of nudity (apologies for those who just ate), and you guessed it- tomorrow we will release the 3rd part of this trip.

Also, we're proud to announce our newest campaigner on the 100Things team- Laura Bolger!

Our newest Campaigner, Laura, sipping back on some tea (not sure where the cup is?)

Laura has shared a great list of 28 things so far including Number 7- Fly a Plane and Number 25- Drive a Tractor, an interesting contrast.

To check out all our campaigners, take a minute to look at our CAMPAIGNERS PAGE and if you feel that you'd like to share some of your goals, need motivation to get cracking or even want to help someone achieve their goals, maybe you should BECOME A CAMPAIGNER?

We look forward to hearing from you!

100Things... What's on your list?

May 25th, 2010...

This week we have 1 new video prepared for you each day!

Number 85- Go on an Adventure (Part 1)

As you may know, we recently managed to tick off item 85- Go on an Adventure, by paddling the length of Lake Geneva (85km) on Stand-up Paddle Boards. What's more of course is that we have now edited a 4-part mini-documentary about this epic crossing.

Accompanied by professional adventurer Dave Cornthwaite, it took us two and half days to complete the journey and a further day to recover!

Simply, it was amazing.

Today we present you with Part 1 of this journey, and hopefully by the end you'll be looking forward to tomorrow's update with Part 2.

Part 2 released tomorrow :)

If you want to hear more about Dave and his amazing adventures, check out his site http://davecornthwaite.co.uk

100Things... What's on your list?

May 24th, 2010...

Number 98- Crash the Red Carpet- VIDEO UPLOADED

This week we have 1 new video prepared for you each day!

First up we start with the latest tick from the list as I somehow managed to cross off Number 98- Crash the Red Carpet on the opening day of the Cannes Film Festival.

As you'll see with this short-version video, it was a very random day and to be honest I still have no idea how I managed to evade the long arm of the security team!

The long version will be released as part of the Live Every Litre full-length documentary in June some time. The written story will be posted soon.

Tomorrow we'll be releasing Part 1 of Number 85- Go on an Adventure, which saw my self and adventurer, Dave Cornthwaite, paddle the 85km length of Lake Geneva on Stand-Up Paddle Boards (a world first we think!).

See you soon.

100Things... What's on your list?

May 20th, 2010...

The Drawing Board

So it goes without saying that it's been a crazy month here in Europe for 100Things and with a few weeks of rest before we take to the French skies to to tick off Number 58- Naked Sky Dive, we thought we'd do some planning for the next few months.

We don't actually have a drawing board, so we had to draw one

We really have been lucky to meet some amazing people on the journey and the continued support from you guys not only drives us even harder but also helps us- quite literally.

Take Antonia for example; a British lady that we have never met. T-Bomb (as she likes to be called) has taken it upon her self to try and help us tick off a few items from the 100Things list including Number 48- Train with a Matador. At this stage we are shooting for an August show-down somewhere in a Madrid bull-fighting areana. Exciting! (I might just add that there will not be any weapons used- that's horrible- I will be armed with a red flag only).

A big thank you to T-Bomb of course. Absolute legend.

So with this in mind we thought we'd draw up a list of a few items that YOU might just be able to help us with. You never know when we might just pop up on your door step!

Warning 1: Any help is seriously considered. Just ask Jack, a stranger I met in New York who suggested that I could work in a bar in Geneva (that he part owned) to help me learn French... I got the next plane to Switzerland.

Warning 2: Sense of humour needed for most of the below items.

So in no particular order:

- Number 7- Bollywood Movie (do you have a contact?)
- Number 23- Deliver a Baby (Are you pregnant, know anyone who is, do you have a sense of humour?)
- Number 31- Band Audition (Are you looking for a band member for a 1-off gig?)
- Number 37- Race a Horse (Do you have a) a horse, b) a race to enter and c) a spare jockey outfit?)
- Number 40- Sail across an Ocean (Need a crewman with a few stories?)
- Number 41- Be a Bestman at a strangers wedding (Getting married, need a bestman?)
- Number 46- Learn French (We're planning a move to anywhere in France in August to start any type of work?)
- Number 54- Drive a Supercar on the Autobahn (Have you got a fast car?)
- Number 95- Have something named after me (Anything will do, a park bench, a dog, or even a boat!)

If you think you might have an idea, please feel free to email on info@100things.com.au. We thank you in advance!

Now it's not all one-way traffic here! We would love to help you guys out with YOUR list too. In fact that is why we have created the Campaigner Page where anyone can create a profile and share their own lists within a community of people willing to help eachother.

It could just be the kick up the bum that you need?

If you're interested in at least having a look, CLICK HERE for the easy 1-step guide to becoming a Campaigner.

While you're there, take a look at Sharon Hiew's page. She joined up this morning and is our newest campaigner!

Sharon has a great list of things including Number 40- Kiss a Stranger.

100Things... What's on your list?

May 19th, 2010...

What's on your list?

When the 100Things journey began almost a year ago, all I had was a long list and a big smile. Little did I know how this journey would develop into something that other people took so much from.

It all started after only a week of travel when I received an email from a boy in Brazil asking for advice on what he should do after he finishes school. It was then I realised that hidden beneath my own journey was a positive message that people seemed to gain from my antics. This is something that is both humbling and also very encouraging at the same time.

Almost a year on now, and I'm proud to say that 100Things is now widely viewed around the world and as such, sitting alongside my priority of completing my own list is now trying to encourage other people to chase their goals and adapt a positive attitude on life.

Consequently we now have a Campaigners Page where we encourage people to share their own lists in a like-minded community. So far we have heaps of people joining up and it's great to hear back from people telling us of their latest accomplishments.

Ailie Jenkins is just one of these people and we're sending her a cheeky high-5 for recently completing Number 2 from her list- Rescue an Animal from a Shelter.

Ailie's new best friend, Carlos

100Things... What's on your list?

May 18th, 2o10...

Number 46- Learn French... a challenge

It's been 4 months since I moved to Geneva here in Switzerland in order to learn French and a lot happened in that time.

The city itself is beautiful and after a snowy winter period, the Summer sun now teases us with warm spells hinting that Summer is around the corner.

In short, life is great here and i've settled in very nicely.

Our rugby team is now preparing for a semi-final showdown in 4 weeks time and work at a great little pub near the colourful red-light district has allowed me to make some great mates whilst practicing this tricky language.

It's the little exchanges that excite me when practicing French and whether its chatting about life to taxi driver, questioning a referee as to why he blew his whistle or even joking about with a few mates about my shrunken t-shirts, it's these moments that drive me even further to learn more.

Todays challenge came in the form of a newspaper article. Proudly, 100Things has made some waves in Europe recently and so when a Swiss Newspaper called 24 Heures asked to write a story about the journey, I jumped at the opportunity.

Now although the interview was conducted in English (thankfully), you can imagine how funny I found it when I received the newspaper to read the headline;

"J'ai tout placque' pour realiser mes 100 reves"

The article was in French- even my quotes.

Click on image for full article

This article now offers me my latest piece of French homework, I can only hope they were nice!

Question Number 1- What does 'plaque' mean?

100Things... Wjat's on your list?

May 17th (Part 2), 2010...

Newest Campaigner- introducing Eleanor Borealis!

Recently 100Things has created a page for you guys to share with us what's on your list. We call it the Campaigners Page.
The idea is that together we can create a community of people sharing goals and helping eachother out.

The latest person to join the team is Eleanor, or Funny Face, as she likes to be called. Amongst her list sits some great things including Number 75- Giving an expert opinion on TV and Number 20- Doing a Beer-Bong without it coming out of her nose! haha

Anyway, to check out her page, please click on Funny Face's cool picture above.

To check out all our campaigners, take a minute to look at our CAMPAIGNERS PAGE and if you feel that you'd like to share some of your goals, need motivation to get cracking or even want to help someone achieve their goals, maybe you should BECOME A CAMPAIGNER?

We look forward to hearing from you!

100Things... What's on your list?

May 17th, 2010...

Some down time...

It's been a whirlwind few weeks with the Live Every Litre campaign and we couldn't be happier to have been able to tick off 3 things from the list so far!

Number 63- Get a Tattoo
Number 30- Join a Protest
Number 98- Walk the Red Carpet

We did also try to tick off Number 18- Get a Hole in 1, but as the following will show, we just missed out on that one!

With one more item remaining within the filming schedule of this documentary, I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone from Live Every Litre for supporting 100Things so far and I'd also like to say how proud to be part of what will no doubt be a fantastic documentary.

To learn more about what exactly this unique Live Every Litre project is all about, check out their site at www.liveeverylitre.com .

So the week ahead is all about planning for the next few items which I might add will include Number 58- Naked Skydive (feel free to insert joke about the temperature here!)

So for now, it's back to the drawing board and maybe a gym to do some push-ups before i bare all 30,000 feet up in the air.

100Things... What's on your list?

May 14th, 2010...

What a week!

So as you may know from watching our live skype interview on Channel 10's The Circle this morning (Australia), we are still on a high today from ticking off Number 98- Walk the Red Carpet (full story and pics in yesterdays update below).

Having no ticket and given no chance of reaching the carpet makes this item even more satisfying.

We also attempted to tick off item Number 18- Hole in 1 earlier this week, but with less success.

Even after hitting 1,300 golf balls at a pin 100 metres away, we weren't able to tick this item off so watch this space for the next attempt.

The Next Step

Now as part of the Live Every Litre campaign, a documentary in the making which I am lucky enough to be involved with for the next few weeks, we have a few items coming up.

At this stage I can only give away one, but this is bound to bring a tear to the eye (well mine anyway)- Number 58- Naked Skydive.

The problem of course is not so much finding a location to do a jump, but more so finding an instructor willing to have a naked man strapped to his chest for the duration of a free fall.

And before you ask, yes this will all be filmed!

Number 4- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality

By raising $100 per item on the list, we will raise in total $10,000 for Camp Quality. So far we are sitting a touch under the $6,000 mark and are smiling ear to ear!

Every dollars raised goes towards helping kids and families affected by Cancer.

Thanks to everyone so far who has donated, and of course if you're feeling generous and would like to help a great charity, please feel free to donate by clicking on the logo below.

We hugely appreciate it and are proud to be associated with Camp Quality

Would you like to become a Campaigner?

We have now dedicated a page to you guys, and would love you to join us and share your lists.

Check out the Campaigner's Page to see how this network of like minded people is growing and growing. By joining up and sharing your dreams, we think you'll not only be able to start ticking items from your own list, but even better, you'll be helping other people do theirs.

If you are interested in becoming a campaigner, CLICK HERE and share your goals with us! We'd love to help.

As always, if you have any suggestions, tips, advice or contacts that in any way have anything to do with our list, your list or anything else, please let us know by contacting us on:


Come join us!

100Things... What's on your list?

May 12th, 2010...

Number 98- Get on the Red Carpet- COMPLETE!

Smug, yet extremely nervous!

Even after a few hours of contemplation (I literarily only just got home), I still am not sure how to explain this one!

Simply amazing.

Was I allowed on the Red Carpet? No. Did I get on the Red carpet? Yes. Did I have a ticket? No. Did I resort to begging? Yes. Did this work? No.

I will of course be writing a full story on this over the next few days as well as sharing what I think will be one of the funniest videos ever, but at this stage, I think point form is the best way to describe the day:

* Infiltrated Media Accreditation Center- told in many ways I had no chance to reach carpet.
* Found huge peace of Cardboard as well as a pen- decided to create a Sandwich-Board to wear.

'Desperate' would have been a more accurate sign

* Asked Police Officer what would happen if I jumped the fence & ran onto carpet- Negative response
* Got a lesson in Red Carpet fashion by critical female fashionista. As result, rented Tuxedo
* Witnessed Russel Crowe, Kate Beckingsale, Cate Blanchett, Cuba Gooding Junior and the heroic Jean-Claude Van Damme (check spelling) strolling down the carpet
* Had a conversation with Benicio Del Toro about eating beetroots

Thousands of people flock to see the stars

* Also witnessed about 100 security and police officers guarding the carpet

Crowd, road, security, paparazzi (in that order)

* Somehow leaped fence at the perfect moment to avoid any attention and stroll onto carpet just behind actors

Managed to find an Australian news crew on the carpet

* Realised that once on the carpet I had no idea what to do so I decided to do what any other celebrity would do and signed a few autographs

The video to follow will only do this justice so keep posted.

All I can say right now that from seemingly having very little chance, a day of complete randomness has resulted in another completed from the list!

I couldn't be happier, and still am not sure how I wasn't tazered to the ground!

100Things... What's on your list?

May 10th, 2010...

So close, yet so far...

As the sun sank over the distant French Alps, the golf green which I had been hitting golf balls onto for the previous 5 hours slowly became less visible.

I had of course been trying to tick off item Number 18- Get a Hole in 1, from my list.

After 1 hour of shooting

Surrounded by not only golf balls, but also hundreds of divot marks from where the balls had impacted on the soft wet grass around it, sadly the lonesome hole in the middle of the green remained empty.

100 metres out called for an 8 iron

At this stage I had hit about 1,300 gold balls and my hands were covered in Blisters. The supportive team from Live Every Litre were supporting every stroke and with 2 close calls in the dying minutes (1 ball rolled over the hole while another landed 1 inch away) we had to a call it a day.

1 supporter, 1 Honda, 1 camera, 1 ridiculous golf outfit and 1,300 balls

It was without doubt one of the funnest (is that a word?) things so far from the list but of course something that I will have to conquer another day before officially ticking it off.

Number 18- Get a Hole in 1- STILL INCOMPLETE

NEXT.......Number 98- Red Carpet (Day 1- Today)

So with no delay (but chronic muscle soreness!), we today drove to the Cannes Film Festival. The reason of course is to attempt another item from the list; Number 98- Get on the Red Carpet.

Now we only arrived this evening, but let me say that the buzz here is amazing and amongst Ferrari's, hotel-sized boats, paparazzi and huge security, we can't wait for the opening day tomorrow!

With absolutely no idea/plan how I am going to get onto the red carpet, my first move was to make my way to the media accreditation centre to try and blag an entry.

Result: Emphatically unsuccessful!

This is going to be hard, but I wouldn't change a thing.

It's now midnight in the South of France and as we speak, barriers are being put up all around the main red carpet area in order to keep riff-raff like myself well out of sight. I have one contact out here who has offered me tickets to some kind of after party tomorrow night, but as for red-carpet leads, well we're working on it.

At the moment, early plans for tomorrow include Tuxedo hire, fake journalist accreditation and even a jump over a fence.

Keep posted as this will no doubt end interestingly.

Tomorrow we throw the dice one more time at the Robin Hood premiere with Russell Crowe

Pictures and video to follow.

100Things... What's on your list?

May 7th, 2010...

12,000 to 1.... better than 1 million to 1

No, these are not the odds of me winning the marathon that I will soon be taking part in (these would be a lot worse!), these are in fact the first odds given to me by the crew at Live Every Litre in relation Item Number 18- Get a Hole-in-1!

Apparently no-one thinks I have a chance!

Even the local Swiss press think this is a ridiculous attempt as I stumbled upon this article this morning entitled Carpe Diem Aussie Expat goes for hole-in-1.

Even so, it's only three days until we attempt to tick this item off and I am quietly confident (perhaps a little naive?).

To be staged at the Golf de la Manchette Golf Course on the border of Switzerland and Geneva, we have booked the first hole, a tidy little Par 3 of 100 metres, for 4 hours exclusively.

Are they bunkers I can see?

Armed with one golf club and 1,000 (!) balls, I will be swinging away from the first tee until I either get a hole-in-1 or run out of balls.

I admit this task is a hard one, but I am being spurred on by Mary Tattersall, a 90-yr old granny who only last week managed to hit a hole-in-1 in England! What a legend! She made headlines across the country!

So the pressure is on. I actually asked the golf pro at Golf de la Manchette just before hanging up if anybody has ever hot a hole-in-1 on the first, the answer was a emphatic 'NO'.

Stay posted for results and if you are in and around Geneva on the 10th May, please feel free to come and join us. We will be at Golf de la Manchette Golf Course (click map for address) from 4pm.

In other news, a photo that Dave Cornthwaite took whilst on completing Number 85- Go on an Adventure has been doing really well in an online photo competition.

If you fancy voting for it, feel free to support this budding young photographer/adventurer/ world record holder by visiting THIS LINK.

Anyway for now, I'm off to find some traditional golfing attire (think long socks, baggy hat and no fashion sense) so have a fantastic weekend all, and wish us luck for Monday!

100Things... What's on your list?

May 6th, 2010...

Camp Quality

I received a few emails yesterday asking about the charity that we raise money for, so I thought we'd share some more information.

As you may know, Number 4 on the list is to Raise $10, 000 for Camp Quality. Camp Quality are based in Australia, UK and also the USA, and together they aim to bring happiness to kids and famillies affected by Cancer

Their website (CLICK HERE) is full of great initiatives and stories and we're really proud to be able to contribute in a some way.

The Plan:

The idea is that we raise just $100 per item on the list which would total $10,000.

$10,000 would allow 12 famillies to attend Camp Quality where kids are able to live in a very supportive and fin environment.

Camp Quality focus on 4 main areas, these are:

- Education
- Family Support
- Hospital
- Recreation

So far, having completed just 31 of the items, we're already at the $6,000 mark so many thanks to all that have donated! We're ahead of schedule and now thinking of raising the bar.


Of course all donations are tax deductible and so if you would like to support a great charity and help us tick off item Number 4 from the list, please donate by clicking on the logo below.

Your donation, no matter how big or small, will put a smile on someones face!

So that's the brief scoop on Camp Quality and of course Number 4 on the 100Things list. To learn more about Camp Quality, check out their webiste!

100Things... What's on your list?

May 5th, 2010...

Tattoo still there...

I think i've explained why it was I wanted to get a tattoo, but just in case you weren't sure (and you're interested of course!), the team at Live Every Litre have made a video which was taken as we drove the new Honda CRZ to the Hanky Panky Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam.

The full version including the 'needle on skin' footage will be posted soon!

If that video wasn't enough, Dave Cornthwaite, who paddled with me across Lake Geneva (85km) last week has edited an awesome teaser video of our adventures. We are currently making a longer version but this brilliant vid certainly sets the tone.

Now if you haven't seen any of the photos from the trip, take a look at the Facebook Album which you can join at any time of course.

One photo in particular has actually been entered into a photo competition.

Life was tough on the lake!

Admittedly not showcasing the any of the effort which ultimately was crucial to make the 2-day trip across Europe's biggest freshwater lake, this photo does show the beauty of this amazing body of water.
The photo was taken at about 7.00am by Dave Cornthwaite (talented little man) after an hours paddle from Yvoire (a beautiful town on the French side of the lake). We actually slept under a jetty for the night.

I think we might be in with a chance of winning.

If you like the photo and feel like voting for it in the competition, click HERE.

If it wins, I might try and relax like this more often!

100Things... What's on your list?

May 4th, 2010...

Video Extravaganza!

One day after ticking off item 63 (Get a Tattoo) from my list (and yes, it's still there today), it's time to prepare for next weeks challenges.

Honda's Live Every Litre Campaign is gaining great press in Europe and i'm so pleased to have been chosen to be in this project. The 5-week journey will culminate into an amazing documentary at the beginning of June.

To check out the first of many vid's featuring 100Things, make sure you check out take a look HERE.

So what are we planning to tick off next week?

First up will be an attempt at something that many people believe to be the hardest item on the list- Number 18- Get a Hole in 1.

The odds suggest that I have a 1 in 12,000 chance of getting this, but I have convinced myself otherwise.

If I needed any pressure, look at the article I read yesterday about a 90 year-old Granny hitting a hole in 1 yesterday in England!

We have booked out a Par 3 golf hole in Geneva for 4 hours and have a bag full of 1,000 balls ready to be spanked onto the green and hopefully into the hole. We are actually making a party of it, so if you are able to come, make sure you keep posted with details of the location to follow in the next few days.

Later in the same week we will be flying high with the A-listers at the Cannes Film Festival (France) as we attempt to tick off Item 98- Attend a Red Carpet Event.

We don't have an invite yet, but surely a positive attitude and big smile will get us on the carpet in style.... if shorts and a singlet are considered style of course!

100Things Song?

Lastly today, I'd like to share an interesting video that my good friend Emi Green sent in today. Emi is a very talented singer/songwriter from Australia. Not only does she have a big future ahead of her, but she has a sense of humor to boot!

A while ago she offered to write a song about the 100Things journey. However, in between recording her new album and moving house, she has understandably been a little too busy to put something together just yet. Anyway as a kind gesture, Emi decided to record an impromptu song about 100Things which I think you'll agree is brilliant.. if not slightly offensive!

SO here in all its glory is her song.

If you want to hear some more stuff from Emi (seriously amazing stuff), check out her webpage at http://www.emigreenmusic.com/

May 3rd, 2010...

It's official... Number 63- Get a Tattoo- COMPLETE!

Day 3 of Honda's Live Every Litre documentary certainly provided us with some more success after a cheeky visit to Amsterdam's Hanky Panky Tatto Shop.

Even as I type this, I still can't believe I now have a tattoo and have ticked off 31 items from the list by doing so.

Something which normally would take weeks, months or even years to decide upon was ultimately decided on the spot.

So what is it that now will permanently marks my body for the remainder of my years? Well it's a little phrase from a French childrens book, no less!

The popular picture book, Le Petit Prince, is one I recently stumbled upon whilst learning French in Geneva, and was pointed out to me by a good friend/French-teacher I call Fuzzy.

I asked Fuzzy if he knew of any nice French quotes that I could study and without a moments pause, he rattled off a sentance that immediately struck a chord with me. After some brief research on the internet, I discovered that is came from a great little book.

After a journey of self discovery, the Little Prince, who had left planet B612 in order to expolre the universe, finds himself in a desert on planet Earth where he strikes up conversation with a wise old fox. They chat about all things deep and wonderful before the fox finally shares his secret about life;

"My secret is this" says the fox;

"On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux."

This quote now happily sits on my shoulder.

The rough English translation is simple and very fitting for not just the 100Things journey, but also my view on life now;

"One can only see truly with heart. That which is essential is invisible to the eyes"

For a day that involved a spelling mistake and a surprising amount of pain, things turned out great.

We've been told that it will take a few weeks for the redness and swelling to subside, but on first impression, the tattoo is certainly something that puts a smile on my face.

Of course we will be posting video footage of this painful event tomorrow for you as part of the documentary.

Number 30- Join a Protest

As promised, here is the video of what I think is one the most entertaining items I have ticked off from the list so far! Amazing times at the London May Day Protests two days ago!

For the full story, click HERE

Number 4- Raise $10,000 for the Camp Quality charity

As you may know, as we travel around ticking things off from our list, we try and raise money for Camp Quality who help kids and famillies affected by Cancer. Our goal is $10,000 which is only $100 per item!

We just want to say a big thank you to the various people who have donated over the last week! Thanks to you, we are almost at $6,000.

Already we are well over half way and if you'd like to start your day off by helping a very worthy cause, please click on their logo below to be directed to the official donation page.

So far we're proud to say that we've raised almost $6,000!


We've been lucky enough to receive heaps of emails lately from people literally all over the world. Many of you are sending supportive messages and many more are actually starting their own list. Remember if you want to start a list of your own and would like to share this amongst a community of like-minded people, why not consider becoming a campaigner?

Not only will you start to fulfill your own goals, but best of all you will be influencing other people in a positive way without even knowing it!

Keep up to date-

If you haven't already, make sure you join us on Twitter and Facebook so you can keep up to date with all the adventures. Just click on the logo's below!

A big thank you to Channel 10's The Circle who took the time to interview from all the way in Australia this morning (2.20am our time in Amsterdam!). We really appreciate your support and are looking forward to moving to time zone slightly closer in the near future.

100Things... What's on your list?

May 2nd, 2010...

London to Amsterdam

It's day 2 of the Live Every Litre documentary and having already ticked off one item from the 100Things list, today we find oursleves in Amsterdam.

Yesterday in London, whilst dressed as a horse, we managed to complete Number 30- Join a Protest in style and less than a day on we are now preparing to tick off Number 63- Get a Tattoo.

A highlight of yesterdays chaotic protest (Number 30)

Originally stemming from a fear of commitment and a lack of decisiveness, the act of getting a tattoo is something that will certainly be a big challenge.

With the idea of committing to something for life, it would make sense to have a precise idea of what I want to have scribed onto my body, but as it happens, I don't!

What's worse is that I have less than 24 hours to decide.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know as the last idea thrown at me was something to do with a flaming skull, a snake and a dagger. Please help!

Of course the whole process will be filmed as part of Honda's Live every Litre campaign which will be screened and updated on their website.

Wish me luck for today as I go under the ink-gun!

100Things... What's on your list?

May 1st, 2010...

Number 30- Join a Protest- COMPLETE

Without doubt one of the most hilarious activities I've ever been involved with!

Why did I want to join a protest? I hear you ask. Well as kid I had a friend who was never available on the weekends. The reason for this was because his parents were protestors and would drag him around the country for various events. One day I asked my mate what it was that his parents were actually protesting about and he said that they just liked protesting in general and so would essentially protest about anything. This amazed me; the concept of protesting about something that you didn't particularly know much about.

With this in mind, I joined a protest this morning having absolutely no idea what it was actually about. What a learning curve!

Action packed march from our muster point to Parliament Square

On the 1st May, every year throughout Europe, protestors take to the streets to relay messages of unrest and change. These are more commonly known as the May Day Protests. Today I found myself in London where in Parliament Square there was a smorgasbord of different protests being held.

To read the rest of the story, click HERE.....

Remember to join us on

100Things... What's on your list?

April 30th, 2010...

Filming starts tomorrow for the Honda 'Live Every Litre' documentary

With blisters still covering my hands from our Lake Geneva paddle, this evening I fly out to London to begin filming for the 'Live Every Litre' documentary.

To coincide with the release of Honda's new CRZ hybrid coupe, the documentary follows a group of people as they travel around Europe completing their own personal journeys. I am lucky enough to be one of these people.

For me, this means that I'll be ticking off 5 items from my list- we couldn't be happier!

Filming will take place over 5 weeks and will see me complete the following:

Number 18- Hit a Hole-in-On

Number 30- Join a Protest

Number 58- Naked Sky Dive in France

Number 63- Get a Tattoo

Number 98- Attend a Red-Carpet Event

First stop, London, where tomorrow I will be participating in the May-Day Protests in front of the Houses of Parliament, no less.

Do I know what the protest are about? Not yet. Will I be passionate? Of course.

From a brief look at the official protest website, this little excerpt sums up what is expected:

"All four Parades will converge on Parliament Square at 2:30pm, and the carcasses of the four party leaders will be hung, drawn and quartered, or guillotined in accordance with the wishes of the assembled multitudes in a Mayday Carnival..."

I can only presume that we not be harming actual party leaders, just mannequins?

I couldn't think of a more entertaining way to be introduced to British politics.

After this, we will be heading to Amsterdam where I will be getting a tattoo. With no idea still as to what I will get, things could be interesting. If you have any good ideas, please let me know!

All the action will be caught on camera of course and if you want the latest updates, make sure you join 100Things on Twitter.

For now, I'm off to sharpen my axe, so watch this space.

100Things... What's on your list?

April 29th, 2010...

We did it! Number 85- Go on an Adventure- COMPLETE!

Sure our muscles are sore, our skin is burnt and we're in great need of a shower BUT myself and Dave Cornthwaite are ecstatic to announce that we successfully managed to paddle the length of Lake Geneva on Stand-Up Paddle Boards.

We literally just got in a few hours ago and have not stopped smiling since. A more detailed narrative will be posted soon but just to give you a brief idea; our 47 hour trip started at the beautiful town of Villeneauve on the Eastern side of the lake.

A quick visit to "Chateau de Chillon" started the trip off with style before harsh winds blew against us as we headed for St Gingolph on the Frecnh side of the Lake. Facing wind swells and choppy water, it took us 5 hours to travel just 9.6km.

Start-line: Chateau de Chillon, the amazing lake-side castle

Disheartened, we pulled into a lake-side school ground to camp quietly for the night. Red skies at sunset promised better conditions for the morning and sure enough the wind had dropped right off as we woke at 6am. The glassy lake condition were just what we needed to make up for lost time and after a quick escape from the school grounds we pushed on an amazing 48.35km over a 10 hour stretch of enjoyable paddling.

There was nowhere else we'd rather have been.

Passing the town of Evian (famous for its bottled water), a 10 mile channel crossing and also a nudist beach, we eventually rested our weary bodies at the quaint town of Yvoire.

Nude paddler?

Unfortunately we were too late to book into the camping ground so instead we decided to sleep under the lovely jetty that stretches out from the marina.

Literally sleeping under the jetty

Having had such a great second day of paddling, we knew a solid morning paddle would see us close in on Geneva rapidly. A 4am wake-up call from a Ferry that had docked up next to us over night meant that by midday we had the famous land-mark of Geneva, the Jet D'eau, in sight.

One massive fountain, two wet men

Weathered, smelly, yet elated, we drove our boards onto the shore of Geneva's Bain des Pacquis and touched the shore line having had an amazing adventure.

Number 85- Go on an Adventure- COMPLETE

Thanks to Nidecker for supplying our boards and also Dave Cornthwaite (my paddling partner) for allowing me to be part of his amazing "Great Big Paddle" challenge.

100Things... What's on your list?

Gone Stand-up Paddling....

Today, my self and Dave Cornthwaite start our 3-day Stand-Up Paddle attempt across the width of Lake Geneva, Switzerland (a world first no less!).

We'll be heading from Villeneuve on the Eastern side all the way the Jet D'eau in Geneva City to the West!

You've read about it below in the last post but in brief we will tackle the 75km over 3 days armed with two brand new Nidecker Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Dave and I will be raising money for Camp Quality and The AV Foundation along the way so if you feel like supporting two great charity's, please check out the following donation page HERE! (all money will be shared by both charities).

Be sure to take a look at Dave's Great Big Paddle page where you can see more journeys from this amazing red-headed adventurer.

A very cheesy promotional shot for the Geneve Tribune Newspaper! (Dave has given me plenty of stick for this!)

So we'll be away for the next three days and will update you with not only some interesting stories on our return, but also a little documentary that we are planning on putting together. Without giving too much away, expect amazing mountainous scenery, chilly lake swimming and also fancy dress!

What's Next?

As you may know, 100Things has been selected by Honda to feature in a documentary about personal journey's (before you ask, yes, we are very excited!!!) The documentary will coincide with the release of the new Honda CRZ and is currently being promoted at the "Live Every Litre" page.

So this Friday we are being flown out to London to start the documentary with a bang.

Along the way we will be followed around by a film crew as we tick off 5 items from the list.

Again, we don't want to give too much away but stop # 1 involves a controversial event that takes place in front of the famous Westminster building on May 1st every year. Any ideas?? (Clue- Number 30 from the list)

Remember that Number 4 on the list is to raise $10,000 for Camp Quality, the charity helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer, so if you feel like supporting a great cause, please click on the logo below... Many thanks.

Anyway, for now, wish Dave and myself luck..

Gone Paddling...

100Things... What's on your list?

April 25th, 2010...

4 Days until the big paddle!

Next Tuesday, myself and good friend Dave Cornthwaite will be attempting what we believe to be world first when we cross the length of Lake Geneva on our Nidecker Stand-Up Paddle Boards (SUP's)!

Dave is an adventurer of the highest calibre (he once skate boarded across Australia!) and is using this paddle as a warm up to a world-record SUP journey next year.

I myself will be attempting to make it across without falling in! Oh, and it's a tick off my 100Things to-do list!

The journey itself will take the best part of 3 days (we hope!). We'll be leaving Villeneuve at the far end of the lake on Tuesday 27th April (afternoon) and we plan to arrive at the Jet D'eau on either Thursday 29th (afternoon) or Friday 30th April (morning).

Come and meet us on the water!

So far we have had some great offers from people who want to paddle with us at certain parts of the journey next week and so if you can get hold of a kayak, a speed boat or even a Stand-Up Paddle board, let us know by sending an email to info@100things.com.au or texting us for our location on +41 77 477 0262!

We'd love to see you out on the water!

Rumour has it that our sponsors at Nidecker will be organising a BBQ at Rolle before then paddling home with us!

Paddle for Charity

Both Dave an myself raise money for charity as we complete our adventures around the globe and so any donations received during the next week will be split between Camp Quality and The AV Foundation.

If you feel generous and would like to urge us on by donating to our chosen charities, please donate by clicking HERE! We greatly appreciate it.

Anyway for now, wish us luck as we complete our training in Geneva. you might even see us paddling around in the waters near Bains de Paquis on Sunday if you're around!

100Things... What's on your list?

April 24th, 2010...

Number 24 Publish an Article... COMPLETE!

This week keeps getting better!

Yesterday, in preparation for next weeks 75km paddle across Lake Geneva with Dave Cornthwaite, we picked up our brand new Stand-Up Paddle Boards from the great guys at Nidecker. An amazing day on Lake Geneva testing out the equipment (pics at bottom) saw us grab some amazing photos and also a spot of sun burn!

If that wasn't cool enough, we have just received news that we have managed to tick off Item 24- Publish an Article, from the list! Thanks to Josh and the team at Nine MSN in Australia, somehow an article I wrote about the 1o0Things journey has been posted on Australia's largest web portal!

To check it out, click on the snap-shot of it below! Fingers crossed you like it! haha

Every time we manage to tick something from the list, the feeling I get is better than any other feeling in the world so a big thanks to all involved for helping out.

In the meantime, check out some of these pics below of yesterday's Stand Up Paddling adventures on lovely Lake Geneva!

Big Matty and myself checking out the scenery on a glorious day in Geneva!

Training on Lake Geneva has been great so far!

Moments before being asked to stay clear of the Jet D'eau by the Water Police!

Remember that Number 4 on the list is to raise $10,000 for Camp Quality, the charity bringing happiness ot kids and famillies affected by Cancer, so if you're feeling generous, please click on the button below and show some love!

100Things... What's on your list?

April 21st, 2010...

Facing Fears

Your personal comfort zone is a boring place to be at times and when you decide to take a wonder out of this familiar territory, you'll often end up with a smile on your face.

I love to write stories of strangers who have walked this walk but today I'm going to make mention of someone very familiar to me; my Mum!

My Mum is a lovely little lady (haha don't tell her I said that)! She really is. 'Mummsy', as she affectionately known to most, loves a clean house, her small car and her job as a carer of elderly people. She really is lovely. So you can imagine how surprised I was when she sent through some photo's of a recent trip to the 'Top End" of Australia (Kakadu National Park) where she evidently got out of her comfort zone and faced her fear in the form of a 6 metre Crocodile!

My Dad's account of the experience probably sums this up the best;

"Your mum's ticked off # 1 from her list- 'Sit within 2 metres of a 6.5 metre man (woman) eating salt water croc!'
This particular salty is estimated to be 60 years old (younger than me) and has been defending his stretch of the Adelaide river in Kakadu for all that time.
His name is Stumpy, having lost his front two feet in some of his many battles with pretenders to the throne.
All the other crocs in the photos are females 3 to 4 metres long, and tolerated by Stumpy, no doubt for favours given."

Mummsy, here's to you surprising everyone by getting out of yoru comfort zone (and appearing so calm in the above photo!), well done on ticking something off your list!

100Things... What's on your list?

April 20th, 2010...

A Great Big Paddle...

So with only a few weeks left until 100Things teams up with Honda to film an amazing documentary about achieving personal goals through-out Europe, we thought we'd warm-up our sense of adventure with a 3-day river crossing!

Dave Cornthwaite is a good friend of mine who thrives on adventure. Dave not only has amazing red-hair, but also a list of achievements that will make you stop and listen (he once crossed the width of Australia on a SKATEBOARD- a Guinness World Record no less!)

Dave focuses a lot of his time on his Great Big Paddle journey, which see's him raise money for thh AV Foundation as he takes on amazing water-based journeys!


After helping me achieve my own Guinness World Record (the most amount of eggs crushed in 30 seconds with my big toes!) Dave and I decided that we would tackle an adventure together. After some thought, we decided to attempt something that no-one else has done, ever (we think!):

Paddle the length of Lake Geneva on Paddle-Boards!

We're also going to put together a short documentary about it!

So what's a paddle board I hear you say? Well it's basically a huge surf board which you stand on and propel yourself forward using a long paddle.

Lake Geneva is 75km in length and we plan on taking 3 days to cover this distance. We start next Tuesday and with a bit of luck (and hopefully some sun), we'll be arriving in Central Geneva on Friday afternoon, next week.

Lake Geneva- we're heading right to left

To read more about our challenge, check out Dave's site www.greatbigpaddle.kk5.org.

Of course any money raised through on-line donations will be split between between Camp Quality and the AV Foundation.

Watch this space! The journey starts in 7 days....

100Things... What's on your list?

April 16th, 2010...

100Things and Honda working together!

After a week of sadness, some great news has just come our way.

100Things has been picked by HONDA to feature in documentary about personal journeys!

The LIVE EVERY LITRE campaign will see Honda give a select few people a brand new Honda CRZ to drive around as we road-trip across Europe ticking things off from the list!

The adventures will be captured by a crack production crew including cameraman/producer Claudio Von Planta (you may recognise Claudio from his role on the amazing documentary "The Long Way Around" starring Ewan McGregor!).

Filming will begin in May!

To read more about this amazing campaign, click HERE!

Number 26- Help a Stranger.... could this be you?

So what things from the list are we going to tick off with Honda? Well it's a secret right now BUT it could involve you!

If you live in Europe, and have something on your own list that you have always wanted to do, let me know because I might just be able to swing by and help.

If you have any idea's or questions, let us know by sending an email to info@100things.com.au

100Things... What's on your list?

April 14th, 2010...

A sad week...

To be honest, at first I wasn't too sure if this was the right place to talk about an event so sad in nature, but having had a few days to reflect on what has been an emotional week, I think it's important we realise there are positives to draw from everything in life.

Not only did we lose Chris (a loved local at our pub) over the weekend, but on Monday we tragically lost another great friend.
Alejandro, a beast of a man who we were all lucky to play rugby with at Hermance (Geneva), sadly lost his life at the beginning of the week. A freak accident which has rocked his family, friends and team, he will be sorely missed.

In such a sad time, you hope that there are positives to draw on and for me I would say that big Alejandro evoked courage in others by his attitude to life on and off the field of sport. A big smile, a huge heart and and an even bigger amount of respect were the things I will remember this man by. If we could all live, even in part, by these standards the world would be a better place.

For me, I can only think that life is there to be lived, experienced, and cherished. Alejandro did this in every capacity. I think we should follow this example.

The big man, back row, furtherest to the right wearing his #8 jersey

We have now retired the Number 8 jersey from our team, and given it to his Argentinian family (his brother from Argentina trained with us last night as a sign of respect) and I can only say that whatever happens over the rest of season will be in memory of you buddy.

Rest in peace,

Seb (aka Koala)

April 12th, 2010...

Thanks for the Support!

We've been blown away with the support from you guys during the course of this journey, and would like to say a big thank you! Friends, family and even complete strangers have not only got in touch with us to offer encouragement, but many also have also tried to help us tick things from our list!

At the moment, thanks to a few generous soles, we are planning the following:

- Number 58- Skydive Naked in Scotland
- Number 49- Matador Training in Spain
- Number 45- Sumo Wrestling in Japan
- Number 93- Living with a tribe in Africa
- Number 63- Getting a Tattoo in Amsterdam, and
- Number 37- Being a Horse Jockey
- Number 24- Publish an Article
- Number 54- Drive a Supercar on the Autobahn

We also had a lovely offer to Scubadive in South East Asia, so perhaps there should be a new addition?! Any suggestions?

Thanks everyone for supporting!

100Things... What's on your list?

April 11th, 2010...

Sad news...

Having been in Geneva for 3 months now, I'm lucky to have settled down very comfortably. The city is beautiful, I play rugby for a great local team, I am surrounded by new friends, and I work at a friendly pub that reminds me of the one from the TV Series 'Cheers'.

The pub itself attracts lots of interesting characters, including a lot of ex-pats who having all found work over here, often share a beer in the pub after work.
Sadly today, we have just heard news that one of the locals, Chris, has passed away over the weekend. A great young guy who always smiled and enjoyed watching football on TV, I just want to wish his family and everyone who knew him my condolences. I am truly sad as is everyone down at the pub.

I just would like to share a conversation I had with Chris last week.

Chatting with Chris about life as I served him a beer, I hypothetically asked him what he would do if he knew the world was going to end next week (I ask this question to most people I meet). Chris didn't waste a second as he smiled at me and said,

"I'd travel the world and play golf at all the top courses"

Chris had a dream, and this is something I'm glad he was aware of.

This was the last conversation I had with Chris, and I remember him smiling the whole way through.

Rest in Peace mate.


April 4th, 2010...

Number 5- Save a Life...

Most people, once they find out what I do, quickly assume I'm crazy. I've learnt to deal with this and in fact I think I can see why. I mean if I met someone who wanted to deliver a baby (Number 23), I would give them a funny look too!

In truth, the 100Things list is a culmination of things that challenge, excite, fulfill, and emotionally reward me (I could go on). Some are bizarre (Number 2- Marry a Stranger in Vegas), some meaningful (Number 35- Find my family tree) and others simple (Number 96- Buy a Stranger Lunch).

Now most of the items take quite a bit of preparation, but there are some things from the list that just can't be planned, Number 25- Catch a Thief falls under this category as does Number 5- Save a Life.

Both these items are things that I think that we've all thought of at one stage or another, perhaps the act of helping someone is the reason? Regardless, although I would like to say that I managed to tick off Number 5, I haven't, BUT I think I came close last week!

So the story goes that myself and a good friend called Ed were walking across a large field which at one end turned into a hill. At the top of the hill was a thick tree-line which acted as a kind of boundary. On this hill was a guy who was practicing his paragliding. He was stood half way up the hill, facing down, with his huge yellow parasail flapping around on the ground behind him. To two people who have no idea about this sport, it looked as though he attempting to get his parasail to catch the stiff breeze which would then get him off the ground.

What happened next was hilarious! The man's plan seemed to work as a strong gust of wind caught his parasail which then made him airborne, but a sudden shift in wind direction meant that poor guy was dragged straight into the trees behind him!
Traveling at quite a rate, this guy (and his huge yellow parasail) simply disappeared into the dense trees.

After a good 60 seconds of laughing, Ed and I suddenly realised that this guy could be in trouble, so we ran over to the scene of the crime as we wiped tears from our cheeks.

Sure enough, after pushing through 10 metres of stiff branches, we found our adrenalin-junky (still attached to his parasail) lodged half way up a tree! His smile told us that he wasn't injured and so again we all started laughing.

In the end we were joined by two girls who also had run over to help (they had also been laughing) and together it took us an hour to get him and his sail down!

The Rescue Team, the daredevil (middle back) and the parasail

So although Ed and I didn't actually save this man's life, it was good to help someone out. We did joke that perhaps if we left him up there for a day or two, it probably would be a tick on the list as by that time our new friend would be near starving to death, but we thought better of it.

Anyway, on with the list!

100Things... What's on your list?

April 1st, 2010...

It's April, Fools!

No silly prank this morning, just a funny video that shows you that with satellite delay, you can really look quite stupid if you do a live skype interview with a TV show on the other side of the world!

Thanks to guys of course at The Circle for the interview, specially the one who said she'd rather have a bath (???).

100Things- Possibly making a documentary with Honda!

In other exciting news, 100Things has been short-listed to be used in a current advertising campaign that Honda are
putting together.

Named "Live Every Litre", here is what the guys are Honda are aiming for:

"To celebrate the launch of the CR-Z we want to do something we’ve never done before: we want to co-create and crowd-source a multilingual documentary film. A film about the extraordinary journeys real people go on in their lives. We’re interested in those journeys we say we’ll go on, but never do; the journeys that take us somewhere new, somewhere scary, somewhere fun, somewhere different."

To check out more of the "Live Every Litre" campaign, check out their website HERE.

So fingers crossed, 100Things could well be making a movie about one hell of a journey, all whilst ticking off some of our items!

The results get announced next monday! Wish us luck!

100Things... What's on your list?

March 29th, 2010...

What's next?

So there's plenty of great things brewing in the 100Things pot right now and it looks like the upcoming months will see some amazing adventures.

Not only will we ticking some things off from the list, but we'd like to invite you along for some of the fun.

Number 51- Cycle the Tour de France route!

In August we plan to take to roads of France on our bikes in an attempt to tick off item 51- Cycle the Tour de France.
Following the exact route of the upcoming 2010 race, we're looking to take on the 1,300 km course over 2 months and we would love YOU to come join us for 1 or 2 stages!

Click image to Enlarge

The itinerary is being looked at right now but if you feel like hopping on your bike and joining what promises to be a great journey (even if it's just for a weekend), let us know at info@100things.com.au.

The interest so far has been great so we're hoping that this will turn into a great event!

Number 60 Random Country

In June last year, we were invited onto the Australian TV show Sunrise, where we started the ball rolling with item 60. Having always wanted to throw a dart at a map and then travel to the country that it lands on, sports reporter Mark Beretta was blind-folded and told to stick a pin into a map (close enough).

As it happened, it landed on Mongolia and so we are now planning a trip to Mongolia in July. The million dollar question is how do we get there and once there, what do we do?

Keep your ears peeled for more news!

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