Sharon Hiew


Sharon Hiew

Nik name- Cranberry Lover

D.O.B- 3rd October, 1991

Nationality- Malaysian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? I'm up for an adventure anytime, so why not?

What's on your list?

1) Bungee jump

2) Sky dive

3) Go to an airport and book the next available flight

4) Pub crawl – have one drink at every bar in Perth CBD; time limit – 1 weekend

5) Test drive a Jeep

6) Meet Ruby Rose

7) Go to Bega to eat Bega cheese

8) $2 peep show

9) Milk a cow

10) Climb Mt. Kinabalu – the highest mountain in South East Asia

11) Banana boating

12) Summer road trip around Australia in a combi van

13) Go fishing and successfully catch a fish

14) Climb the Sydney harbour bridge

15) Spend an all-American Thanksgiving with some Californian relatives

16) Invent something

17) Visit every major city in Asia

18) See snow

19) Ride an elephant

20) Find my family tree

21) Watch a horror film without shutting my eyes

22) Cook a 3 course meal for my family on my own

23) Visit an orphanage

24) Read ‘Le Petit Prince’. In French.

25) Study French

26) Host a Tim Tam slam party

27) Get a tattoo. Or two.

28) Successfully climb a coconut tree

29) Finish an assignment 2 weeks before the due date

30) Plant a tree

31) Visit a prison

32) Visit a mental institute/hospital

33) Visit Fremantle prison. At night.

34) Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef

35) Learn to snowboard and ski

36) Go to an Olympic game

37) Take a picture in a red phone booth in the UK

38) Random city

39) Fire a gun (at a shooting range…)

40) Kiss a stranger

41) Memorise the alphabet backwards

42) Ride on a private plane

43) 24 hour movie marathon

44) Witness a baby being delivered

45) Get Nose Pierced

46) Tick everything off this list

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