Laura Bolger


Laura Bolger

"The pursuit of Happiness.. is not to possess as much as you can before you Die (i.e. house, car, husband, etc).. Its about doing all the simple, extraordinary things you've ALWAYS wanted to do!!!"

Nik name- Laur

D.O.B- 19th October, 1979

Nationality- Irish

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? After reading Seb's article... it got me thinking... Life is really too short.. and I started to write my list there and then.. And realised I had forgotten there was so much I wanted to do! And writing it down some how made it real and actually achievable!! Try it, what have you got to lose:)

What's on your list?

1. Run a Marathon
2. Paddle Board.
3. Drive the Ocean Road.
4. Visit Vegas
5. See Rome Again.
6. Visit Edinburgh
7. Fly a plane
8. Learn the piano
9. Sell a piece of my Art
10. Slide on my knees on a Football (Soccer) pitch after I score a Goal! ( How Coool would that be!!!)
11. Real Rock climb
12. Write a Book - ( actually started this one... well kinda)
13. Get my ears pierced- COMPLETE!
14. Drive a Convertible car.
15. Live on my own for a time.
16. Gallop on a Horse.
17. Sing (GOOD) in a Karaoke.
18. Drive a SUPER Car.
19. Pull a pint of Guinness!
20. Hand Glide
21. Make a Roast Dinner for my family.. all on my own! ( seriously if you knew me.. its a Big deal!)
22. Write a song.
23. Do the Topgear track in a reasonably priced car! ( I know I have to be a Celebrity, but to do it without been a Celebrity)
24. Actually Bake a Cake! ( seriously another Big deal)
25. Drive a Tractor.
26. See the Kings of Leon in any country but Ireland.
27. Clean a window on a tall building by abseiling. ( just looks so Cool)
28. Drive a Police Car.. Fast.. with sirens on!

Note for family and friends- You have all heard me talk about doing a few of these things through the years!! All of them I would love to do... i know some are a little silly.. but just imagine getting to do All the things you Always wanted to do!! Anything is possible.. I am writing this from Sydney!!!!!:) (AS you know Australia was on my to do List for sooo Long!!)

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