Eleanor Borealis


Eleanor Borealis

"Action over Inaction, and always with a smile"

Nik name- Funny Face

D.O.B- 17th June, 1987

Nationality- British

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? This site fell onto my lap right when I needed it most... Similarly to Seb, it’s been pointed out to me life is too short, and after a series of personal setbacks I just want to remember not to be scared of myself and make up for the two years I feel I’ve lost!

What's on your list?

1 Thumb a lift

2 Drive a lorry

3 Be barefoot for a week

4 Run a marathon

5 Do the shark cage dive thing

6 Learn to snowboard

7 Ride a wave on a surf board

8 Spend time in a hippy commune/spiritual commune

9 Ski a cliff jump

10 Ice dive

11 Live abroad

12 Burning Man festival

13 Breathe fire

14 Walk hot coals

15 Get a good Masters degree

16 Spend a week hiking and camping

17 Go to a ball or the like in a nice dress, with a man who is also in a nice dress

18 Telemark

19 paraglideski

20 Do a beer bong without it coming out my nose

21 Do a flaming shot

22 Tomato run

23 Volunteer in Africa

24 Go to a bar on my own

25 Road trip America

26 Learn to ride a motorbike

27 Try rock climbing

28 Go to Iceland

29 Milk a cow

30 Sing at Karaoke

31 Speak another language, French probably

32 White water rafting

33 Skinny dip

34 Stay silent for a week

35 Learn to ride a horse

36 Sleep in a tepee

37 Do the fast of Ramadan

38 Stunt drive

39 Do something for charity

40 Trans Siberian railway

41 Meet a religious leader

42 Be properly vegetarian for a year

43 write a successful blog

44 go backstage

45 make something out of leather, a purse or some such

46 buy my mum and dad a trip on the orient express

47 go zorbing

48 visit every continent

49 see the northern lights

50 make a fire by rubbing two sticks together

51 ride a camel

52 go to Jerusalem

53 learn to sail

54 learn self-defence/martial art

55 paint a good picture

56 own a cat

57 make an item of clothing

58 Play an instrument to an average level

59 read a saga in Old Icelandic

60 get an article published

61 make a school reunion happen

62 bake a proper cake

63 make sushi

64 see/chase a tornado

65 go to a mystic

66 trace family history in india

67 volunteer on Christmas day

68 sleep on a hammock in the jungle

69 road trip around England

70 retire to cornwall

71 grow my hair to ‘rockstar’ length

72 own a medieval artefact

73 get a proper tan

74 Heli-ski

75 give expert opinion on tv

76 give a presentation on an academic subject wearing elbow patches

77 throw a boomerang

78 sleep on the floor for a month

79 live on my own

80 plant an oak tree

81 read the bible start to finish

82 go on an archaeological dig

83 do a crab from standing

84 go to a fancy dress as Pocahontas

85 when i’m retired, wear really big hats

86 meet a native American

87 do a handstand

88 record my mum playing the guitar

89 commit family tales to paper

90 ride in a hot air balloon

91 hold a hawk (or similar)

92 Have a study

93 cross a rope bridge

94 make a patchwork quilt

95 spend at least a night at sea with no sign of land

96 make a sculpture

97 wear a figure hugging vivid red evening dress, the proper kind

98 eat a meal I have grown/caught/cooked myself

99 have my portrait done by an artist I admire

100 pick 3 facebook friends at random and go see them

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