Tara Veitch- Number 2 Sky Dive

Still buzzing on the high of the bungy three girls from the tour and myself headed off to NZONE skydiving to jump 15,000feet out of a small plane! We suited up and waited for our skymaster to find us and show us the safety information and once they did that we had a small wait which didn't help the nerves at all! Finally we were ready to go! I had a little trouble believing that they were going to fit 18 people into this tiny little plane but we squished and shoved and were packed in very tight!! First stop was for one of my friends Kira at 9,000 feet who we were all feeling for as she suffered from a fear of heights!! But I did say suffered, she absolutely loved it and cannot wait to take her mum with her next time!! A few others I didn't know went then it was time for another friend Jenny and she looked panicked shuffling up to the edge which once again set my heart rate racing! Then it was my turn, we shuffled up to the edge and no sooner had we reached the edge that we went soaring out the side of the plane, the feeling of air rushing in your face in that first moment is amazing! Then you have this strange weightless feeling at the same time pressure from racing towards the ground at over 100 kilometers an hour! 

After 60 seconds free fall and trying dismally to do poses for the camera guy our shute was pulled and I was able to take in the absolutely stunning view of Queenstown! It on it own is enough to take your breath away! Smooth and safe landing followed slight disorientation which lead me to fall into a really big with my sky master. :) All four of us decided we deserved a gelato afterwards and you could not take the smiles from our faces!

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
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