Jessica Meadows

Jessica Meadows

First off, you need to know that I’m not crazy.  In fact, if you met me, you would think I was rather reserved and conservative.  And for the most part, I probably am.  I was born old and never went through the obligatory “wild and rebellious” phase (usually from ages 17-23).  I’ve never smoked, I rarely drink, I seldom even leave the house on the weekends.  I’m painfully responsible. 
However, I know that there is a big, wide world out there and if I don’t push myself to experience it now, I’m going to be old and boring before I even know it.  So I do the things on the 101 Things to Do Before You Die list to prove to myself that I’m not afraid to step outside of my daily routine

Nikname- Jessica

D.O.B-  April 26th, 1980

Nationality- American

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? 
Reason for becoming a campaigner: I feel a special and kindred connection with other life-listers.  I've had the opportunity to actually meet at least one fellow life lister in person and we were able to check something off of my list, so I feel compelled to "pay it forward" and help others complete items on their list, even if it's just through encouragement and cheering them on.

What's on your list?

I have over 101 things on my "to do" list but here are some of my favorites:

1     Write a Novel - PARTIALLY                                                           
2     Swim With Sharks - COMPLETED                                                           
       Swim With Dolphins - COMPLETED                                                    
8     Realize Your Childhood Dream                                
9     Learn that instrument - COMPLETED
11   Storm Chase A Tornado Visit Every State - PARTIALLY                   
12   Get A Piece of Art into a Exhibition – COMPLETED                                  
14   Ride the World’s Biggest Rollercoasters - PARTIALLY
16   Get into the Guinness Book of World Records  - COMPLETED
22   Go Up in a Hot Air Balloon                                               
27   See an Erupting Volcano
28   Sky Dive - COMPLETED
32   See the Aurora Borealis                                                    
36   Visit Every Country - PARTIALLY                 
39   Bet on a horse/dog/etc race - COMPLETED
40   Get a Free Upgrade on a Plane                                         
46   Scuba Dive           
47   Milk a Cow – COMPLETED                                                                     
52   Read the Greatest Books Ever Written - PARTIALLY                             
53   Complete a Coast to Coast Road Trip Across America     
54   Make at least one huge purchase you can’t afford - COMPLETED
57   See the All-Time Greatest Films - COMPLETED
58   Live in the Place You Love                                                
62   Join the Mile High Club                                                     
66   Be Part of a Flash Mob - COMPLETED                                                     
73   Stand on the International Date Line
74   Learn to Fly a Plane
75   Get a tattoo and/or piercing - COMPLETED
83   Skinny Dip at Midnight – COMPLETED
86   Run a Marathon - COMPLETED!
87   Conquer Your Fear
88   Get Married Unusually - COMPLETED
89   Learn to Cook
90   Join the 16-Mile High Club  Go White Water Rafting - COMPLETED
93.5  Get Your Name in the Ring of Honor at Flying Saucer - PARTIALLY
96   Be an Extra in a Film
98   Go On a Demonstration
101 Continue Your Gene Pool 

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