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August 28th, 2010...

The Baby has Landed!

Number 23- Help Deliver a Baby- COMPLETE!

Take a seat and listen to this; you won't believe it otherwise. 

In short, 4 weeks ago I flew to Regina, Canada to deliver the baby of a girl I met 4 years ago. I admit, this does not seem normal. She invited me to do so after seeing it was Number 23 on my list. After a 38 hour flight from Switzerland, I waited 16 days for Tara to give birth only to miss it due to an emergency 8 minute pregnancy! All I could was laugh at myself.
In this 3 week period however I did somehow manage to attract Canada-wide media interest who followed my every step. After breaking the news to them that I had missed the birth, they asked me what was next. I thought about this for a moment and decided to make a nationwide plea to see if there was any other pregnant women who would be interested in allowing me to assist in the child birth. Crazy I know. One day later I had 10 offers, two of which were for this weekend, in Regina.

This leads to today....

You may recall that on Wednesday we met up with Carmen, a lovely girl who was due to give birth tomorrow (Sunday). After having lunch together and meeting her Mum, Carmen suggested that I should come around dinner on Friday evening (last night) where I would be able to meet her partner and extended family. This I did. It was a great evening and one full of laughs. Ultimately it was confirmed that Carmen and her partner, Dane, were happy to have me attend the birth of the couple's third child. 

After being dropped home by Carmen after dinner, a little after 11pm, I reminded her as I shut the door that should she could call me at any time should she fall into labour. I fell asleep soon after.

At 4am, the phone rang. It was Carmen's Mum.

"Sebastian, sorry to wake you but Carmen is in labour. We're at the hospital waiting for you!"

Twenty minutes later I was at her bedside. Carmen, although in a huge amount of pain, was smiling. Dane and her lovely mother stood at her bedside as I entered the room, and an occupied nurse told me that something special was about to happen.

Myself, Carmen and partner, Dane

I will of course bring you a detailed story of what happened in a few days, but as I sit here typing at 11.23pm, I am ecstatic to tell you that today at 1.40pm, Carmen gave birth to a beautiful a baby boy named Oakley! Congratulations to her and Dane!

Weighing in at 8lbs 14oz, let me say that Oakley is a big boy and after 12 hours of labour, today goes down as one of the most amazing days of my life- bar none.

So did I actually get to help with the birth? All I can say now is that being in the room alone is enough to answer YES to that question, but fortunately this was just the tip of what happened! It was immense.

We literally laughed the whole day long

Sometimes in life you witness or experience something which immediately puts things into perspective. Today I realised how amazing people are. Not just as individuals, but also as a collective. The love and attention that filled that birthing room today (including the nurses) is something that I have never experienced before, and the little individual that was produced as a product of this reinforces the beauty and opportunity that is life.

Number 23- Help Deliver a Baby- COMPLETE!

Little Oakley wondering who this strange man is

It goes without saying that I am eternally grateful to both Dane and Carmen for their generosity. Many items on the list are fueled by adrenalin, if not emotion and on occasions curiosity but item Number 23- Deliver a Baby stands alone as something which is far less about my list but solely about the generosity and love of others. This generosity in fact is something that we are lucky enough to continually see as we travel and complete our list and this is again is something that we do not take for granted. 

We are humbled and proud to be a in a position to see this side of people and we just want to take this opportunity to say Thank You

Before we end today, we would also like to thanks Amy from HELLO BABY. 

Hello Baby is Regina's local baby store specializing in high quality baby products. Once they heard about our story,  Amy, the lovely owner, got in touch and offered to donate a gift to to the baby. When we went down to pick up the gift, we couldn't believe it; Amy had gifted us with a top of the line, brand new, baby stroller valued at over $500.

Thanks guys so much! We wish you could have seen the smile on Carmen's face when we gave it to her today after the birth!

Team Stroller courtesy of Hello Baby

At the risk of sounding like a hippy; life is amazing!

Stay tuned for the day-after run-down tomorrow.

August 26th, 2010...

Ready for Action!

After confirming yesterday that we have been invited to attend the birth of Carmen and Danes baby, today we met up with another generous couple who have made a similar offer.

Locals to Saskatchewan, these guys are expecting a baby on Monday and after a quick discussion decided that they would like to help us tick off Number 23 from the list- Deliver a Baby. Fantastically, all health checks point to a straight forward delivery and so with an outstretched hand and an open heart, they have kindly invited me to attend the birth.

So, what does this mean?

Well after 4 weeks in Canada, 1 missed birth and a story which just gets better and better, we are now heading into the weekend with the possibility of being present not at just 1 birth, but 2!

Who'd have thought!

Charity Fundraiser

Thanks to the guys at Triple Seven Chrysler in Regina, we have managed to raise over $1000 here in Regina and this weekend the guys have again offered to raise more money by giving away hotdogs!

If you're in and around Regina this Saturday between 12pm and 4pm, come down and say hello! I'll be flipping hotdogs and saying g'day to everyone.

Well be located at 700 Broad Street.

All money of course will be donated to Camp Quality and will go towards Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality!

August 25th, 2010...

We're back, baby!

How many twists and turns can 1 journey provide? Who knows? but it's certainly an enjoyable ride.

Today we met up with Carmen who has breathed even more life into our current Canadian adventure.

After hearing that we missed the birth of Tara's child last week (thus missing out on ticking off Number 23- Deliver a Baby) Carmen decided to contact us and offer us a hand. You see carmen is an expectant mother due this Sunday, 28th August, and as such thought she'd offer us an opportunity to attend the birth as a support person. We of course jumped at the opportunity and today we met up with not only Carmen, but also Olivia, her first daughter, and her Mum to introduce ourselves properly.

A lunch was deemed most practical and after being given a home-made butterfly-mask by Olivia (the smartest 8-yr old I have ever met!) we spoke in person for the first time. 

Myself, Carmen and Olivia

It was no surprise to find that Carmen was absolutely delightful and with a supportive family behind her, she is 100% ready to give birth. Interestingly, if there is no baby by Sunday, Carmen will be relocating to Estevan (an hour down the road) to have the little man and so we might even find ourselves doing a little travel next week.

Then there were 2...

If meeting Carmen wasn't enough to brighten our day, we've also been contacted by Tracey, another expectant Mum. As if scripted, Tracey has also offered us the privilege of being present at her expected 30th August pregnancy. Unbelievable. 

So tomorrow we will again be heading to lunch to meet, greet and discuss details with another kind soul. We can't wait and with images of rushing desperately between wards to help with 2 pregnancies, this adventure is far from over!

As we said, a strange journey driven purely by the generosity of others. Thank you Carmen and Tracey.

Number 26-Help a Stranger. 

Can you help?

Now as far as items on the list go, Number 26- Help a Stranger is one we haven't planned. With this in mind, we were recently contacted by Rebecca of Perth, Western Australia, who has reached out to us and we are going to try and start a ball rolling for her.

Now Rebecca is a single mother of 1 who suffers from a physical disability which makes leading a normal life a daily battle. Rebecca contacted us asking for what she called a 'huge favour'. Basically Rebecca needs an old fridge from her back yard moved onto the road at the front of the house so that she can get it picked up by the council. Simple, right?

Now this is something that we would love to do but as we are currently in Canada, it's not very practical. As such, we thought that if we would try and help Rebecca by relaying her plea to you guys. If there is someone living in Perth, who would like to help, we'd love to hear from you! We have Rebecca's address and if you feel like doing a good deed, we would love to write about it.

Any queries, please send an email to info@100things.com.au

Tomorrow we meet Mother-to-be #2. Wish us luck!

August 23rd, 2010...

Wonderful Western Canada

Two days in Winnipeg have literally flown by as we continue the search to find a mother-to-be willing to help me tick off item Number 23- Help Deliver a Baby.

Miles Jones, a local radio personality in Winnipeg invited us onto his talk-back radio show (CJOB 68) this morning to have a chat about our journey and what happened next was incredible. We were literally flooded with phone calls all suggesting various things that I should do whilst in the area. A local TV station, Global, then picked up wind of this and came into the studio asking if they could follow us as we tried to complete some of the bizarre requests. Instantly we had become a traveling circus.

Thirty minutes later we had met up with a lovely lady who rang in and donated an assortment of clothes to me all emblazoned with the Canadian flag (underwear included!) before then slipping into some board shorts as I was dared to swim across the main waterway in the middle of town where the Red River and Assinboine Rivers meet. Thankfully I avoided drowning and with a ferocious appetite building, we then attempted to fulfill the strangest request of all; to eat the worlds biggest hamburger at the local Blondies Restaurant.  Weighing in at 10lb burger, I am not ashamed to say that the burger beat me! I am still struggling. The best thing of course is that you’ll be able to see all of the above adventures on Global News. 

Click in the pic below for footage!

Number 23- Deliver a Baby

So after a massive day, we are over the moon to announce that it looks as though we have been invited to help deliver a baby this weekend! After our CTV appeal last Thursday, we were contacted by dozens of expectant parents all offering us an opportunity to act as support during their pregnancies and one of these pregnancies is due this weekend. Thanks to all so far and keep posted for news on this as we meet up with the family tomorrow to say hello for the first time.

Watch this space.

Number 4- Raise $100,00 for Camp Quality

You may remember that Rick and the guys down at the local car dealer Triple 7 Chrysler threw a fundraiser for us over the weekend. Well even though we couldn’t make it down ourselves, the guys managed to raise over $500 and with one more event this weekend, we hope to raise even more.

Of course if you’re not in the area, you can stoill donate to the charity that helps kids and families affected by Cancer by clicking on the logo below. All donations are tax deductible of course.


This journey never ceases to amaze us and whether its being given a bed to sleep in or being presented with Canadian-themed underwear, we cannot thank you enough for all the kindness.

Along side this, we love to see that some of you are also creating your own bucket lists and it’s always great to hear how you’re coming along.

Janita, a friend of ours, has always promised to write a book and recently published her first titled Postcards Never Written.

Not only this but Janita has also won awards for her work already. Well done to her! This really is the type of story that keeps us going!

Click on the image above to read more about Janita, and even buy a copy!

Stay posted for a big today tomorrow!

100Things... What's on your list?

August 20th, 2010...

What a Day!

It started with a news crew from CTV interviewing me about the missed birth. After explaining that I only heard about the birth 12 hours after it took place, we decided that I make a plea on TV to see if there were any mothers-to-be interested in having me along.

1 Hour later, a young man called Randy called me up and told me to get to the hospital- his girlfriend was in labour and was 3cm dilated! He had heard the story on the news and wanted me there. After a frantic rush to the hospital, I made it to the labour ward to be met with the news that the young Father-to-be had failed to notify his girlfriend of a strangers arrival and as such I now write this update from the confines of my home after deciding that the situation was not fair on the mum.

A crazy story and emotional rollercoaster for quite a few people today; I think this story has a long and interesting way to go!

Stay posted. Will be back after a weekend of interviews in Winnipeg!

100Things... What's on your list?

August 19th, 2010...

Apologies for the wait but we have some news- The Baby has arrived!

It’s been on the cards for 42 weeks and thankfully at last, after a 10 day delay, I am over the moon to announce that Tara’s baby was born on August at 1.30am on the 17th August. he weighed 8lb 4oz.

The latest news tell us that the little man is doing ok even though the birth became somewhat of an emergency. After a late night stress-test with her doctor, Tara was told that the baby had to come immediately and so with no time to lose, she was rushed into the birthing room. 8 minutes later, she had a baby on her lap!

So rushed in fact was the delivery (minus pain killers of any sort!) Tara was not able to inform anyone she was giving birth! As such, not only did I miss the birth, but so to did the doctor! A nurse on-hand had to deliver the baby in fact. 

So as a result of a standard test literally transforming into an emergency delivery in a matter of moments, I wasn't even able to attend the birth, let alone help.

I will be visiting Tara tomorrow to say hello to her and new baby boy and will be able to shed more light on the situation but at this stage all you can do is say congratulations and also have a little laugh at my expense (I don't mind).

The most important thing of course is that Tara is well and so to is her little man! She has named him Daxton.

So at the end of a very suspenseful day, Canada has been blessed with another little boy, no doubt a professional hockey player of the future. I on the on the other hand am left to work out a way of finally accomplishing Number 23 on my list- Deliver a Baby. 

Any takers?

If you live in the Regina area, and you're on the cusp of delivering your baby, let me know if you're interested in sharing this amazing experience with me.  

We are over the moon for Tara, and will share all the good news tomorrow when we finally meet up tomorrow.

August 17th, 2010...

Baby Watch- 9 Days Overdue

For those who have just joined our journey, we are currently in Canada attempting to tick off Number 23- Deliver a Baby. Answering an email from a local girl called Tara who invited us to help with her own pregnancy, we hopped on a plane and left Switzerland almost 2 weeks ago.

When we landed in Canada 11 days ago, we ran out of the airport desperate to touch base with Tara to make sure we didn't miss the pregnancy mid-flight. In hindsight, we could have stopped off for a coffee and a bagel. Today, Tara is 9 days late.

Thankfully, Tara is a in great shape still and all is well which is the most important thing. It seems that we've all resigned to the fact that the doctor will most likely be used this Friday
to induce the birth.

Thankfully, as a consequence of Tara's baby being particularly relaxed in the womb, we've managed to address some other items on the list which has been great.

Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality

Thanks to some great local support we've managed to raise an additional $1,732 for Camp Quality, since being here. Number 4 on our list is to Raise $100,000 for this great organisation which helps kids and famillies affected by Cancer.
We actually another 2 events here in Regina, starting with a hotdog stand at the Triple 7 Chrysler dealership this Saturday in Regina, Canada, so no hopefully this figure will rise again!

If you're unable to come but feel like helping still, please click on the logo above to be taken to the donation page. We appreciate all your help!

What's Next?

The next 2 items on the list to be ticked off are HUGE.

Number 27- Minister a Wedding

You may remember that last year, courtesy of an online application form, I became an ordained wedding minister in the United States? Well now we are about tick off item Number 27- Minister a Wedding, thanks to Peter and Osamu from San Diego who invited us to their wedding. With wedding script being drafted up right now, this promises to be a lot of fun come September 18th.

Number 73- Get Shot Whilst Wearing a Bullet-Proof vest

Let me start here by asking that nobody tell my Mum about this one, please!

Now this item seems to draw a mixed reaction from people. At first there is usually laughter, but this changes to a shake of the head when I then go on to say that I will be completing this item in Columbia, South America.

I will be performing this item under strict safety conditions and as far as Ballistic Testing goes, it is very safe. Perhaps this should be Number 100 on the list, but regardless we're headed to Bogata on October 4th for what promises to be an interesting day!

If anyone is around San Diego or Columbia near to these time, feel free to come and say Hi.

Become a Campaigner?

We have had heaps of people writing in and asking if they can share their lists with us and the answer is of course YES.

Check out our Campaigners Page to see who has joined up so far and if you like what you see, why not become a campaigner? It's easy and amongst a community of like-minded people it's a great way to get cracking on your goals!

So if you're interested, SIGN-UP and share your list with us. We'd love to help!

Follow Us

Remember, if you feel like hearing the latest on Tara's baby and of course all of the other adventures that are coming up, just join us on Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the logos below. An amazing journey is unfolding.

Stay posted for a few surprises in the coming weeks with a few items being planned as we speak.

100Things... What's on your list?

August 16th, 2010...

Baby Watch- 8 Days overdue

For a third baby, Tara's little man sure isn't in any rush. Growing half a pound a week, the baby-to-be is literally just kicking back enjoying his own company.

Tara's Facebook status today reads "Still no sign of baby. Come on little guy I am getting really tired of being pregnant!" and is it any wonder now into her 42nd week of pregnancy!

With the doctor set to induce pregnancy this coming Friday, we are certain that this week will be the week of delivery, but after chatting with Tara this morning, she isn't even sure of that!

I guess at this stage, the only thing to be certain of is that we are getting closer and once again, thanks to everyone for the support you have shown Tara!

Live FM

The guys from Live FM also managed to give us a call the other day, and so we filled them in on the latest:

100Things... What's on your list?

August 15th, 2010...

Donations, Roughriders but still no baby

Today was our last day of fundraising at the Battle of the Ages car sale in downtown Regina and thanks to all the generous people who came down and said hello we managed to raise $366.
Now keep in mind that the Delawri Motor Group also offered to match our fundraising efforts, we now have a grand total over the weekend of $732!

Due to no baby being born over the weekend, we were able to cook a shed load of hotdogs and meet some great people.

We are stoked and would like to thank everyone for helping out! All money will of course be donated to Camp Quality, our chosen charity, and will go towards us ticking off item Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality. We have a way to go but we're getting there!

If you feel like helping us and more importantly helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer, please click on the logo below to be taken to the donation page- we appreciate all your help!

On that note, a big thanks goes to Bree, Carly and everyone else present at Carly's 30th birthday who collected $700 to donate to the cause. You're all legends and of course, happy birthday Carly.


Dropping in to say hello today, we were also able to meet 3 of the Roughriders who were busy signing autographs. After being given tickets to watch them beat the BC Lions last week, it was quite funny talking to the boys and telling them how close I was to actually streaking their game in order to tick off Number 52 on the list.

Thanks to Chunky for allowing me to put him into a headlock without hitting me, and thanks to the boys for being good blokes. You have yourself a new fan.

Having no clue about the sport myself, I might even try and get to a practice with the Riders if i'm lucky. We'll see.

The Baby?

So what about the baby I hear you say? Well quite simply, nothing has changed. A peppermint spa session over the weekend did nothing to evoke labour for Tara and it certainly seems like we will have to wait until Friday's scheduled induction.

A lesson that seems quite obvious now is that the baby will come when it's ready to and no amount of trying will encourage him out earlier.

As always, fingers crossed for Tara and watch this space for developments...

August 14th, 2010...


So today we put on our cooking gloves and headed down to Evraz Place to give out free hotdogs. Thanks to Rick from Dilawri Motor Group for inviting us down in the first place we battled high winds and spots of rain to raise $260! This total of course doubles thanks to Dilawri who promised to double all donation over today and tomorrow so a big thanks to them!

Getting some help from Chef James we put together some gourmet hotdogs and even got to meet a great little girl who told me of her dream to get to Comic Con Convention in Toronto. She also promised to send us her list of things to do along with some of her comic drawings.

On the baby side of things, Tara is no closer it seems to rushing to the hospital and by the sounds of things we might be waiting till Friday 20th August; the induction date.

So if anyone is around Regina tomorrow with time to spare, come down to Evraz Place and say hello! The hotdogs are delicious!

August 13th, 2010...

Day of Rest

We've been receiving some interesting emails and Facebook messages over the past few days sharing with us various ways to encourage the onset of labour. One message read;

"For several people I know including myself, the scent of peppermint either in a lotion form, a foot bath etc worked wonders inducing labour. Good luck to Tara and her family"

So I passed this info onto Tara and as such she has headed off to a local spa today- well deserved as well.

With a bit of luck, the peppermint scenting will work a treat and the baby will finally decide to show his face to the world!

In the meantime we are all geared up for our fundraiser tomorrow at Evraz Place, Regina where we will be cooking gourmet hotdogs for the Battle of the Ages car sale.

Check out this awesome poster which is apparently being used as marketing, although my name is the wrong way around I think it looks quite good?

Regardless, if you're about, come down and say hello!

See you then (if of course i'm not rushing to the hospital)!

August 12th, 2010...

Doctors Update

Originally the intended date for an induced pregnancy, today Tara went to the doctor with high hopes of getting the ball rolling. As it happens after a few tests it appears that the baby is still growing inside (currently 8.5 pounds!) and with normal blood pressure readings among other standard results, an induced pregnancy has been pushed back.

What does this all mean? Well unless Tara's baby decides to make an appearance between now and Friday week, Tara will be induced on the 20th August (12 days late).

Having spoken with Tara this morning, it's no surprise that she is ready to have him today. All we can do is hope!

As with every cloud there is of course a silver lining and for Tara this means that she will be able to go to the Roughriders game this afternoon! Amongst what will be a sold-out game at home today, perhaps Tara's supportive screaming will encourage a half-time pregnancy?

Tammy's little Melon Heads

I've also been lucky enough to score some tickets to the game so we're searching for green coloured clothing as we speak! Hopefully we look as outrageous as these 2 melon heads above who kindly sent us an email a few days ago sharing with us what is apparently considered standard uniform for a home game. We love it!

August 11th, 2010...

Today started with an exciting morning chat with Tara. The joke now is of course that the baby is simply lazy and this is why we are now 3 days overdue BUT by the time we spoke this morning, something had happened- the baby had dropped. If only I knew what that meant.

Of course Tara had to explain to me that this in fact meant that that babies head had dropped into the correct birth position, ultimately meaning that we are extremely close to the birth!
Tara was about to celebrate with a walk.

To a man entirely unfamiliar with childbirth, the idea of a pregnant lady exerting herself is slightly confusing. I would imagine that resting would be the best activity, but apparently not. We have received hundreds of suggestions from you guys as to what could be done to entice the birth and they are interesting as they different.
From simply walking to the shops or applying warm towels to jumping off steps or bouncing on a trampoline, there seems to be a lot of things that could be tried.

Thanks to everyone for sharing.

Soup of the Day

So today we were invited by Chef James to eat at his restaurant; All Souped Up, located at the University of Regina.

After hearing that we have no money on the radio, Chef decided to offer us a free meal, and so we headed down to his restaurant again appreciative to be in what must be one of the friendliest cities in the world!

Having made food for Charlize Theron, it came as no surprise that our meal was absolutely fantastic. Surrounded by beautiful aquariums holding an array of amazing fish, Chef introduced us to his wife and 8 kids (that's right, 8!) who all helped with bringing out the food and clearing the table- quite the family operation.

A genuinely lovely guy, Chef shared some of his views on life and also his passion for charity. He once grew his hair for 9 years just so he could cut it off and donate it to a Cancer charity!
With this in mind, we spoke about our own goal of raising $100,000 for Camp Quality (number 4 on the list) and without a moment to digest the information, Chef offered his help.
As such, Chef will be joining us this weekend for our charity fundraiser at Evraz Place, Regina, where we will be cooking Hotdogs for all who visit the Battle of the Ages care sale.

With Chef on board, he has promised gourmet hotdogs which are far beyond the limitations of what I would have cooked by myself- Thanks Chef James!

Again if you guys are interested in coming down and saying hello, check out the Facebook Event.

For now, i'm searching for trampoline to give to Tara's.

100Things... What's on your list?

August 10th, 2010...

2 Days Overdue

Different day, similar outcome.

It's mid afternoon here and is it any surprise that after speaking with Tara, there doesn't seem to be any chance of a baby today?

Tara is well, healthy and literally leading the lifestyle of someone who is far from pregnant (which is great!). The Roughriders are playing this Thursday and so she is currently in the midst of buying green face paint for her 2 kids because as she explaiuned to me in no uncertain terms; if there is no pregnancy between then and now, not much will stop her from attending the game!


Fundraiser this Saturday in Regina!

So if you're not a friend of ours on Facebook, you might not have heard about the fundraising event that we are having in Regina this Saturday. Courtesy of Rick and the Dilawri Automotive Group we have been invited to give away free hotdogs at the Battle of the Ages car sale on Saturday. We will have a donations bucket on site and so if you're interested in saying hello or looking at some cars and have a few 'loonies' or 'toonies' to spare, come on down!!

I must admit I never thought that meeting me would be something to advertise but apparently it is (even if they did get my name the wrong way around haha)!

If you would like to check out the event of Facebook, click here for more info and if you want to add us, feel free by clicking on the Facebook logo in yesterday's post.

Camp Quality- Our charity

When we started our journey, Number 4 on our list was to Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality.

Just over a year later and we've already accomplished this thanks to hundreds of donations world-wide. As such, we thought we would simply lift the bar and now we are trying to raise $100,000 instead!

If you are feeling generous and would like to help out a very worthy cause, please just click on the logo above. you'l be directed to a donation page. Remember that if you're in Canada or any country outside of Australia, all you have to do is type your city in the 'Suburb' field, '0000' in the postcode field and finally 'Sydney' as your local CQ branch.

We appreciate all your help!

100Things T-shirts

So we've been receiving a lot of emails over the past few months asking us if we sell our t-shirts. The answer has previously been no but after saying no too many times we are certainly thinking of doing it now.

White Shirt Black Shirt

We'd be very interested to gauge interest and so if you think you might be interested, we'd love to hear from you. If you have any interest, just email us at info@100things.com.au

Ok, it's time to buy myself some green face paint as I think we might be heading to see the Riders face off against the BC Lions in a few days!

Here's wishing Tara some luck!

100Things... What's on your list?

August 9th, 2010...

1 Day Overdue

It's Monday morning here and we're still waiting on Tara's baby. I am currently looking at taking up knitting and I think Tara is thinking the same.

We'll keep you updated as the day unfolds but for now we'd like to say a HUGE thank you to the guys at HELLO BABY.

Hello Baby is Regina's local baby store specializing in high quality baby products. Once they heard about Tara's story on our recent TV interview with Canada AM, Amy (the lovely owner) got in touch and offered to donate a gift to Tara and her baby. We won't give away what the gift is at this stage but lets just say that the little guy will be travelling in style.

We met with Amy down at the shop and she was just fantastic. A lovely lady and if you guys are looking for anything baby-related, go down and say hello to her. The shop is located at

Hello Baby

2555 Quance St E

Regina, SK
S4V 2X7
p 306 757-2229
f 306 584-3733

Charity Fundraiser this Saturday 14th August!

Another fantastic email that we have received was from a gentleman called Rick. He is throwing a huge event down at Evraz Place this Saturday and has offered to raise money for our charity CAMP QUALITY.

You may have seen that Number 4 on our list is to raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, the charity helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer, and so hopefully this weekend we meet some generous people willing to drop some change in our donation bucket.

The 'Battle of the Ages' event is saskatchewan's largest new vehicle sales event and so we're stoked to be involved. Starting from 11am-4pm, i'll be down at the event helping with food sales so if you're around, please come down and say hello! It would great to see you guys down there.

Right now, we have to check up with Tara to see how she is doing, but stay posted for an update soon!

If you're looking to stay in touch, please feel free to join us on Facebook and Twitter:

August 8th, 2010...


Well it's been 40 weeks of pregnancy for Tara as of today and we are all waiting to rush down to the hospital because today the baby is due!

The only problem however is that it appears that someone forgot to tell the baby this because as of this moment (6.06pm) there is still no sign of movement, so instead for Tara it's business as usual as she attends to family needs such as hair cutting and cleaning the house etc.

We have all bases covered in preparation for the birth and so once again all we can do is wait!

It must be soon, right?


The locals in Regina are absolutely fantastic. If we're not reading an email wishing us luck, we're being stopped in the street and offered a new idea on how to accomplish something from the list.

Yesterday was no different as I was invited to dinner by strangers Steve and Kathy who thought that I'd appreciate a home-cooked dinner. Of course they were correct and I said YES immediately. After taking me into their house, introducing me to their lovely family and serving up one of the most incredible meals ever, we all sat around and shared stories (one particular one from Steve really showing how will power can change your life around!). Now if that wasn't enough, as I left Kathy gave me a lovely card wishing me the best and also a donation for charity!

I just want to say a big thank you to their family (including Chelsea) and hopefully we can catch up soon.

We should also say a big thankyou to everyone else who has offered us a place to stay, a home-cooked dinner or an activity to do since being here. Things are fairly hectic and with being on red-alert for a birth and although we can't make it to all offers, we are most thankful!

My prediction for the baby is Tuesday, but in reality who know?

Keep posted and if you're reading this in Regina, keep an ear out for the Jim Smalley Noon-hour show on CKRM 620AM on the radio tomorrow. We'll be doing an hour of call-in!

100Things... What's on your list?

August 7th, 2010...

Baby Watch T Minus 2 days

After 40 weeks, Tara is still without her little man. In fact her Facebook status reads;

"We've made it through 40 weeks of pregnancy and apparently we're going to keep on going! Little guy is just too comfy in there!"

A night of screaming at the TV as the Roughriders lost a close match yesterday didn't seem to temp the little guy out. In fact I just rang Tara for the daily check-up and nothing seems to be any different; she's cooking chicken for dinner and is planning to watch a few DVD's with the family.

With the due date being TOMORROW, a good nights sleep might be just what we're after!

In keeping with trying to knock off another item from the list whilst we're here in Canada, our friend Roddy took us out to play some golf today. Number 18 on the list is of course to hit a hole in 1 and let me say that I was absolutely nowhere near achieving this! I was terrible!

If you haven't seen the video of my previous attempt of a hole in 1, check out the vid below.

It's trickier than you think!

To check out more vids from our adventure so far, go to our VIDEO page.

For now, we're crossing our fingers for Tara and hopefully tomorrow we can help her with her delivery....

August 6th, 2010...

Baby Watch- T minus 3 days

Don’t blink, we’re close… I think?
After a day of relaxation for Tara yesterday, I rang first thing this morning to check everything was OK. Natalia, her 10 yr old daughter, answered the phone and before I had a chance to ask how she was, she excitedly yelled down the phone;
“Mummy thinks the baby will come tonight or tomorrow morning. She’s having contractions!”
Needless to say I was instantly nervous but after being passed onto the relaxed sounding Tara, I was given a more controlled explanation. It turns out that Tara has been getting contractions every time that she over exerts herself. Whether it be walking, shopping or something similar. As a result, Tara explained that there wasn’t any real reason to start packing my hospital bag just yet, however she did say that there is a CFL game (gridiron) on tonight that might change things.
3 of the locals
Now I should explain at this stage that Tara, like almost everybody else in these parts of Canada, is an avid Saskatchewan Roughriders fan. The Roughriders are the local CFL team and have a huge following throughout Canada! I’m sure there are many melon-heads (supporters) reading this now in fact.
So Tara confesses to being a very vocal supporter and when she’s not at the game (like tonight) wearing her favourite green shirt she can be found in her living room yelling support at the TV.
Always laughing, Tara suggested that if the Roughriders were to win, that might be enough to encourage her little baby boy to pop out tonight.
We will see. Let’s go Riders!

A Boxing Match with the Mayor of Regina?
So after receiving hundreds of email suggestions over the past few days in regards to what items we could tick from the list whilst in Regina, we thought we’d make some enquiries today.
Turns out that ticking off Number 52 Sports Streak at a Roughriders game is a bad idea, with fines and imprisonment being a standard punishment, BUT there is a chance of organizing Number 22- Boxing Match.
You see, someone told us that the Mayor of Regina, Major Pat Fiacco, is a national boxing champ! We had to find out more. After all, what would be funnier than being knocked out by the mayor of this lovely city.
So anyway first thing this morning we ventured down to City Hall to try and start a fight.
The sign-in sheet @ City Hall
I have to say that the Mayor turned out to be an absolute legend, and not only was he a national boxing champ of Canada, but he’s also completed an Ironman event, met the Queen, refereed at the Olympics, and has a wicked sense of humour.
Mayor Pat giving me a Left hook
After an hour of laughing, it looks like we’re heading down to a boxing gym next week to take a look around. Watch this space!
As we said, a lovely individual and we wish him and his wife a happy anniversary for today!
If you have any suggestions, please let us know and remember that we'll be in Winnipeg on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd!

Great Support for Tara
The supportive messages for Tara and her baby have been plentiful and today we have been shown some amazing generosity from a local company here in Regina. We will talk about this more next week after the baby has been delivered.
All we can say at this stage is thankyou Amy!
Stay posted for more news tomorrow.
100Things... What's on your list?

August 5th, 2010...

Baby Watch- T minus 4 days

Well I guess this is what they call the calm before the storm. Tara managed to have a day to herself today (the 1st in a while) and decided to put her feet up looking forward to her new found silence. It's mid afternoon now and there's no indication that we'll be rushing to the hospital this afternoon... but who knows?

Kind Messages & New Ideas

Again today we have been flooded with supportive messages for Tara from people all around Canada and on behalf of her and the baby-to-be, we thank you.

Of all the messages that we have received, we've also been sent some suggestions of things that we could do whilst we wait it out here in Regina. Some of these items would be ticks from the list, others not so much, but all of them are great, if not a little weird!

Here's just a few:

- Cattle Drive (October)
- Take a Stranger to Lunch (thanks for the offers!)
- Enter Hotdog-eating Competition this week in Regina (August 8th)
- Sports Streak at the next Saskatchewan Roughriders game (August 12th)
- Throw a Party
- Ice Fishing (Winter)
- Olympic Ski Jump (Alberta)
- Become a Bone Marrow Donor

The list goes on and we are considering them all, trust us! Any more ideas of course and please let us know by emailing info@100things.com.au.

In keeping with some of the great press we've been lucky enough to receive of late, here is the latest interview from the Canada AM show- click on the screen shot below.
Notice that I was unaware that we were filming until they actually started speaking to me! I think they thought I was a little crazy as well? (Reminder that some regions may not be able to view the videos)

Our Newest Campaigner

Can we also introduce you to our newest campaigner; Sara C.

Sara has decided to join our Campaigners page and share her list with us all as she strives to complete some awesome items from it. From shooting a gun (above) to experiencing Zero-Gravity, Sara has a great time ahead and we wish her the best of luck!

To check out Sara's page, click HERE.

If you fancy becoming a Campaigner yourself, why not check HOW TO BE A CAMPAIGNER and let simply let us know!

100Things... What's on your list?

August 4th, 2010...

Baby Watch- T minus 5 days

Still no sign of the little man.

For those of you have just joined us, firstly; welcome! Secondly; I won't be offended (or surprised) if you're wondering what the hell this is all about!

Yes, it's true, we are currently in Regina, Canada awaiting the birth of a child. The mother, TaraLee, heard that Number 23 on the 100Things list is to Deliver a Baby and in an act of amazing generosity simply offered us the opportunity to help.

Perhaps the following CBC Canada interview aired this evening will give you a better idea of this amazing moment in both mine and Tara's life (you'll have to forward the vision to the 26th minute to see our segment).

We've been on the ground now in Regina for 3 days and there is no sign just yet that the little guy is ready to pop out. All we can do is wait.
Tomorrow, if the weather is fine, I will finally get to meet the rest of Tara's family and other than that all I can do is read all the fantastic pregnancy tips that you guys have sent in.
On that note, we just want to thanks everyone for their support for Tara over the last few days. It seems that Reginians and Canadaians alike are enjoying this story and you guys have been brilliant.

Charity- Number 4- Raise $100,00 for Camp Quality

If you'd like to donate Camp Quality, the charity helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer, please just click on the smiley face below to be take to the donation page.

We appreciate all your support.

Stay posted for Baby Watch Day 4 tomorrow.. it's getting closer!

August 3rd, 2010...

Baby Watch- T- minus 6 days

Finally, after phone calls, email messages and Facebook chat, today we got to meet TaraLee who has so generously offered me the opportunity to help at the birth of her child.

Tara, myself and her little man chilling out for the time being

A genuinely lovely person whose smile alone tells you just how excited she is to have her third child, we really feel lucky to be allowed to be part of her journey. The whole 100Things journey simply would not function without the generosity of others but more importantly than that, it's these people who we meet who in fact inspire and drive us even further. Tara is no different.

The strength that she has shown to mother two children as a single parent is testament to this and after meeting her bubbly daughter Natialia, we know that the new born baby boy will enter an incredibly supportive environment filled with love. As I say, it is very humbling to be a part of it all.

The first of many interviews today- crazy!

So on the back of our a front page article today in the local Leader Post we were contacted spontaneously by 4 Canadian TV networks who wanted to interview both Tara and I. We both thought why not? and so today has seen some hilarious interviews as lights, cameras and action filled the living room of my current residence (Thanks Roddy and Janita!). A lot of fun was had and what an interesting way for Tara to document the birth of soon to be little man.

Click on image below to see Global interview!

Global Regina

So with 6 days left until the expected birth of Tara's 3rd child we are just playing the waiting game at the moment.

Incredible Story

As this journey unfolds, we do meet people with incredible stories of courage and only today we have been touched by another.

In keeping with the theme of generosity, whilst in Regina I have been taken in by 2 old friends; Roddy and Janita. A home away from home, it's an absolute pleasure to be here. If i'm not laughing at one of Janita's jokes, I'm talking to Roddy about the rugby or mucking around with their kids. It is unbelievable to think that only 5 months ago, this amazing family was in jeopardy.

Janita one day felt pins and needles in her fingers and over the course of a week this numbing feeling had spread to all four limbs. A farm girl at heart, Janita refused to think that anything was wrong until that is she collapsed one day in front of her son. An emergency doctors visit drew the conclusion that she had contracted the rare condition known as Guillaine Barre Disease, a condition effecting the nervous system, and it wasn't long before Janita was paralyzed from the waste down.

Now to paint a picture of the sort of person Janita is, she told me of this terrible news in an email recently. You would think that an email of this nature would be very somber but it in fact one of the wittiest emails I have ever read.

This was a point form summary that Janita ended the email with:

  1. All of this would be extremely hilarious if it wasn't so serious. Who am I kidding....I laugh every time I fall. It's that or cry, which is no fun at all.
  2. I am so very blessed to have an understanding family and daycare to help out with the kids - I'm not strong enough to carry around Isla full-time yet, although my sister insists she's hard to pick up even for someone who's healthy! Yes, she's corn-fed.
  3. I always knew I worked for an amazing company, and they have been soooooo supportive. My boss called and said he doesn't want to see my face at work until I can look in the mirror and say I'm 100% normal. I reminded him that I've never been normal. My Doctor has told me to stay off until January, however my goal is to be back in the swing of things by November. A small step back towards feeling normal.
  4. Sufferers of Guillan-Barré liken the pain to that of intense over-exercising....I have not a hot f---ing clue what that would feel like. I must say though, the Tylenol 3 are working their magic. On that note, I may be on the cusp of falling prey to a serious case of the 'roids, as the evil side effects of Tylenol 3 wage war. I think I passed a portion of my large intestine yesterday.
6 months on, Janita is beating this life threatening disease.

An absolute legend whose inner-strength, humour and positive attitude is enough to inspire anyone, even in the worse of situations. Janita & Roddy, thanks for having me.

I asked Janita a long time ago what was 1 item on her list. Her answer was to write a book. Four years on from that conversation and Janiata showed me something today that makes me smile as I write this. It was her book that recently got published! Unbelievable, and what's more she has won some prestigious awards for it already. Check out her site by clicking on the front cover below!

100Things... What's on your list?

August 2nd, 2010...

Baby Watch- T- Minus 7 days
With the due date for TaraLee’s baby exactly 7 days away, I though it was about time that today I did a little research into the act of giving birth.
YouTube seemed a good start (thanks for the tip Bree) and within minutes I had found unedited footage of a lady giving birth. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my hand over my mouth holding back a silent scream, but none the less, I think it was a step in the right direction. I think I’m still sweating.
It also turns out that the local newspaper also finds the fact that I've flown to Regina to help a stranger give birth to their child quite interesting. After a brief phone interview and an impromptu photoshoot, we’re looking forward to seeing what promises to be a well-read front page story tomorrow morning in the Leader Post. In the meantime, here's the website preview...
Unfortunately however, we didn’t get to meet Tara and her family today as planned, as she felt quite sick this morning and has been laying low all day. Ginger Ale was the best form of medicine apparently. Could this be a sign that the baby is ready to come and meet everyone? Who knows. Only time will tell.

Tomorrow we have planned to take part in a pre-natal class so keep posted for what promises to be a very interesting day!
100Things... What's on your list?

August 1st, 2010...

Baby Watch- T minus 8 Days

So after 38 hours of travel, 4 planes rides, 1 lost bag and a night spent sleeping in an airport, we are over the moon to declare that we made it to Regina, Canada!

Better news yet, we did not miss the delivery!

This may all seem quite confusing if you've just joined us, so let me fill you in:

Number 23- Deliver a Baby

So a few months ago we put a little message on our Facebook page saying;

"Help Needed: Planning for Number 27- Be a Wedding Minister, Number 23- Deliver a Baby, and 34- Celebrity Kiss. Any ideas?"

It never hurts to ask, right?

Sure enough we had loads of great responses but one girl by the name of TaraLee went one stage further and emailed us saying that she was pregnant and was due to have her baby on the 8th August. She then went on to say that if we were in Canada any where near that time, she'd be happy to have us come along and help with the delivery! Amazing.

Needless to say, we said yes that is why we find our selves in Regina, Canada today.

TaraLee, we can't thank you enough for your generosity!

Meet TaraLee?

Bizarrely enough, TaraLee and I are essentially complete strangers. We did actually meet once about 4 years ago (we made small talk for 5 minutes at a cafe in Canada) but that was it.

So you can imagine how surprised we were to receive Tara's email inviting us to share such a personal and emotional experience with her!

Having flown over to Canada very much clueless in relation to knowing any real details about Tara or her pregnancy, it was great to speak over the phone for the first time since arriving here this morning.

TaraLee with her two kids, Talyn and Natalia

Tara is a young mother of 2 children already. Talyn is 10 years old and Natalia, 8 years old.

Surrounded by an extremely supportive family, Tara, now single, is scheduled to give birth on August 8th. A recent split with her partner never for one moment compromised her decision to have here third child and it really was incredible to hear such a positive attitude over the phone!

Thankfully, all doctor consultations and check-ups have yielded perfect pre-pregnancy tests and everything is looking great. Apparently a third child would usually suggest that a pre-mature birth but contrary to this, Tara's little man (yes, it's a boy) is looking particularly comfortable in the womb and has shown no urgency to say hello to the new world as yet.

He obviously hasn't read his invite to Tara's sisters wedding on 21st August. The problem here is that Tara will actually be Bridesmaid on the day and her dress was fitted before she was pregnant so the little man has to get a move on so that Mum can fit the dress!

With no option for home birth in Regina, Tara will be giving birth at the local hospital. I am lucky enough to be one of only 2 people she is allowed in the room to offer support, her mother being the other.

Tomorrow we will actually meet for the first time.

So, why did she make this amazing offer to me?

I'll be honest, I was just as curious to hear why Tara invited me to be part of her pregnancy as you are. I'm sure it's a question that she has heard a lot recently and so when I asked her on the phone this morning, she simply said;

"I couldn't think why not. Its an amazing moment and one that you really have to experience so i'm happy to help"

With such a generous and laid back attitude, it's hard not to feel lucky to be involved with Tara's third birth.

And so with that mindset making 100% sense to me, I have made myself available to help in whatever way possible before, during and after the pregnancy.

No doubt that the next week or two will be something not to forget and with a with a Pre Natal Class booked for Tuesday I dare say it might be quite funny as well!

Keep posted for our daily Baby Watch updates.

July 31st, 2010...


Currently sitting in Calgary Airport, Canada, you can imagine what an interesting time I had explaining to the female customs agent as to why I'm visiting Canada,

"And so Mr Terry, why have you come to Canada?"
"Well I am going to help deliver someones baby."

Thankfully, I got through, and now with 36 hours of travel behind me, 1 lost bag and body odor to suggest that I have I am allergic to water, I have 1 final flight to catch in 10 minutes to Regina, Canada where I will be meeting TaraLee in order to tick off Number 23- Deliver a Baby!

Get ready for the Baby-Watch counter!

Must run, plane to catch.

100Things... What's on your list?

July 28th, 2010...

Thanks for the Support!

With only 2 days to go until we ship out to Canada its seems that we've has been getting some great support.

As always a big thank you to the girls from Australia's The Circle (TV Show) for another 3am skype interview and also thanks to the lovely Bree Amer from Gold Coast's Sea FM for a recent 4am phone call from Switzerland (I can't wait to get back to Australia just so we can talk at normal hours!). Always makes us happy to know that we have some love from back in Australia!

If you fancy hearing the Sea FM interview in 2 parts, just click on the vids below.

Part 1

Part 2

Charity Offer

Now this week you may have heard that we reached our goal of raising $10,000 for Camp Quality. We are still over the moon about this BUT we then quickly decided to to up the anti to a $100,000. Why not, we thought.

With this decision being made, we were contacted straight away by Dale Mervin, a Sydney-based photographer, who wanted to help.

Dale runs his company "Northern Beaches Wedding Photography" from the same area that I grew up in Sydney and has decided to help our charity by making an amazing offer:

For the duration of the 100Things journey Dale is going to donate 10% of all his fee's to Camp Quality. All you have to do is mention the 100Things journey.

So if you need photos taken or know anyone who is getting married or having a function, why not check his website and also read the blurb below. Hopefully together we can raise some more money for Camp Quality!

"Northern Beaches Wedding Photography is a Sydney based wedding, portrait and corporate function photography service. Our founder, Dale Mervin, was trained in the field by some of London and Sydney’s best photographers and now brings a traditional feel to his contemporary style to his work.

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography is proud to be associated with Sebastain Terry's quest to complete his 100 Things' bucket list and raise $100,000 for Camp Quality. In an effort to help him reach this incredible goal, just mention '100 Things' when you book your wedding, portrait session or corporate event with us and we will donate 10% of the profit to Seb's target until the bucket list is complete. Let's help Seb help sick kids and their families and reach $100,000"

A huge thanks to Dale for his generosity, it really makes this whole journey more fulfilling.

If you'd like to donate Camp Quality, the charity heloing kids and famillies affected by Cancer, please just click on the smiley face below to be take to the donation page.

We appreciate all your support.

Righto, must start packing.

100Things... What's on your list?

July 27th, 2010...

Three days until we up and leave for Canada and there is still so much to do!

Geneva, Switzerland has been home for the past 6 months and it's definitely a little sad to say goodbye.

We moved here at the start of the year with the intention of ticking off item Number 46- Learn French, and our recent walk across France really put this to the test. We are well on the way! Turns out that enrolling at French-school, joining a French rugby team and eating chocolate croissants did help.

On top of this, Geneva has been a great place to tick off some other items as well and below is a list of what we have managed to do in our time here (click on links for stories, pics and vids):

and we also attempted

- Number 18- Hole in One

It's been amazing and we can only hope that we keep up the same rate as we move on to Canada and the USA before hitting our home shores of Australia later in the year.

Stay posted for more information of the generous soul who has offered us to help deliver her baby!

100Things... What's on your list?

July 26th, 2010...

Number 4- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality & Number 23- Deliver a Baby

I'll admit, when people discover that delivering a baby is on my list, they often laugh before checking again if I'm serious.

The 100Things list is comprised of 100 items all offering a different type of experience. In this lays the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, a place I like to explore. Accordingly, being on-hand to help a newly born into the world is something which will no doubt be an experience to remember and one which is very special for all involved.

Of course the big hurdle with this item is to find someone willing to have me present at the birth of their child. A tall order indeed. But, as we've found so often with this 100Things journey, magic happens and surprisingly we've been offered the opportunity to help deliver a baby on quite a few occasions in the last year.
Unfortunately however, logistics never quite worked out with many of the offers, that was of course until TaraLee contacted me from Regina, Canada!

It was a simple email message that we received simply wondering if we would be interested in helping with her expected August 8th delivery. A very generous offer indeed and one which we jumped at! Many thanks TaraLee who we will be introducing to you in the next few days.

So Friday see's us up and leave for Canada from what has been an amazing 6 months living in Geneva, Switzerland where I've attacked Number 46- Learn French. We'll take a look back over all the other items which we've managed to tick as well over this period in the next few days as well.

Number 4- Raise $10,000 for Camp Quality- COMPLETE

For just over a year now we have been raising money for Camp Quality with the aim of raising $10,000. All money raised goes towards helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer.

Thankfully, we've received amazingly generous donations from friends and strangers alike since Day 1 of the journey and we are absolutely stoked to announce now for the first time that this week we have reached our goal this week- $10,000!!

Simply stoked and a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to Camp Quality over the past 13 months. Your kindness has helped to put a smile on the faces of many children! 100Things will also be visiting Camp Quality later this year to say a little hello.

However, with such a HUGE tick next to this item it's made us think "Why stop here?". So we've decided to raise the bar; as of today we are now attempting to raise $100,000. Why not?

As well as being able to contribute on-line (see below), 100Things will be throwing a fundraising event of some sort back in Australia towards the end of the year. We have no idea what just yet so any ideas are greatly appreciated!

So if you fancy helping out with what is an amazing cause in Camp Quality, feel free to show some love by clicking in the logo below and donating any amount!

All donations are tax deductible of course.

Remember to keep posted over the next few days to meet the lovely TaraLee but for now we have to start packing!

Become a Campaigner!

So with our Campaigners Page growing by the day, we're wondering if YOU are you a little tempted at starting your own list?

If you're interested in becoming a Campaigner or want to know more, check out How to Become a Campaigner. It's an easy 1-step process to chasing down your dreams and the best thing about becoming a Campaigner is that without knowing it, you will encourage someone else in a positive way!

100Things... What's on your list?

July 25th, 2010...

Big News

There is no doubt about it, this week is huge for 100Things!

Without giving too much away we will be ticking off one of the most bizarre items from the list thanks to a particularly generous girl in Regina, Canada who we will introduce you to in the coming days.

HINT: A mother of two already, she has been waiting 9 months for this!

Also we will be ticking off another item which would not have been possible without you guys! A testament to even more generosity, there will be many kids with happy faces for this one!


Number 36- Walk Across a Country

Now with our feet still blistered from walking 650km across France, we are now writing up a little account of the 15 day journey but in the meantime we thought we'd collect all our Facebook updates from Day 1 to Day 15 to give you a little insight into our incredible journey.

Number 36- Walk Across a Country (France) starts in 12 hours! Wish me and Matty Southcombe luck as we attempt to tackle 650km in 16 days! Updates athttp://100things.com.au/ . . Feel free to call us on the 'Walk Phone'- 00 41 788 171 349 or even donate to Camp Quality.. almost at 10,000 dollars! :)

Day 1: started 4hrs behind schedule, walked in wrong direction for 1hr, crossed a rail way bridge on foot, met a bloke cycling around the world (its a bloody heavy bike!), found a deer skeleton as we bush trekked for an hour and now setting up camp on the side of a river roughly 30km away from where we started 6 hours ago..... what a day and i cant feel my feet :) On track!

Day 2: pub owner looking over my shoulder as i write from Nurieux.... First train tunnel run (scary), played guitar with locals at beatiful lake, won a toy dolphin at village fair, found out that blisters are not a myth, forced to go for a number 2 on a deserted railway line and now have no time to check any messages for fear of being shot... all good in darkest france... x x

Day 3.. Crossed massive mountain via railway track (longest train tunnel 2.8km). Finally found flat ground 5hrs later on the way to Bourge en Brasse. Managed to mimmick scene from, 'My Girl' earlier as we fled a plague of angry bees near a river... definitely didnt help with the blisters which by the way are causing me to walk like a cowboy! 3 days almost down and it's time to get serious... my god it's hot out here!

Day 4... Long hard slog on 30 km straight road, feet were finding it hard to cope emotionally until we found 'Trojan' an abonded shopping trolley... the beginning of a beautiful relationship. We now officially look like we're homeless. Thank to Mrs Southcombe for the $200 donation!

Day 5- Trojan the trolley it turns out has a devious side and today he persuaded Matty and myself to walk 10 km down the side of a Freeway... we found out this was illegal as a rescue team put us in the back of their giant orange rescue truck and dropped us off at the next exit... That led to a day of walking a trolley through French country side to the amusement of farmer passing by on their tractors....

Day 6- Morale low after sleeping off a storm in public toilets but met Aussie couple on Dutch Barge floating down a canal. After mothering us with food and love, we punched out 47km and treated ourselves to some lavish accomodation next to a tree in the Diou public park

Day 7- A hot day chased us till 12pm where Matty, Trojan the trolley & myself stopped by a private lake for lunch. As i bit into a warm Tuna sandwich a hungry insect decided to mount my face & bite me causing my eye to swell instantly into a tennis ball. Literally just stepped out of the hospital & look like Rocky! Trojan now rests 20 kms away next to a lake (he loved the water)...9 days left & 385kms left to conquer

Day 8- Just when we thought it safe to get back into the water, my eye seems to have swollen to magnificent proportions over night! Now resembling the elephant man, we have decided to have a rest day. Perhaps people will throw money at me if i beg on the streets?

Day 9 & 10: Back on the road and we're lighting it up! We found a new trolley called 'Prospect', flew a 4-seater plane whilst on our fancy-dress day yesterday and only have about 200km to go! oh, and we stink....

Day 11: Realisation that we officially looks like bums but on the plus size it seems our legs are getting to used to walking and it somehow feels easier today!

Day 12- brush with friendly police leads to another 50km day for the 3 of us. 133 km left with two days to spare... Oh the tension!

Day 13- Its a huge mental battle now; 82 km to go (we are in Maixent) and were planning on reaching the beach tomorrow! Feet are sore, shoes are close to falling apart and we literally just lost the map haha

Day 14- The end? Matty, Prospect & myself are sitting down in La Rochelle BUT for some reason we dont feel finished. A strange feeling indeed. So after just speaking with a local about a nearby island connected to the mainland by bridge, we have decided that we will walk a little further. Tomorrow we leave for Ile De Ré, a final 14km stint.. white beaches and surfqble waves await! 1 more day left!

Day 15- Number 36: Walk across a Country- COMPLETE! We dropped off 'Prospect' at the local supermarket & now struggling for energy on Ile de Re! Amazing journey and a big thanks to my partner in crime; Matthy Southcombe. 650km walked across France in 15 days.. Railways, tunnels, french country side, sleeping in fields, police interuptions, 1 hospital visit, a new trolley-friend, flew a plane, dressed in pink for a day and even money raised for charity! think we need a day to take it all in! thanks to all for your support.. Stories to follow!

Now if you'd like to be kept up to date with what's going on in our strange little world, why not join our Facebook & Twitter pages yourself?

Just click on the Facebook logo below and add us, easy!
Keep posted for an action-packed week!

100Things... What's on your list?

July 23rd, 2010...

We're back! Number 36- Walk Across a Country: COMPLETE!

After 16 days of walking across the width of France (East to West), we can proudly say that we have now ticked off item Number 36- Walk Across a Country.

Early on in the trip we found a shopping trolley on the side of a road and so we decided to throw our bags into and start pushing. As it turned out we ended up pushing the trolley all the way across France with us!

What a trip!

650km was the distance we covered as we left Geneva, Switzerland, on foot headed for La Rochelle on the West Coast where we met the Atlantic ocean. We passed through mountain ranges, typical French country side, small villages, huge freeways and an absolute smorgass board of other scenes which we will never forget!

In point form heres a few highlights:

- Following railway lines through mountains and crossing through 3 km long railway tunnels deep within one of the most scenic areas of France

- Meeting a group of people playing music on the shores of Lake Nantua who invited is along with our ukulele

- Dressing in pink for a day courtesy of our "10 Euro Fashion Challenge Day"

- Walking past a small airfield where we were thrown in a plane and given flying lessons at 2,500ft (in pink!)

- Finding a shopping trolley early in the journey and deciding that we would throw our bags in it and push it across France with us!

- Sleeping in fields, under tables and even a public toilet on 1 occasion

- Being shown selfless generosity from complete strangers as I battled to speak to French

- Being stung on the eye by a mystery insect and having to bail to hospital resembling The Elephant Man

- Discovering that the French Police (Gendarmerie) are actually really cool people with a wicked sense of humour

- Meeting with good friend, Kellar, at La Rochelle ending our journey in comfort and style

So the story will be released soon along with some photos, but a huge thanks to Matty Southcombe who accompanied me and also to everyone we met along the way. Truly a journey that we will never forget.

Big News with Camp Quality!

Number 4 on the list is of course to raise $10,000 for Camp Quality, the charity helping kids and famillies affected by Cancer, and with this in mind we are about to share some great news this week.

We've been receiving some amazing donations and we think it's time to reassess our target!

Watch this space!

Live Every Documentary Premiere

As a great finish to our big walk across France, we also managed to make it in time for the London Premiere of the Live Every Litre documentary which 100Things was featured in.

Turning up smelling like two blokes who literally had just walked across a country with no showers, we were well out of place but enjoyed what was an incredible night!

The documentary is simple brilliant and never in my life would I have thought that I would be sat with 500 other people watching me skydive naked! Funny stuff.

The doco itself is looking as though it will find itself onto TV soon so fingers crossed for that. IN the mean time check out the cool little trailer:

Email Glitch

Having not been on any sort of decent internet connection for the past few weeks, we have only just realised that all emails you been sending have been bouncing back due to a full inbox and so we have not received anything! If you did send us anything and you didn't receive anything back, please re-send and we'll get to it asap!


100Things... What's on your list?

July 4th, 2010...

Number 36- Walk Across a Country... Journey starts TOMORROW!

It's Sunday here, and i'm excited, anxious and also nervous. Tomorrow myself and Matty Southcombe will start our walk across France.

Essentials- Standard Issue

The Plan:

Leaving from Geneva, Switzerland, our aim to is walk due-West, straight across France, until we hit the Atlantic Ocean on the French West Coast. In the process we will have to cross 650km of land and we think also 1 volcanic region.

The Tricky Bits:

What would an adventure be without some tricky bits?

Sure, by itself 650km is a great challenge, but there are other factors making this slightly more interesting as well:

- The Maths- I have to be in London by July 21st for the premiere of the Live Every Litredocumentary. As such this gives us only 16 full days of walking. This means we will have to cover about 41km a day to reach our target!

- The Heat: It's literally 30 degrees in Geneva today and the heat is stifling. With heavy backpacks, we will need to take plenty off water to avoid dehydration.

- The Route: Luckily, Matty is in the Australian Air Force and for this reason i'm hoping he is good at navigating. It's easy to follow a road but when walking off the beaten track with no signs, one wrong turn cold ruin a full day of walking.

- The Language: So i've been learning French over the past few months and I'm happy to say that there have been huge improvements (not hard when you start at zero!). Having said this, we will be walking through isolated parts of France where the locals will not speak a word of English and so we'll have some fun trying to communicate.

- Entertainment: Matty and I have joked that we will probably hate each other by the end of this trip and so to act as a peace maker we will be taking my trusty Ukulele. Our skills are very limited but if all else fails at least we can write songs to vent out frustration.

There are probably a few more points to be made here but why focus on the negatives!


Due to the unknown area's that we'll be walking through, daily updates are unlikely. In the event that we do stumble across, we'll let you know our progress.

In the mean time, if you fancy keeping us company or even want to encourage us along the way, why not give us a ring on our 'Walk-Phone'- +41 788 171 349

The Charity:

If you fancy supporting our chosen charity along the way, please do. Not only will it keep us walking with a smile on our face, but more importantly you will be supporting a great cause.

You can donate by clicking on the logo below.

Camp Quality help kids and famillies affected by Cancer and by donating you will be putting smiles on the faces of amazing kids through out Australia!

So for now, it's one last night of civilization for us before we hit the road.

Wish us luck!

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