Rachel Betteridge

Rachel Betteridge

"life is nothing at all unless one great big exciting adventure"

Nik name- BB

D.O.B- 14th October, 1989

Nationality- British

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? It is a great way for others to see that they to can do it and can fight against the odds to make their dreams a reality too. i want to inspire others and BE inspired by others as humans we are natural curious but i dont want to wonder what it could have been when its too late to do anything about.

What's on your list?

1. Participate in pamplonas bull run
2. Go sand boarding
3. Ride a camel into the desert
4. Ride a bull at a rodeo
5. Go surf boarding
6. Bobsleigh
7. Swim with sharks
8. Run a naked mile
9. Build a go kart
10. Abseil from a helicopter
11. Water skiing
12. Paraglide
13. Scuba dive the great barrier reef
14. Go to the stunt academy in Brisbane
15. Run a marathon
16. Fly from 50 different airports worldwide
17. Picnic in central park
18. Drink a real Guinness in Dublin
19. Go BASE jumping
20. Do a stage dive
21. Bungee jump
22. Learn pakour/free running
23. White water rafting
24. Para motoring
25. Canyon swinging
26. Hike to the bottom of the grand canyon
27. Dive route 69 in a convertible naked
28. Busk
29. Ride an elephant
30. Climb the 7 summits
31. Ride cable car across san Francisco
32. Wrestle an alligator /croc not fused which
33. Learn to pilot a small plane
34. Watch the changing of the guards Buckingham palace (i have been 5 times to see it but something always stops me seeing it L
35. Learn another language
36. Test drive a Ferrari
37. Participate in tough guy challenge uk
38. Go on a safari
39. Drive the autobahn germany
40. Go Disneyland
41. Tour de france
42. Visit Australian outback
43. See live cricket series
44. Break a world record
45. Swim the English channel
46. Climb golden gate bridge
47. Climb Sydney harbour bridge
48. Learn the art of bell ringing in a church
49. St Patricks day parade in Dublin
50. Make a slam dunk
51. Vegas shotgun wedding
52. Make 1000 origami cranes(learn how to make origami cranes first)
53. Biathalon
54. Tri athalon
55. Take on a pro at something
56. Do a sports match streak
57. Climb the Hollywood sign
58. Invent/ discover something of significance
59. Ride a unicycle
60. Visit jack daniels distillery.
61. Own my own house
62. Inca trail of macchu pichu
63. Shower in a waterfall
64. Drive the most dangerous road in Bolivia
65. Eat in the underwater restaurant in Fiji
66. Stay in an ice hotel
67. Build/ make my mum’s memorial garden
68. Zoo keeper for a day
69. Own a snake as a pet ( i want a ball python i did want a croc when i was younger too)
70. Ride a gondola
71. Run to the top of statue of liberty
72. Get a degree
73. Get to the top of empire state building
74. Throw the biggest best party this side of the millennium
75. Hold a monkey
76. Do road trip of Europe
77. Road trip of America
78. New Orleans jazz festival
79. Be someone’s mentor
80. La tomatina bunol big tomato fight in Spain
81. Be my own boss
82. Plant a tree
83. Teach someone illiterate to read
84. Oktoberfest Munich Germany
85. Send a message in a bottle
86. Get passionate about a cause and help it
87. Raise awareness for ADHD
88. Ride on a sleeper train
89. Sold some of my artwork to someone I don’t know
90. Ride a motorcycle
91. Fire a gun (shotgun, pistol, rifle, machine gun etc)
92. Pose nude in front of strangers
93. Get married
94. Get flowers for no reason
95. Seen/helped an animal or human to give birth (deliver a baby)
96. Get a cool tattoo
97. Visit all 50 states of America
98. Drive a fire engine and/or ambulance
99. Ice climbing
100. Mountain boarding

Help a Stranger

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Somethings i have already done;

1. Skydive (it was brilliant i recommend you do one if its not already on your list add it.)
2. Gully bashing
3. Coastering
4. Rock climbing both indoors and outdoors( only begineer taster sessions but its a start)
5. Ski (again only taster sessions but its a start)
6. Record music (from both sides of the booth it was for a college assignment but its one of the first steps)
7. Kayaking
8. Archery
9. Open top bus in London
10. ate sushi
11. performed on stage
12. toured houses of parliament
13. seen the crown jewels in the London tower
14. stood behind a police riot shield
15. threw stuff at a police riot shield
16. jumped in the sea fully clothed and naked the later one was really cold but fun
17. zipwire
18. slept under the stars
19. slept on a beach
20. tightrope walking and highwires
21. plate spinning
22. inhailed helium (i know lots of people have but it was on the list)
23. crashed a party
24. got back stage after a show (twice just walked in once legitimately had passes)
25. thrown a javelin and shotput
26. open a beer bottle with my teeth
27. started a fire with flint
28. held a range of reptiles such as snakes lizards geckos and a tarantula (i know a tarantula isn’t a reptile)
29. petted a sting ray (and a baby shark in captivity i didn’t know it was a shark and i did it then we got told not to put hands in the tank because they were sharks too late now i said then got to help the staff present the shark and ray demonstration because i wouldn’t shut about the sharks i was obsessed and about 8 at the time)
30. had a massive food fight and got in a massive amount of trouble
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