Ali Dawson

Ali Dawson

"Imagine, dream, believe..."

Nik name- Ali

D.O.B- 28th January, 1984

Nationality- Australia

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? I'm lucky enough to do alot of the things I want, but so many people out there aren't as fortunate. If I can help them in anyway live their dreams, I will!

What's on your list?

"Friends, acquaintances and people I don't know - EVERYONE should have their own list. It makes life more exciting!"

1. Accept myself despite any flaws

2. Approach a really hot guy I've never seen and kiss him/ask out the man of my dreams

3. Ask my boss for a raise

4. Attend a major sporting event

5. Be a contestant on a game show

6. Be a member of a TV audience

7. Be an extra on a TV show/in a film

8. Be photographed for a magazine

9. Buy a round-the-world ticket and travel

10. Climb a large mountain

11. Create my family tree

12. Dance on stage at a major concert/sing in front of a lot of people

13. Donate blood

14. Do something ‘naughty’ in public (Nudie run in Canberra, 2004)

15. Draw a mural

16. Drink a beer at Oktoberfest

17. Drive a convertible with the top down and the music blaring

18. Drive across the US

19. Drive the autobahn in Germany

20. Eat snails or frog's legs

21. Experience a white Christmas

22. Experience zero gravity/go into space

23. Fall asleep in a crowded place

24. Fall in love

25. Find a job I love

26. Forgive someone

27. Get a tertiary degree

28. Get a tattoo (see #100)

29. Get in the Guinness Book of World Records

30. Get married

31. Get passionate about a cause

32. Get something named after you

33. Give a stranger a $100

34. Go on a blind date

35. Go paragliding

36. Go skinny dipping

37. Go to Antarctica

38. Go to Carnival in Brazil/Mardi Gras in New Orleans

39. Go up in a hot air balloon

40. Have children

41. Have my portrait painted

42. Help deliver a baby

43. Jump off a waterfall

44. Kiss a celebrity

45. Hold/touch the NRL grand final trophy

46. Learn how to play an instrument

47. Learn how to speak a foreign language and use it

48. Learn how to take a compliment

49. Learn not to say yes when I really mean no

50. Learn to pull a beer

51. Learn to ice-skate properly

52. Learn to ski

53. Learn to surf

54. Lose more money than I can afford in Las Vegas

55. Make a fool of myself

56. Make an important speech

57. Make the front page of a newspaper

58. Meet a famous rock band

59. Overcome my fear of failure

60. Own an expensive dress

61. Own a Tiffany’s & Co diamond ring

62. Own my own dog

63. Participate in a parade

64. Party with a rock star

65. Pay for someone else's groceries

66. Pay off a mortgage

67. Play sport with a famous athlete

68. Raft through the grand canyon

69. Ride an upside-down rollercoaster

70. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer through Canada

71. Ride through the desert on a camel

72. Run a marathon

73. Run to the top of the State of Liberty

74. Save a life

75. Scream at the top of your lungs

76. Scuba dive off the great barrier reef

77. See a dead body

78. See a lunar eclipse

79. See the Galapagos giant tortoise

80. See the Pyramids of Egypt

81. Send a message in a bottle

82. Sit on a jury

83. Skydive

84. Sleep under the stars

85. Spend a whole day reading a book

86. Spend new year's eve in an exotic location

87. Spend the whole day eating junk food without feeling guilty

88. Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without sleep

89. Swim with sharks or dolphins

90. Teach a school class

91. Tell someone your life story

92. Throw a surprise party

93. Visit a concentration camp

94. Visit a prison

95. Visit and meet a world leader

96. Visit the Holy City

97. Win an award

98. Win a large amount of money

99. Write a book

100. Get a tattoo by Ami James of Miami Ink

101. Live life with no regrets

102. Experience New Year's Eve in Times Square

103. Compete in a triathlon

104. Get plastic/cosmetic surgery

105. Drive on the right-hand side of the road

106. Read Time Magazine's 100 greatest books of all time

107. Go to a bar/restaurant/pub by myself

108. Campaign the clemency of a death row inmate


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