Nic Kaye

Nic Kaye

"In what size enclosure would I have the best chance fighting a horse?"

Nik name- Pug-nosed Gimp

D.O.B- 19th March, 1984

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? I heard that this guy called Sebastian was looking for someone to cycle around Cuba with him and so I literally hopped in the next plane from Australia. That was the beginning!

What's on your list?

Running with Bulls

$1000 on Black (DONE)

Work O/S

Mushrooms in the Forrest (DONE)


Medical Trial (DONE)

Burning Man

Speed Dating

Fortune Teller

India by Train

Shoot a Gun


TV Show (DONE)

Cycle through Cuba (DONE)

South America

Throw a Dart at a Map

Song Performance


Street Busking (DONE)

Surf Safari (DONE)

Boxing Match (DONE)

Mile High

Join a Protest



Learn Salsa

News Headline

Sail the Sea's


Sponsor a Child


Own a Harley

Moto Licence

Learn Spanish

Ice Fishing (DONE)

Investment Property

Own a Company

Cross Desert/Rally

Skydive/Hang-glide Naked

Get a tattoo by a friend

Gnarly Adventure

Surf Teahupoo’s

Surf River Wave (DONE)



Celebrity Kiss

Fly a Mig

Climb Hectic Mountain/Summit

Volunteer O/S

Aurora Borealis (DONE)

Live Off the Land for 1 Week +

La Tomatina

Catch a Marlin (DONE)

Original Songs (DONE)

Swim with Sharks (DONE)

Drive Race Car

Harley Across USA

Every Continent

Sports physio and manips masters


Piss-take proposal

Foursome (no men)

Come up with atleast 10 hilarious and original things

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