Adam Wallace

Adam Wallace

"I know some of those things on the list may make no sense, or seem minor (i.e beanbag!) but they do have a reason for being there!

Nik name- Wally

D.O.B- 19th September, 1972

Nationality- Well...... born in Australia to an English mother and Swiss Father

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? My list, much like me, has been sitting on it's arse! I have done a couple of things off it, but signing up here will make me get into gear I think, make it more real.has been

What's on your list?
  • I will be the best selling author from Australia
  • I will watch the sun rise in Tasmania
  • I will bring out minimum of 1 new book per year (so far so good!)
  • I will drink beer in Santorini (Done but want to go back)
  • I will learn origami
  • I will become fluent in piano
  • I will become fluent in Spanish
  • I will be at the premier of a musical I wrote
  • I will write a new movie or have one of my books made into a movie
  • I will be at the premier of a movie I wrote
  • I will wear a monocle
  • I will win awards for my writing (1 done, more to come)
  • I will start a foundation
  • I will donate $1,000,000 to charity
  • I will buy a house- trust me, if you knew me you may laugh at this 1
  • I will buy a house without needing to take out a loan (even if I do take out a loan)
  • I will run a 4 minute mile
  • I will run 10km in one go without stopping to walk!
  • I will be at Makhala’s first day of school (My niece, done!)
  • I will meet Will Ferrell
  • I will meet Adam Sandler
  • I will meet Kelly Clarkson
  • I will meet Greg Norman (Done, but I was off my nut drunk)
  • I will meet Steve Waugh
  • I will meet Drew Barrymore
  • I will meet Kate Hudson
  • I will be a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show discussing me and my books
  • I will record a guest role for The Simpsons
  • I will mentor another writer
  • I will write something in collaboration with someone else
  • I will be an ambassador for Make A Wish
  • I will release a book under a pseudonym (Done, as Seth Macavity!)
  • I will be a full-time writer (been going for 2 years and counting)
  • I will be led by joy
  • I will go camping
  • I will write a number one song
  • I will record a song onto a CD, with me singing
  • I will learn to raise one eyebrow
  • I will fully illustrate a picture book
  • I will write an adult novel
  • I will create a cocktail
  • I will have a clothing line
  • I will have a fragrance named after me
  • I will go on Hamish and Andy
  • I will have my own radio show
  • I will work with Eckhart
  • I will finance a movie or a play for Luke
  • I will own a hand chair
  • I will have a big room (as in with oversize things in it)
  • I will have a beanbag
  • I will introduce a couple to each other
  • I will learn the djembe properly
  • I will write an advertisement & hear it on radio and see it on TV
  • I will go to the moonlight cinema (Done)
  • I will have an exhibition
  • I will have a stand in bookstores with just my books on it
  • I will be at the ground to watch Collingwood win the Grand Final
  • I will have a box at the MCG
  • I will make up a new word that will be entered in the dictionary
  • I will shoot under par for 18 holes of golf
  • I will score over 200 in a game of ten-pin bowling
  • I will hit a hole in one
  • I will break the $1,000 barrier at a market (Done)
  • I will paint cartoons on the wall of my house
  • I will collaborate with Frank Woodley
  • I will send a song to the Wiggles and they will record it
  • I will learn shadow puppets
  • I will go to Disneyland
  • I will go kayaking/canoing
  • I will do talks/workshops, etc at Mak’s school (done)
  • I will go to Ayers Rock
  • I will own sea monkeys
  • I will learn the guitar
  • I will learn some magic tricks
  • I will complete a triathlon
  • I will go on a road trip
  • I will knock off a complete big crossword on the back of the SundayHerald Sun
  • I will face some serves from a top 10 tennis player
  • I will kick a goal on the MCG
  • I will make crop circles
  • I will throw a paper plane off a skyscraper
  • I will bungee jump

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