Tara Veitch- Number 4: Be Hypnotised

I studied Psychology at University which made me fully understand how powerful the mind is in terms of every day living and being able to achieve amazing and sometimes unbelievable feats. This led me to wonder if hypnotism has a true effect or is it just an act some performers can do for a laugh. I found a hypnotist in my local area who specialised in using hypnosis for giving up smoking and helping with weight loss. I thought this would be perfect for me as I am working on reaching my weightloss goals.

The session began with a half hour chat about why I was there and how I think hypnosis will help and thinking of possible reasons why I let myself get to the weight that I am. That done I made myself comfortable in a leather recliner and the hypnosis began, she counted down from 5 to zero with me getting more and more relaxed at each level by imagining a cool wave passing over me making me go “loose, limp and relaxed” once at the deepest level of consciousness whilst still being awake I was giving suggestions about picturing my ideal self and how my life was or would be once I had reached that goal. During this process I felt so peaceful and I have never felt so relaxed! Just imagine spending half an hour just on the verge of sleep and being aware of only the hypnotists voice and that is hypnosis. It is definitely a great way to reduce stress! After the half hour was up she counted back from 1 to 5 and at 5 I was wide awake and refreshed, I was amazed that I didn't feel groggy or still sleepy, I was ready to go out and go for a run or workout!!

Overall being hypnotised was a great feeling and I've been back a few times and it has made me more aware of lifestyle choices that I make and I have managed to be more exercise focused and make better food choices, without feeling like I am on a crazy strict diet.

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