Currently attempting Number 54- Riding a Scooter Across Australia...

Since being back in Australia, it's no secret that I've been flat out with organizing what is shaping up to be a huge 2011 for 100Things. The creation of a book (to be released near Christmas) as well as a growing speaking diary are both really exciting opportunities but at the same time have both been assignments that have kept me busy at home, sat on my laptop. Of course this is needed process and one tat I enjoy but amongst this I've definitely been itching to get stuck back into the list for a little while now. This is why I'm so excited about tomorrow.

With great excitement, Andy Thomas and myself will be starting our attempt to ride two 100cc SYM Scooters Across Australia first thing in the morning (Sunday 30th January). Leaving from Perth, and heading East across the Nullabor Desert for Melbourne, we are now packed and ready to take on Number 54- Endurance Scooter Ride. We have 7 days to complete the 3,500km route and all of it will be caught on camera and film. Hopefully we arrive in one piece by the Sunday 6th February.

It's these moments in life that make me appreciate how fortunate we are as people. On the eve of what will be a great challenge, I suddenly realize that I'm just where I love to be; moments away from again teasing the boundaries of exploring things outside my own comfort zone. 
It's these times that I savour the most; the ones that make you nervous at the thought of the unknown, the ones that will test you you mentally and physically; the ones where there is no turning back, and ultimately the ones that make you feel alive.

I think it's only when faced with such variables as these, that I grow as a person. This is why my list is so important to me

Planning has been last-minute but we are now confident that we've got everything in place. by day, we'll be aiming to drive  500km before sunset, travelling at roughly 80kph through blistering heat. When we reach our stops, we'll be setting up our 2-man tent and getting as much rest as we can in what we've been told will be fairly cold nights out in the desert (6 degrees). Stopping at roadhouses to re-fuel our bikes and our bellies, we'll also be putting together a little documentary capturing the ups and down of this ridiculous adventure.

Soaring desert temperatures of 45 degrees; speeding road-trains; and no maps; what a test!

We've been gratefully supported by SYM Scooters for this journey who have lent us a pair of SYM SYMBA's to use for the week. Without their generosity we wouldn't be able to do what we're doing and we thank them immensely.

We'd also like to take a moment at this early stage to thank everyone who far who has donated to CAMP QUALITY. So far we are near the $1000 mark for this item alone which all goes towards the $100,000 target we have (Number 4 on the list)! 

If you're feeling the love, please feel free to donate HERE.

I'd also like to say a thanks to Andy my mate, who has put his hand up to join along for this journey. An Englishman who has recently added his own profile page to our Campaigners Page, Andy is living life to the fullest as he knocks down items from his own list. Check out his list HERE.

This is the direction that 100Things is taking; trying to encourage others to take on their own challenges. What could be more satisfying?

Also a big thanks to Next Byte who have equipped us with walky-talky's for the journey; we actually feel like a pair of professional bikers now! 

Also for those of you interested in the route we are taking, I will be updating our progress daily (wherever possible) from the road and so you'll be able to follow us as we go.

For now though, here is the exact route we managed to plan out last night. Click on the map for google directions.

Who knows exactly what will happen over the next week, Andy and I certainly don't, but we both smile at this idea. After all wouldn't life be boring if we always knew what would happen. 

Stay posted!

100Things… What's on your list?

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