Sarah Rainey

Sarah Rainey

"It's not over until it's over!"

Nik name- Sary

D.O.B- November 11th, 1990

Nationality- Brittish/Swiss

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? SEB!!! ;)  and my gorgeous Cousin Jasmine!

What's on your list?

  1. marry a stranger
  2. marry in Vegas
  3. cook a meal for/with a famous chef
  4. play football with a LFC player
  5. sing in front of a BIG crowd
  6. DJ at a club
  7. Write and record a charity song
  8. Do a professional photoshoot
  9. Work at a supermarket
  10. Get some Botox
  11. Sleep in the same bed as a celeb
  12. Stay awake for 60 hours
  13. Go on a date with a celeb
  14. Appear in Eastenders
  15. Write a column in a mag
  16. Audition on Broadway/ West End
  17. Organise a charity event
  18. Go to police training
  19. Get auctioned
  20. Be interviewed by Jonathan Ross
  21. Go Fishing
  22. Massage a sports team
  23. Go vegetarian for 1 month
  24. Launch a perfume
  25. Organise a fashion show
  26. Guinness world Record
  27. Present a show (ie: weather)
  28. Crash a red carpet
  29. Kiss a celeb
  30. Get something named after me
  31. Make a beefeater laugh
  32. Go to beckingham palace OR playboy mansion
  33. Speed dating
  34. Challenge a champ
  35. Audition for X-factor
  36. Learn sign language
  37. Drive a racing car
  38. Apnea diving
  39. ride route 66
  40. bike from London to Paris
  41. swim with sharks
  42. Deliver a baby
  43. Ghost Hunting
  44. raise 2.5 million for Claire House
  45. sing with the Naked cowboy in NY
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Hi Everyone!! First of all, thank you for visiting!! :) I have started this blog as I have been inspired by Sebastian Terry to start a list of 100 things that I would do for a charity. I have chosen Claire House as my charity as they have done so much for my cousin! Claire house is a hospice for childrens in Liverpool, England. They need aproximately 2.5 million pounds per year to be able to run. So please be generous and sponsor me, and sometimes other members of my family, in this amazing adventure!! xxx
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