Gemma Zoe Urban- January's goal!


Give blood to The Red Cross

In 2005 I met a man who inspired me to do it.

We talked, about things, about our youth, and our 18th birthdays. Be it a milestone, my 18th marked my first year at art college..my birthday spent fire twirling on a beach. His however was completely different. He and his father went to the blood bank, for him to give his blood.
I looked to him delighted as he peered at his arm, viewing rows of jab marks all white in colour, that he explained occured every birthday from then on. I was struck by awe towards him. I'd never known anybody else to do something of this nature.
This story was significant for me, and
I was and still am humbled by this man's amazing grace and since then have donated five times, with more reason to keep giving every day.


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Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
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