Megsy #32- Kareoke

I am an extrovert. I've tried not to be and it just doesn't work. But the one area where I have not been confident to make a fool of myself has been karaoke. I had made several attempts of ticking off #32 but always at the last minute I bailed.
 It's no secret I can't sing. Weekly singing lessons with my school students have been a source of nerves and utter embarrassment for years now (especially when mini Simon Cowell's critique my performances). But singing in front of seven year olds is somehow easier than a crowded room full of strangers. My best childhood friend Tracy on the other hand is the Queen of Karaoke. She CAN sing and I've always been envious (and proud) of her, not just because of her voice but because of her guts in getting up on stage and not caring as she belts out a tune. Naturally, I wanted her to be there when I finally took to the stage but sadly our timings were all wrong. But I turned to her for advice re song selection then ignored it anyway as there was only ever one song that would be fit for my karaoke debut...
 Many years ago I was in a relationship that had me feeling trapped. During one of our fights, Train's 'Drops of Jupiter' came on over the radio. The words made me want to cry as all I wanted to do was flee my life as it was and experience new things, exciting things, sailing across the Milky Way in an Eat, Pray, Love kind of way. In time I did, travelling to new and faraway places, meeting new and interesting people, seeking new and exhilerating experiences. And now in part thanks to Sebastian Terry and 100Things.com.au, I am continuing to live life with Drops of Jupiter in my hair.
 So on Christmas Eve, I headed on down to Canberra's Irish Club with friends Kate and Kyle and committed a crime against music by (unintentionally) murdering Train's classic. And no, the audience didn't all join in and cheer me on like Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend's Wedding. But just like Eminem in 8 Mile, I ran to the bathroom (immediately afterwards) and lost my stomach! And no need to worry Simon Cowell, I know I don't have talent so I will spare you an audition! ;-)

Karaoke virgin no more! Wanted on suspicion of murdering Train's 'Drops of Jupiter'

The stunned crowd

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