Megsy #8 - Help Make a Student's Dream Come True

I'm sure that all of us can think back on our school days and name at least one teacher that helped us reach our full potential. Thank you Mrs Coddington! Well now the tables have turned and I'm the teacher. I work in London as an Advisory Teacher, working with a range of students with a range of needs and deliver training to their teachers. I try to help my students in creative ways geared towards their interests and this week, one of my students quite literally had her dream come true!

Cleo would have to be one of JLS's biggest fans (JLS are a boy band with a huge following here in the UK). Besides an extensive collection of JLS merchandise, she can sing just about any lyric and tell you nearly every JLS related piece of trivia! So, I incorporated JLS into our lessons and had Cleo write a letter to the band.
Weeks went by and there was still no word. I had prepared Cleo for the worst; that she might not ever hear back. But she never lost faith because of a dream she had. Then, after the summer holidays, I received a call at work. JLS were filming a documentary featuring their fans and had read Cleo's letter - and wanted to incorporate her into their show!
Because she had referenced in her letter that her cousin had once seen one of the band members at a supermarket, the producers set up a 'supermarket sting' whereby Oritse of JLS would serve her. She was overcome when she recognised him! He stopped scanning groceries, jumped the conveyor belt to serenade her and invited her into the studio audience.
Yesterday the show was filmed and Cleo was feautured alongside her heroes JLS. Another surprise- KYLIE MINOGUE was also on hand performing! The show is due to air on Dec 11 here in the UK. Yes, I am jealous but And probably the best bit of all of this is that Cleo hasn't been able to stop writing since!


Cleo and Oritse during the 'Supermarket Sting'

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