Ailie Jenkins #44- Get a Tattoo

44. Get a tattoo – Tuesday Nov 9th, 2010

I’m excited to say I have finally ticked this item off my list. Or maybe I’m too bad-ass now that I have a tattoo to actually be excited, maybe I’m just mildly humoured… either way I’m very proud of the latest addition to my body.

Last Saturday I headed off to A-List Tattoos in Brooklyn with my BFF’s Nicole and Jimmy so Nicole and I could get our tattoos. We had been planning them for quite some time, but had only recently settled on the exact image we wanted.

Nicole and I outside A-List Tattoo shop

We decided to get matching traditional, old fashioned ships; and they would be our ‘friend-ships’. Mine was going on my foot, and Nicole was getting hers on her forearm. Not only are they a cute symbol of our friendship, but ship tattoos are traditionally a symbol of a free spirit which suits us perfectly. A ship tattoo is also considered to be a metaphor for life; you will hit some rough waters and some storms but you keep sailing through. I think this ties in quite nicely with our friend-ships, because regardless of what storms life throws at us, our friendship will keep us afloat.

The tense face-off as Mike prepares to start the tattoo

Being my first tattoo I was really nervous and I’d been told that it hurts a lot, especially on the foot. But I have to say it was way less painful than I expected… or maybe I’m just really tough?! Our tattoo artist Mike did an amazing job, and he was as gentle as one can be when they’re relentlessly pricking you with a needle thousands of times. Both Nicole and I are thrilled with the beautiful ships, and can’t wait until they’re fully healed. Now all I need is some warm weather so I can see how it looks in all my strappy heels!

Pretty happy with the result

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