Megsy #59- Acupuncture

Human pin cushion... Voodoo Doll... Echidna... Edina Monsoon's cranial acupunture needle making its way down to her big toe in Ab Fab... Acupuncture.

I had always wondered about acupuncture but, for no reason other than always being taken to traditional western medical practitioners as a child, I had never tried it. So item #59 - Acupuncture was born. Amanda, owner of Balance The Clinic on King's Rd London, very kindly offered for me to try a session with Acupuncture Specialist Tim Colman (Member of the British Acupuncture Council, DC Hyp, BA Hons, Lic Ac, NADA, MBAcC and Champney's Acupuncturist). 

Tim took my pulse and started tapping. Within the first 2 minutes he knew my health concerns - and I hadn't mentioned a thing! He then honed in on acupressure points in my legs, neck and scalp, massaging and demonstrating gentle exercises to alleviate blockages. Then came the needles! One in my forehead, one in each hand, one in each foot and a few more in my lower legs. Some seemed 'sharper' than others and when I questioned him about how they were spaced apart, he wriggled one very gently in my leg yet I could feel the energy travel through my whole side! Seriously!!! He then finished by placing a series of small acupressure beads in my ears (which, depending on your take look a bit like pimples or jewellry) and encouraged me to tap or rub these points. There's one on each ear that when I touch it, sends the most intense signal through me - I can't describe it. But it's fair to say I'm now a convert!

Balance The Clinic - This haven is tucked away, just off the King's Rd, London 

Amanda - Owner, Amanda, generously offered me treatments in support of 100things.com.au and Camp Quality

Tim Coleman - Inserting an acupuncture needle, into my forehead

Ear - Acupressure points which I am to tap or rub until they fall away


This was one of my first 100 Things challenges as you know. But Amanda, owner of Balance The Clinic on King's Rd London, generously insisted I try it again. So Bri looked after me as I found myself where I thought I never would be again! Knowing what to expect this time around, it was much better. But the feeling that you are not in control is very bizarre to say the least! Also, it's hard to fight your instict of being private - like many women, I'd rather die than use some public bathrooms, let alone going in front of a stranger! But Bri managed to keep me there for the hour, talking about the 100 Things challenges to pass the time. We never did get around to taking photos of this challenge - for the best, I hear you cry - but I recommend that everyone try it once...or maybe even twice!

Balancescreen - Balance The Clinic's website 

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