Nick Thorpe

Nick Thorpe

"When in doubt, have a cup of tea"

Nik name- Nick

D.O.B- October 11th, 1981

Nationality- English

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? Coincidental similarity between my project and 100 Things. Wonderful synergy and shared vision.

What's on your list?

52 New Things is more of an organic work in progress. I'm trying a new thing every week. Highlights so far have included:

- Having my portrait painted
- Going to an African dance class
- Eating the hottest curry possible
- Swimming 52 lengths of the local pool
- Having a back, sack & crack wax
- Making something useful out of wood
- Learning how to make cocktails
- Growing a full beard
- Visiting two new countries in 24 hours
- Growing Sea Monkeys

Upcoming New Things:

- Tattoo (of the 52 New Things logo)
- Fire Walking
- Swimming Across River Thames
- Learning to Graffiti
- Record a Single

"This is the greatest adventure I've been on since I got lost at Toys 'R' Us at the age of 7. "

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