Alex Leffers

Alex Leffers

"Life is there to be enjoyed! People can get too caught up on expectations put on them from society and add extra stress to their lives by trying to achieve these expectations, only to discover that it hasn’t been enjoyable or fulfilling in any way. I want to push boundaries, expectations and stereotypes, which is why I started my bucket list in 2006- to give me an excuse to get out there and make the most of life. And also, what a great way to share your experiences with everyone! Live life, Love life and Laugh in life with no regrets!!!!"

Nik name- Alex

D.O.B- 22nd November, 1988

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? I came across the website when I ‘googled’ some more ideas to add to my bucket list and everything about it was energetic and enthusiastic! I love that campaigners are like-minded people who have a positive outlook on life and want to make the most of it! What a great way to share your experiences and encourage others to jump on the bandwagon!

What's on your list?

Disneyland ü(Nov 2009)

Gallipoli for Remembrance Day

Fly first class

Eat a meal in the rain

Volunteer for a charity

Shave my head for Leukaemia

Grid Iron Game in U.S.A

Have a white Christmas

Ride a camel in a desert

Learn another language fluently

Go on an African Safari

Go to a Gospel Church

Learn how to Salsa Dance

Eat a ‘typical American meal’ü (BBQ Ribs- Nov 2009)

Live in another country

Be part of the Mardi Gra Parade


Visit the Taj Mahal

Walk the Great Wall of China

Renovate an apartment or house

Get a teaching degree (almost done!)

Donate bloodü (Jan 2010- first time)

The World Cup- Soccer finals

See the Pyramids in Egypt


Spend Australia Day overseas

Go to a drive-in movie

Be an extra in a movie

Have my portrait painted

Busk in the streetü (In Venice Square- singing ‘I’m a little Teapot’... earnt 1 euro!! (to stop)! haha) Jan 07

Shower naked in a waterfall

See the northern lights

Learn a musical instrument

Have a margarita at Margaritavilleü (Vegas- Nov 07)

Have my handwriting analysed

Dye my hair a mad colour

Learn to skiü (Campitello, Italy- Jan 07)

Take a Ferrari for a test drive

Build, teach, or help in Africa

Volunteer at an orphanage

Go to a movie premier

Get on a stage and stage dive

Go for a midnight picnic

Become a JP

Photo of riding a donkey on the Greek Islands (like one my dad had done before he passed away)

Kiss someone at the top of the Eiffel Tower

Be employed as a teacher at a Private School

Go to the Olympics in another country

Visit a Monk Chapel on the side of a mountain

Spend a romantic night in front of a fireplace

Watch the World Cup Grand final live

Go to the Opera and hear the fat lady sing

See all 7 great wonders of the world

See the Goudy Architecture in Barcelona

Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisaü (Jan 2007)

Eat rockmelon and prosciutto in Italyü (Jan 2007)

Play poker at a Las Vegas Casinoü (Bellagio- Nov 2009)

Have children of my own

Be a surrogate mother

Donate my eggs

Muster cattle in the country on a horseü (March 2010)

Sing at a karaoke night

In my 60’s- contact an old friend from school

Get a gun license

Get a boat license

Ice hockey game in U.S.A ü(Nov 2009)

Gondola ride in Venice ü (Jan 2007)

Write a fan letter to a movie star

Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain in Romeü (Jan 2007)

Go to a masquerade festival in Italy

Get someone famous’ signature

Wine tasting in Tuscanyü (Jan 2007)

Go to a ‘Bachelor and Spinsters’ ball ü(New Years 08/09)

Win a ‘Fashions on the Field’ competition at the racesü (March 2010- Springsure)

Try prosciutto and melon (my dad’s favourite meal) ü (Jan 2007)

Note for family and friends- Hi guys! We only have this life to live- look at all of the opportunities we have in our lives to make the most of it and to make it enjoyable and memorable! Even those of you with long-term commitments, I really encourage you all to start a list of things you’d love to do in an ‘ideal world’ and hold onto it, because who knows where life takes you and where you’ll be in the next year, 2, 10, 30 and 50 years. Why not???

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