Chris Flack

Chris Flack

" Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow & live today"

Nik name- Flackie

D.O.B- 5th August, 1981

Nationality- New Zealand

Why did you decide to become a campaigner? I have been slowing knocking off things from the ‘101 things to do before you die’ book (met your name sake, run a marathon, blind dates, sky dive, win awards... the list goes on). Then while I was on holiday recently I heard about 100things.com.au. This gave me the inspiration to choose 10 things from my ‘bucket list’ and try and tick them off before I turn 30.

What's on your list?

My ‘10 thing before I am 30’

1 - Visit Africa on safari

2 - Swim with dolphins / sharks

3 - Go scuba diving in the red sea

4 - See the northern lights

5 - Soup kitchen / hospital at Christmas

6 - TV date

7 - Sumo wrestling

8 - Volunteer work for at least a week

9 - An epic road trip (Trans–Siberian railway or South America)

10 - A physical challenge (Mt Kilimanjaro or New York marathon)

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