Ailie Jenkins #33- Restaurant Crawl


I have always been a fat kid at heart. Most of my thoughts and dreams revolve around food. I’m constantly eating, and even when I’m not eating I’m thinking about how much I wish I was eating, or what I plan to eat next. So this next item made perfect sense to me, and it is something I made up years ago but just never got around to organizing.

When my friends and I planned a weekend trip to Connecticut I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to finally embark on a restaurant crawl. Basically the idea is like a bar crawl, you go from place to place but instead of having a drink at each place, you eat something at each place. The scene of this amazing social event was New Haven, which is home to some great restaurants. We were fortunate to be guided by some local friends, and 6 of us headed off at 1pm to our first stop; Frank Pepe’s Pizza.

We ordered 1 pizza to share, and it was amazingly delicious. It was hard not to eat more, but we had to pace ourselves, Team Fatty was in for the long haul. Next stop was Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop where we picked up some pastries and ‘Italian Ice’ or as us Aussie’s would call it, gelati. From here we went to BAR, which is another pizza place, famous for their mashed potato and bacon pizza and amazing salad.

The team at our second stop for the day

By now we were feeling pretty full. Some team members even considered admitting defeat. But a good motivational talk and a quick toilet break meant everyone was able to pull through and we soldiered on to the next place; Louis Lunch. This place is famous for its burgers, which are served on sliced bread instead of buns. We ordered two of these for the group as well as some potato salad.

Our next stop was a pub called Rudi’s which serves French fries with a whole lot of dipping sauces. Being a French fries addict I was most excited about this place. Thankfully it was a few blocks away from the last few places so we had a small break in eating while we walked there. Despite how full we felt we managed to devour a large box of fries and 4 different dipping sauces.

The team keeps smiling even though we were starting to strain under the pressure of so much food

Our final stop was Mamoun’s, where we ordered a couple of falafel sandwiches and tabouli salad to share. It was really tasty but most of us could only manage a few bites by this point. Luckily this was the final stop because I was so full I thought I might cry. Thank God I wore a loose fitting dress because my food baby was out of control! It was about 7pm by the time we finished. We had managed to hit up 6 restaurants in as many hours, and eaten enough food to feed a herd of elephants. It was a great time and we got to see a lot of the town and taste so many different things on our adventure. I will definitely be doing more restaurant crawls in my lifetime, and I highly recommend them!

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