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"Hey seb! You dont know me, but i was told about your adventures from a mate who lives in Newport in sydney.

Anyway, you have a following here at Charles Sturt University, and we wish you all the best! Congrats on not getting shot/raped/ etc on you hitchhiking journey. Your a sick dog mate, keeo up the good work!

Todd and the Westhall/Doman Boys of CSU"


My name is jessica and today i saw u on sunrise where u chose wat random country u were goin to.
It also showed other things that u have on ur list to complete. number 23 - deliver a baby i think i can help u with.
Im only 8 weeks pregnant and my baby is due in january 2010. i live just west of brisbane but with the doctor there at the hospital im more then happy to have u deliver my baby.

Let me know if ur keen.

Yours sincerely


Anonymous said...

"Just seen you on Sunrise and I think well done. I wish I had the time and guts to do something like this. But watching you has inspired me to create my own bucketlist.

WTG, ill be folloiwing you all the way."

Oliver said...

"Well done Sebastian..!

After major spinal surgery and learning to walk again, I too have changed my outlook on life. I am now walking marathons and raising money for big-hearted charities.
Well done and good luck..!"

"Hey Seb,

I just saw your interview on Sunrise and was immediately shaken out of my hum drum mood that has been hanging around for a few days now.

My question is this;

Can I come with you on one of your adventures?????

I love adventure, living life and making the most of every day, I just saw this as an opportunity to shake myself up a bit and live today at its best.

Anyway, blessings to you for what you are doing and making the rest of the population think about what they are achieving. Your life would be a very exciting one, but the best bit is you created that excitement yourself.
But not too sure about Mongolia, but hey, you only live once!!!!
If surfing is on your list I can help with that.

Jo B said...

"Hey Seb, you have a surf safari on your list. I live in Denmark WA and surfing is my passion - I travel the world every year doing just that for 1 whole month. Do you need help with one? I can take you on a safari in WA. or I am in indo this august to do the same if you want to join me I'll take you to all the good out of the way spots.

Anonymous said...

"Seb It's very fitting you do this as a fundraiser. Well done boy. Gem
PS Idea for No.91 Appear on neighbours"

E and P said...

"Well done Seb on raising awareness and fullfilling some of your dreams at the same time.
I hope after your big adventure's the charity work doesn't end. May others follow in your foot steps.
Good luck with the list"

Heather said...

"Sebastian... this is ambitious of you! I think there's no greater feeling than accomplishment and your on the way to extreme achievements through-out this plan"

Anonymous said...
"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.

LD x"

Jasmine said...

"Seb I love this , I had no idea this was what you were planning to do while travelling overseas! Look forward to reading about each item you tick off the list and I'll definitely donate to camp quality....have fun, jasmine"

Anonymous said...

You should try dancing in the dark, its better than singing in the shower.


Anonymous said...

Take number 72 off as I just did it for you!!
Tank x"

Anonymous said...

"Hey Sebastian,
we have some ideas for u to do..
1. Swimming in the whole in the ice during the winter. Air temperature less than -5 celsius degrees.
2. Experience the original Laplander sauna (they r the original people of lappland in Finland).
3.The wife carrying world championship comnpetition in Sonkajärvi Finland!

Have a great time!
Kiia, Eeva and Tiina from Finland"

"Seb, I wish I'd found this earlier. Hats off mate, I'm very proud to know you."

Anonymous said...

"You're an inspiration!"

Anonymous said...

"Excellent! I from the UK, just seen you in NYC! Fabulous, keep it up! xxx"

Jennifer W said...

"You wrote to me on the subway today on your second second day of silence. Honestly, I was scared you were going to ask me to donate and I'm unemployed...but your story is awesome! Proud to say I don't have a list but I've already done a few of these things :) Best of luck on your adventure - I'll buy the book when it's out!"

Kim D said...

"Seb you are absolutely mental, just read the shot gun wedding part! Can't wait to see the rest. Keep me posted... xx"

Talia said...

"It was a nice to meet you last night, good job on the song by the way! For those of you who didnt have the pleasure of seeing Sabastian sing live he actually has quite a nice voice ;)
Good luck on your endeavours!
-Talia ;)"

Anonymous said...

"Hey Mate,

I met you at The Abbey in West Hollywood the other night! Told you I would come and check out your page. I think its fantastic! Not sure if you believed me but I do have a list too, it involves seeing the Northern Lights, learning a language and getting a tattoo!

Great to meet people with the same outlook!



Anonymous said...

"Seb reading about your long awaited adventure
Meeting with James left me very moved. He must have felt a glimmer of hope in His darkened world .
if only talking to someone from the outside world .and expressed His feelings and hopes someone to talk to on equal terms hopefully left Him feeling unabandoned and worthy, and it was great of you to do what you did. Im proud of you Seb. Keep up the good work and keep us updated. Save travel and have fun on the way.
Love you always. Mummsie"

Anonymous said...

"Sebby, absolutely loved the story about James...one of your best so far...really moving stuff :)
Hope you get your Cuba dilema's sorted...
And remember to Keep on Keeping On...
Love Pic to the Pac

Zac said...
"Hey SEB;-)..we miss you in Manly...Saw the outdoor movie van today and hard to think it was not you driving it. And so... Jeff Buckleys HALLALUYAH= spelling???? just came on my IPOD shuffle. Needless to say Seb- I thought I'd make contact and wish you HAPPY TRAVELS my friend,
Miss your guitar jams at the top of the stairs hope you are keeping up your practice- IDOL is interesting this year!

Big Hugs T- Bomb= who is now c;early a Blonde Not brunette Bombshell xxx take good care now"

Anonymous said...

"I believe there's many people that would like to live their lives the way you are now Seb, myself included. However as you mentioned, societies apparent restrictions tend to keep us from our dreams. Well done on what you have achieved so far, I hope it continues to eventuate for you.

Take care
Mitch Harris (ACU, class of 2003)"

Anonymous said...

"Yo Seb
Bro it all looks good dude. looks like your having a great time, fair play with the week silence, man that must be tricky,. After reading you blogs it inspired me to try something different, so i tried rolling a smoke with my head on the table and one handed, i'll add that i was actully sober at this point. Gotta say it was very tough and near on impossible, so i cheated and used two hands, but with my head still on the table!!! not quite in the same league as your one week silence whilst trying to work and chat up women, so i can imagine your task is a super tough one., apparently there is a site regarding boar (river waves) surfing, there is one on the river seven in somerset/bristol if your keen when you hit the UK.
Good luck with your list dude, keep the good stuff coming

Dave Mack (Fatboys boyfriend)"

ally said...

"Hey, that was one of the best things I have read in a long time. I was actually laughing out loud, you had me on your every word. I cant wait to read more about your adventures. I cant wait till you complete number 100, at least you know that you will sell at least one copy!

Roodie said...
"wow this was a seriously awesome bet! Its a pity that black didnt come up so you could have had a serious honeymoon! Well done though - thats something i have always wanted to do! Its on my bucket list now!"

Anonymous said...
"Dear Seb

Thanks for your fantastic story about your visit to James and for the right description of his character! I recognized him exactly as he is in his letters to me! I am Tess (J-Loc calls me Sunshine!) I write him each week, send him money sometimes and send stamps for him to his mom. By the way, I don't live in Italy (as you wrote in your report), but in The Netherlands!

I am (as I understand now one of many!!) J-Locs pen pal since a couple of years. My drive to write is that I oppose the Death Penalty. It is murder organized by the Government. My compassion is with persons on DR, who except perhaps criminals, are also human beings. They are not threatened like that!

In J-Locs case I believe justice is NOT done! I am glad you came to the same conclusion.

By the way, I read your hundred-things-list! You will be very busy the coming years and I look forwards to your book!!

I wish you all the best!"

Anonymous said...
"Wow Seb, I hung off every word!!!

Keep living the dreams!!!

Min x"

Anonymous said...
"Dear friend

I am James's friend and we have been writing each other since 2004. I am interested in to contact directly you in order to share information about the situation of James and the experience of being a pen pal of the same inmate. My email address is carlo_disalvo@fastwebnet.it. I'll be waiting for your reply.

Kind regards

Carlo Di S"

Anonymous said...
"Too funny! I love it."

Pia said...
"Hey i just posted a comment but it said no comment posted... anyhow, wanted to say great writing on cuba, found this by coincidence while googling for if/how the outside world wrote about the anniversary....

best of luck to u!
pia ur swedish co traveller from vinales to habana"

"Hi Seb,

I hope this e-mail finds you well! My name is Nadine. I'm the girl who lived in Elisabeth's NYC room before her. My old roommate, Ashley, had briefly mentioned you when I spoke with her a couple weeks ago. She said "Elisabeth's friend is staying with us. You'd love him. He has a blog- 100 Things that he wants to do before he's 30. (Although I think it's just 100 Things you want to do... no set time-line..correct?) Anyways, she sent me your blog and I just had the opportunity to look at it. Very cool! And Ashley was right, I think you're fabulous already!

I don't usually e-mail strangers (although talking to strangers is a daily activity of mine), but I figured you have the type of personality who would welcome a random e-mail. And guess what? You've inspired me to create my own list! (Just like the fortune teller told you. I just read that entry... how fun!) Except I think I'm going to tweak my list to 50 Things to do Before I'm 30. (I turn 25 next month... do you think that's too ambitious?) So far I have Volunteer in an orphanage in Africa, Visit Thailand (or should I be more specific - perhaps visit a Buddhist Temple in Thailand), Become Fluent in Arabic, Public a Book... That's what I've come up with in the past 2 minutes. Only 46 more to go...Hmm.

Anyways, where have your travels taken you right now?

Lots of stranger love & good vibes,

"Hi Sebastian,

You definately caught my interest yesturday. I'm the girl from the 6
train that got off at 23rd street.
I hope you don't mind my being nosy and reading your Board but I
figured that's what it was there for.
I've taken a look at your website, very interesting stuff. Very good
inspiration to a lot of people. Or at least a good way to pass time in
It was great "talking/writing" with you yesturday for 5 minutes. Hehe

Good luck with completing your list!!

Anita :)"

"Hi Sebastion,

You mean with all the stuff you have done, learning to be telepathic was not
on the list? It is beyond me how I keep sending blank emails. If you do get
this, I was just writing to send much admiration for your 'lifestyle without boundaries.'

My friend Shelby stumbled upon you via the social beast facebook and showed me
your 100 things site. So few people out there actually have the balls to live out loud
and with a fierce passion for life, it was nice to see your out there doing it.

Anyhow, I saw that one of your goals was to raise money for Camp Quality. I can
donate money, but I would also like to donate my time if ever needed. I am a
graphic designer in the states, nashville to be exact, and would gladly do some
pro bono work for the cause.

Continue to kick ass and take names,
Jennifer H

P.S. Im visiting my 85 yr old gram in FL in Oct. and convinced her and my mother to get
a tattoo with me. I don't have a list yet, but I think this is a good start :)"

"Hi Sebastian,

I am a (male) friend of James from The Netherlands. I want to say thanks
for your story on him. I've been corresponding with James for years now
(since January 2005), but I never had a chance to meet him. Your story
gave me a vivid impression of how it is to meet him face to face. And
your thoughts on him and his life-story are well balanced and caring.

Thanks again.




well saw your blog and think that your doing an awesome thing for charity, me and two freinds will try and donate some money but keep up the good work awesome dude.


"Roddy Mac pointed me to your site the other day and I thought I would drop you a quick note.
One thing, I think you’ve already played a game of naked rugby, maybe you only watched.
Anyway, make sure you look us up if you get back to Regina.

"Hey it’s great what you are doing. I love to just pick up and go overseas or interstate travelling and doing whatever. my trip was cut short and I flew back to vic 8 weeks before I had my daughter a year ago and I can’t wait to take her travelling with me to experience all the things I have. I just hope my daughter and I have as much fun as you with out teaching her bad habits. lol"

"Stoked to see you are in NYC, but lame that you only made 100 bucks. Maybe spruce up the sign a bit. If I see you out, I'll be sure to hook you up with a lot more cash than $30. Good luck and welcome."

"Hey Seb, reading this at work sat infront of a boring computer, and all these comments nearly made me cry, i myself loves life and wants adventure and think this is brilliant what you are doing, my boyf and i are saving to travel the world for a year as we want to have an adventure and explore...hope we see you around the world be great to meet you and hear the stories, good on ya mate!!! and good luck!! xx"

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