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The Next Step-

Impulse buying offers a great rush to the consumer. Lacking any thought, planning or logic, most purchases are often only realised to be useless the day following the purchase.

I hope this is not the case for my latest impulse-based acquisition- A flight to Los Angeles!

A global recession combined with off peak rates fused beautifully to create a great airfare. All I had to do was recite a series of numbers indented into the front of my credit card. Easy.

So here we begin the blogging of what promoises to be quite a journey.

One list of 100 things which I aim to finish before i turn 30. That leaves me with two and half years. So far i have completed about 20 things, and with just over 11 weeks until I leave the shores of Sydney once again, I can now start to plan the other 80.

But before i do that, let me quickly tel you about the 20 things thus far......

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography

Northern Beaches Wedding Photography
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