Gary Bermingham

Gary Berminham

 "I don not regret the things that I have done, but those I did not do"

Nickname- GazzBot, Gumtree, Bemo, Gazzanaught, Gazzman, Gazz

D.O.B-  22nd November, 1979

Nationality- Australian

Why did you decide to become a campaigner?   

While listening to Seb and Dave speak at a function, i realised that i also was disillusioned about my life and where i was heading. Realised that i needed to get out there and make it happen, do the things i want to do, be the person i want to be, make others happy, do somethign for others and also support those people also on their journey, whatever that may be and in turn make myself happy.

What's on your list?

¥    Inca trail at Macchu Picchu
¥    Scuba Dive a beautiful dive spot – Barrier Reef, Micronesia etc
¥    Go to Daytona 500 or Talledega Nascar Race
¥    Go to Indy 500
¥    Running of the Bulls – Pamplona
¥    Hot Air Ballooning
¥    Skydive
¥    Visit Pyramids
¥    Vegas
¥    Disneyland
¥    Own a sports car
¥    Drive a Ferrari, Maserati, Lambo, Porsche, Aston Martin,
¥    Swim with Dolphins
¥    Swim with Whale Sharks – Ningaloo Reef
¥    Learn to Surf
¥    Create a T Shirt label and get it stocked
¥    Learn another language
¥    Go up in a fighter jet
¥    Get a dirt bike
¥    Get a boat
¥    Grape grazing
¥    Swim under a waterfall
¥    Sex under a waterfall
¥    Snowboard on fresh pow
¥    StoneHenge
¥    See a volcano in real life, lava pool, lava flow
¥    Be super patriotic to a sports event, cricket, tennis, footy, world cup
¥    Stay in a bungalow on green water – Maldives, Tahiti etc
¥    Lay on the beach at St. Maartens, Antillies and have plane fly over also hold fence for a take off.
¥    NBA Game at Maddison square gardens
¥    Compete in a triathlon
¥    Run a marathon
¥    Everest base camp
¥    Climb Uluru
¥    Sail a yacht
¥    Write a song and have someone sing it/ play it.
¥    Own/restore an old muscle car, Mustang, Mercury, Chevy, Lincoln, Rat Rod
¥    Float in the Dead Sea
¥    Petra
¥    Pull a Tantrum on my Wakeboard
¥    Jetski from Victoria to Tasmania
¥    Learn to Surf
¥    Compete in a Rally as a driver
¥    Volunteer at a soup kitchen
¥    Spend a night on the streets
¥    See the Blue Angels
¥    Learn to use my SLR correctly and take a great frame worthy photo.
¥    Learn Rock'n'Roll dancing and go to a Rockabilly dance in full 50's get up.
¥    Help someone tick an item off their bucket list
¥    Complete my house renovation
¥    Full moon party in Khou Pen Yang
¥    Go to Monaco and Spa Grand Prix
¥    Route 66 in a muscle car
¥    Turn left at Alberquque
¥    Get a photo standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona with a Black Ford
¥    Sunset at Cafe Del Mar, beers, and Beats
¥     Pose Nude, Nude Model for Art
¥    Achieve a Guiness World Record
¥    See the curvature of the earth from either space or outer atmostphere
¥    Scooter/ Vesper across a country on a road trip
¥    Carnivale in Rio
¥    Drive the Nordischleif (Nurburgring)
¥    Complete one of my list items with someone else wanting to do the same thing
¥    Dawn Service at Anzac Cove
¥    Lift weights on Venice Beach
¥    Chase a Tornado
¥    Ride a horse in Monument Valley
¥    Stay with an African Tribe (Sorry Seb but I think this is awesome so had to steal it)
¥    Do volunteer work in another country
¥    Ride an Elephant
¥    Chalk festival
¥    Tomato Festival

Its now the beginning friends, lets all jump on board the train and get involved, raise some much needed funds and have fun along the way....

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